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  1. We would like to know who made this post, the user in Canada. Please email me keith@varanormal.com
  2. My inexhaustible human restlessness has led me to the original animal, to seek my own values in the roots of the earth, at this moment, painting, singing, writing, passionate about numerology and working with cosmic energy

  3. Over time I have noticed when I begin to be "taken over" by an unknown force of creativity. First it was one song, then another, then another, and on it went for years. And years. Now it's 16 or so more years later and I figured I would share some of these 50+ "songs". Not sure why, as these posts are certain to evoke more criticism than anything else. Yet, I challenge the status quo. If I am afraid of showing myself as I am behind closed doors, then why worry about even attempting to be on camera for anything else? How many other people have been channeling songs for many decades, but never really "thought" about what it actually was. Maybe they were daydreaming. Maybe they were channeling. Does it really matter? Beauty comes from within. Share it with abandon and watch it grow. If there's one thing people respect, its courage. Naturally, I need to credit creative forces. In this "song" that was one of a kind (I never record the same song the same way twice) there are 3 main influences. The first energy is the one that took me over and caused me to hit the record button. That's the first tune we hear less than one minute into the "song". 3 expressions later, this version was recorded. I've noticed the first recording is always the most magical, the second recording the most practical, and the 3rd recording a sort of agreement, or amalgation of takes 1 and 2. The first is inspired, the second is corrected and controlled thought, the 3rd is a compromise. The second influence was the "ba-dum ba-duh-dum. Ba-dum ba-dum-bu. Bad dah ba-bum dum-bm... dah ba dah-bum ds bah-dum, bum da ba dum boo da bum... (70's song) The 3rd was Luttrell. If you've never heard of him, here's a song: (thats what inspired the 3rd part of this song) That's it. All I've got to say. No fear of expression, only fear of growing. Of Knowing. "Channeling Singing VIDEO" : https://www.facebook.com/573806085/videos/10157548667431086/ K.J.C.
  4. What if every thought we have is in another dimension. And each time we think a thought we create multiple copies. Multiple universes. Infinite universes. Every time we think the SAME thought we are creating many copies of that universe. And once there are enough copies in enough universes they begin to resonate off each other. They start to layer, one upon another. Like the reflections in a singer's microphone feeding back into the speaker. The most dominant thoughts win. The most repeatedly occurring thoughts begin to refine themselves into a wave. The beauty of the whole becomes glory in its singular form. It is not singular, but there are enough echoes of it for it to think to itself that it is singular. Technical Note: White noise is a representation of all, of the whole. When viewed as a whole it is meaningless. However, if you use a filter to only listen to a narrow band of sound, you will hear a tone. Was the tone already there? Does it have more energy than it did before? No. It represents itself as a singular tone. Just like microphone feedback - it is not singular in its first reiteration, or its second, or third.... A composite over time is what creates physical reality, more or less the atoms come together when their master calls. When the dominance of one particular thought, or feeling, or imagination of a large group of people resonates - some of it will appear in its purest composite form. And much of it will be distorted. And these thoughts.....they begin to become physical to us now.
  5. Agreed, and thanks Jeff! We're going to restructure this a little bit, now that we see what the forum club feature looks like. We're working out a few kinks, lets take everyone's feedback and shape it a little more before you guys hit the ground running.
  6. Hi Steve, we weren't quite ready to kickoff yet. Feel free to continue, but we're going to need to align ourselves and organize properly first. So, this project has not yet officially started. We will first make sure we have enough people, and fix a few kinks, then hold a meeting. Thanks! Keith
  7. The objective of this site to have everyone contributing in their own way, and working as a group. Experiment team members will be responsible for sharing the data in the manner that is being requested, rather than the experiment team leader (Fernando) Since you guys are the first to show up, how about we shape it up a little more together before we start? This is the only way we will be able to manage the projects we have listed - is if the community comes together. Thanks! Keith
  8. ALL: please share results on forum now, instructions have been revised. Forum use is preferred over email Thanks!
  9. I'm Keith, here helping support Fernando's efforts leading the experiment team. We're very excited that people will join us in discovering, testing, and refining methods we've been enjoying privately for awhile now. With your help we'll create new trends and new ways to communicate. Keith
  10. Experiment Team only, please place your top 5 pictures for each experiment you conduct related to Project 1: Perlin Noise here. It is preferred that pictures are 1MB or less, when possible. Thanks! Varanormal Team
  11. Hi Jeff, great questions! You know, Fernando and I have our own challenges at the moment, we have an idea for a rough outline for each project. Would you like to help draft it? So far it goes something like this (real rough draft!!): 1. Project Intro (written up already) A. Objectives 2. Before Survey (to be defined) such as a. Have you ever done spirit images b. Do you think its possible to receive images from Spirit c. Do you think its possible to receive images from someone you know d. Etc. 3. Introductions (everyone introduce themselves) 4. Instructions 5. Experiment as individuals 6. Experiment as teams of 2 7. Experiment as an entire group at pre-defined time 8. Share only top 5 results of any experiment (save resources) 9. Open to experiment ideas from group. Vote on top 2 ideas. 10. Feedback to provide to research team for improvement, suggestions for best results 11. All participants vote and agree on best practices 12. Create a rough draft of method and results/findings for the public 13. Group reviews 14. Group Meeting where the findings and resulting paper and best methods are presented. 15. Share with the world All Experiment Team members please feel free to make your comments below.
  12. Jeff, it was a good observation and a good request. I noticed this myself recently- a lack of categories pertaining to anything non-traditional. However we are trying to juggle with having too many at the same time. Would you kindly keep an eye on what is trending, and if this request comes up for any other user, let me know and we'll adjust from there? Might need a category for just plain "weird stuff" or the "Creative Corner" like we had on ITC Bridge. Always open to your feedback sir! Lets call this one "pending" We need to revisit the categories and threads after awhile to see what we can trim down\expand upon. Thank you so much for your attention to detail. Keith
  13. Thanks Fernando, I appreciate your comments and 'putting' yourself out there! I hope it helps other be brave and embrace the sensitive side of their natural intuition and expression Keith
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