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Hello from Wisconsin


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I was encouraged and invited to be a member of the Varanormal Experiment Team by a friend, who is the facilitator.

I am an intuitive empath who began an exploration of Reiki healing about two years ago. Since then, I am very interested in all topics related to energy, high vibrations and frequencies. I am very sensitive to both the energy of others and in the environment.

Since childhood, I have always seen faces in every day objects (pareidolia). I knew of no one else who had this capability, and was often ridiculed for having an overactive imagination.

Nearly twenty years after I graduated from high school, there was a team who conducted a paranormal investigation of the school on two separate occasions. The results were posted on Youtube, with the EVP's and a translation of those into words. Several years later, I was able to return there and although I didn't witness any paranormal activity, there was so much energy contained in that building, that I was quickly overwhelmed and had to leave.

I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge with regards to all that is considered to be paranormal and perhaps this will help to validate some of my experiences with it.







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Welcome Sharon, Sadly your story of being told it is imagination is not uncommon for us to hear, but you have found us and we are open to all things.  Do you have a particular interest or perhaps you may not have had time to explore our site.  We are open to any ideas from our members who feel that we have not covered a particular area.  Again welcome and enjoy.  Karyn

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I'm late to your post, but welcome to our amazing community:) I can relate as I experience the emotions and physical issues of others. Somehow I'm able to provide others with great positive energy and it helps me knowing I'm able to do that. 

You're definitely in the right place for finding like minded individuals with an array of talents and interests:) 

For me, energy is everywhere and very important in every situation (likely because I feel it too) and our intent and focus can help in many areas. 

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Hi Marie. Thanks for the welcome and for sharing.

I pick up the emotions of others and on occasion, physical sensations. In my opinion, there seems to be a lot of negative energy that is expressed through words. Sometimes, I will find myself trying to counteract that by a statement that the glass is half full not half empty. I seem to want to offer an alternative perspective or at the very least, bring this into one's awareness. Perhaps I will try a new approach and just leave it be and not intervene at all.

I consider this forum to be a safe haven, as I don't resonate with most, and actually quite hesitant to even share such experiences. I am grateful for its existence and also the many contributions of others, including you!

I am quite familiar with the name "Marie", as it is my middle name. 😀

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Sharon, I do similar things... I will, at times, provide a different positive outlook to any given situation someone discusses in person. I've always been prone to look at the positives in any situation. Maybe because we feel the energy, so we offer a different approach to help the other person:)

Not everyone wants that help or input, but sometimes it helps:) Other times they may just want to vent. 

This is definitely a safe space here. So many can relate in various ways. We have a lot already and growing in every area. 

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Hi Sharon (and Marie)

Indeed, sometimes is better not to intervene at all. Sometimes, though, it's better to do it. 
What I do is to try to first read the other person and see how "the help" might work for them.  Sometimes you just can't do a thing.
It also helps to try to read what to do, sometimes you can be direct and just say, for example, try to see the glass half open. But sometimes you just fill in the glass without saying a word. 
In my experience, a lot of times words aren't necessary, and, for instance, a good example goes much farther.

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I will use a recent interaction with my sister in reference to this. We play an online version of Scrabble and for several months, there was a lot of complaining about letters or me taking her spot, etc, and it got to a point where I felt that I needed to bring this into her awareness, so I gently reminded her that its a game for fun and relaxation, and that's it, and to stop spewing negativity at nearly every turn. Surprisingly, she thanked me for noticing that and then those behaviors stopped for about a week. As of today, they are slowly starting to creep back in, and so at this point, I choose to ignore and limit my playing time. 

From this discussion, I think I will try an alternate approach - that being to restrain from commenting or trying to help change the perspective from negative to positive. Generally speaking, I think most people do not consider themselves to be negative, so when that is pointed out by someone else, it may be viewed as opposite of the intent to be helpful.


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Is not just that most people don't consider themselves to be negative, it is also, and more importantly in my humble opinion, the fact that all "negative" behavior (like you sister complaining like that) comes from a place of hurt. We all want to be and do good, but in the end, we do what it comes out. Thus, when we realize that we didn't do good, we feel bad about it. Depending on the depth of the hurt, that might trigger all sort of pain. There can be guilt, regret, shame, etc..  That is way, often, we react so negatively to being pointed out that we are not doing something right. 
When not, and we take it nicely as your sister did, is great. Unfortunately, the root cause of the behavior, say being used to get cheated on for example (even if not by you per-se), won't get resolved by fixing the responses (which is not complaining).

I think we have a natural tendency to just want people not to be negative, make mistakes, treats us badly, etc... that is just natural. But is all quite ineffective.

Behind any such thing there is a problem. Often, a deep seated emotional hurt. So the only really effective way is to point not to the behavior, but to the problem itself.

For example.. if you could help your sister work out her insecurities and the expectation of being cheated on. Then she will be able to stop complaining.

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All good points here, Fernando, and wholeheartedly agree.

I understand how the behavior is the product/effect of the deeper issue, and upon reading that I could help her work that out, well, my first reaction to this was no thanks. Honestly though, I feel this isn't my work to do.

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