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  1. Thank you, Dr. Jeffers. I agree with this completely. If one is in a very low vibrational state, such as anger/rage, resentment, etc.., then those entities who resonate with that frequency will become more active or prevalent. My most frightening experience with this was several years ago when I was sitting with a lot of rage at finding out that a guy who I was seeing was actually with someone else, and who didn't mention it. I was seething and had to see him several times a day at work. About a week into being engulfed in these negative emotions, I woke up with three red and fairly deep scratches on my arm, one of which was several inches long, and all began at the bottom of my butterfly tattoo. Even after they had healed, scars remained, and I subsequently added another tattoo to cover those scars. Some have said that it was my own manifestation of that anger, but to this day, I still think that it was done to me by an entity consumed by that very same frequency of betrayal. So, from this experience, I learned to channel my anger and release it in healthy ways, and to deal with it right away, and not let it sit and simmer. I hope to not repeat that kind of experience again.
  2. Hello. I wanted to share a very recent experience. My best friend for 20+ years was in a nursing home for the past 15 months with dementia. She was only 29 years older than myself, and was not only friend, but also sister, mother and grandma. Last weekend, she was transferred to hospice and I was really undecided about seeing her, but then the decision came very swiftly and I knew that I had to do this. So, on Wednesday, my daughter and I went to see her. She was very responsive and even though she didn't remember who we were, that really didn't matter because we were able to there with her and share the love, and was even able to feed her some vanilla Ice cream. I told her to come into my dreams because I will remember them, to let me know that she made it safely. On the way home, we were in a car accident, but everyone was fine, and I was grateful that the impact missed my daughter's door completely and hit the tire instead. On Friday, during a one hour nap, my friend came to me within a dream. She was sitting on my sofa and said "I just want to die". I told her that "it's a process, just like everything else." Then she took a pair of scissors that was on the table, cut her leg, and said "I just want to kill myself." I told her that "you are not going to do that, you have made it all the way to this point, so there has to be a peaceful end here." I then got up and was trying to find the number of the place that she was at so that I could call them to have her picked up. In the meantime, she got up and went to the bathroom to find a bandaid, and given that she had a housedress on, the back of both legs were bruised. She came back with the bandaid on and sat down again. I told her "it's ok to let go. We had a good visit and now I can let you go. There is nothing left for you here in this physical world. Your sister has been helping you and your mom and dad, your husband and dog, are all waiting for you and they will be right there when you let go." I woke up at 12 noon. From this, I knew that she was halfway, because her spirit was with me within this dream, and felt some comfort for at least being able to know that it was coming and to not be shocked when that news actually came through. Twenty four hours later, she let go. I feel that I directly helped her to do this. The only question that I have surrounding this is that on Saturday (yesterday), I was not home when she let go, and I didn't feel anything come through from her, which surprised me a bit. Although, I was outside for about 1.5 hours, sitting in the sun and it was breezy and chilly. When I got home, I had lunch and then about 1:30pm, began feeling really cold. I had goosebumps and chills running through me. I typically don't have this happen and not to this extent, but I literally couldn't warm up. This lasted for about 30 minutes and after some tea and an extra blanket, I became very tired and then took a nap for 1.5 hours. Shortly after I woke up, I received the message that she had passed. So, I'm not sure if that was her energy that I was feeling or not. Thanks for reading.
  3. I am looking forward to reading this. Thanks for posting it. Beyond the scope of how one feels from the energy that is being received, I think that one cannot simply turn off the channel to negativity/darkness completely, thus only allowing the positivity/light to come in. Or can we? My own experiences with negative entities is narrow, so I am interested to learn about how others experience this.
  4. I am not comfortable burning sage at my place, as I am a renter. The spray that I use is an alternative to this that I obtain from my Reiki practitioner. It contains essential oils of sage, cedar wood, lavender, witch hazel and distilled water, with black tourmaline crystals. The website is: nourishnaturalproducts.com
  5. Thanks for posting this. I use sage spray on a regular basis and my crystals are alongside my Himalayan salt lamp. This is just a good practice to get used to doing and usually before I begin any meditation, I will say out loud that "only light and love is allowed."
  6. Back in May when I participated in the Perlin Noise experiments, nearly every image contained my beloved dog, who had passed away in mid-February. Initially, I thought the images had somehow been transferred/projected from my mind onto the screen that I was seeing. In this experiment, I gathered nearly 100 images, and concluded that this just wasn't the reason. Occasionally, I will sit with the live stream of Perlin noise and my dog is still evident within them, and often surrounded by other dogs and cats. The timing of the experiment came at a really good time, as I got quite a lot of comfort from those images and I know that she is still with me, even though I can't physically see her.
  7. Hello. I have Reiki done on a regular basis and typically record the sessions with my iPhone. I have noticed that during the past two sessions in September, when I play it back, the voices of myself and the Reiki practitioner are muted and parts of the sentences are not audible. I should note that I have been going to Reiki for the past three years and recording during the past six months. There seems to be white noise in the background, and a constant pulse - meep, meep, meep. In this session, the pulse moves into what I would identify as sounding like rushing water, and there seems to be a third women's voice that is speaking, although the words are not distinguished. I have checked the components of my phone for any anomalies and have experimented with its recording ability and speakers by recreating the distance between the phone and myself, and in doing this, there is no other interference. This is puzzling to me. Is there software available that I can use personally to slow down the frequencies, and in doing so, be able to discern what is being picked up. Thank you.
  8. Thank you kindly, Dr Jeffers, for sharing the experiences. I don't use an alarm clock at all. I have an analog one for back up, but if I have to be awake at a specific time, I set it from within, and this works very well. I haven't given this much thought until now and am probably in the minority with this.
  9. All good points here, Fernando, and wholeheartedly agree. I understand how the behavior is the product/effect of the deeper issue, and upon reading that I could help her work that out, well, my first reaction to this was no thanks. Honestly though, I feel this isn't my work to do.
  10. I will use a recent interaction with my sister in reference to this. We play an online version of Scrabble and for several months, there was a lot of complaining about letters or me taking her spot, etc, and it got to a point where I felt that I needed to bring this into her awareness, so I gently reminded her that its a game for fun and relaxation, and that's it, and to stop spewing negativity at nearly every turn. Surprisingly, she thanked me for noticing that and then those behaviors stopped for about a week. As of today, they are slowly starting to creep back in, and so at this point, I choose to ignore and limit my playing time. From this discussion, I think I will try an alternate approach - that being to restrain from commenting or trying to help change the perspective from negative to positive. Generally speaking, I think most people do not consider themselves to be negative, so when that is pointed out by someone else, it may be viewed as opposite of the intent to be helpful.
  11. Hi Marie. Thanks for the welcome and for sharing. I pick up the emotions of others and on occasion, physical sensations. In my opinion, there seems to be a lot of negative energy that is expressed through words. Sometimes, I will find myself trying to counteract that by a statement that the glass is half full not half empty. I seem to want to offer an alternative perspective or at the very least, bring this into one's awareness. Perhaps I will try a new approach and just leave it be and not intervene at all. I consider this forum to be a safe haven, as I don't resonate with most, and actually quite hesitant to even share such experiences. I am grateful for its existence and also the many contributions of others, including you! I am quite familiar with the name "Marie", as it is my middle name.
  12. Thanks for the response, Fernando! I am glad that I shared my experience here and have received positive feedback and insights on it. I would like to try this again, and am open to it, so I will let my guides know this. Your post had triggered me to consider the environment that I was in and one that I typically do not choose when napping in the afternoon. It was in the living room, on the sofa, with a nice breeze coming through the windows, and was also the location where I spend time talking with my guides and asking for either clarification or insight on various situations. I also felt very calm and had no tangible fear of what was happening. Rather, it was more curiosity of what was occurring, with my conscious mind wanting to know if this was real or not. I had fallen asleep on my left side, but don't recall changing positions, as I rarely find myself asleep on my back, but this was indeed my position, and the one most inclusive to the AP. I am now reading a few books on the topic, which perhaps will enhance my understanding. I am always amazed with these experiences, as I don't ask for them. It seems they just happen. Sometimes, I wish that these were a figment of my imagination, but they are not. It seems that in the past month or so, I have become very interested in learning about my abilities and discovering what I can do with those. I am currently reading Edgar Cayce, My Life as a Seer, which is something that I had no inclination to even consider before now. Also, the other day, I found a Spiritualist community very close to me (10 minutes) and subsequently signed up for two classes there, one being Intuitive Mediumship and the other about the Claires. I am really excited about this!
  13. Thanks for the reply, Andres! I really like your interpretation of the experience, especially the "in contact with a part of yourself". Perhaps this was the only way that my "higher self" was able to get this message through. Although, it did cause me to gain a different perspective, which has been understood and applied. I have been in the process of spiritual transformation/awakening for the past five years and learning to rely on my intuition for guidance. Within the experience, I was actually surprised that the buzzing and vibrations stopped when I told it to, so perhaps even by doing just that, I proved to myself that I am more in control of my own life than I believe.
  14. Thanks for the reply, Marie. I think the message that I was meant to take from the experience is that I can stop doing or participating in anything that is not in alignment with me or is not beneficial to me. In the days that followed, I found myself thinking a lot about what I put my energy towards and I found to be pulling back and investing that energy into myself and not to appease someone else.
  15. I had an interesting experience yesterday afternoon during a nap. I rarely take naps during the day, but felt to be very tired. It was about 11:15am. I have experienced sleep paralysis several times before, so this part of it was not new. Although, I felt to be somewhat conscious and aware of my surroundings, but unable to open my eyes. I heard constant buzzing and felt that my body was vibrating. There was also a sensation of something being on top of me, as I was lying on my back, covered with a blanket. The buzzing was very loud. Up to this point, I wasn't afraid, but started to be, and a few minutes after this, there was a female voice to my right who said "you can stop this at any time, just say stop." I wanted to fully wake up at this point, so I said the word Stop twice, and the vibrating and buzzing stopped. I opened my eyes and was in a state of disbelief and not really knowing if this was a dream or if I was really awake or if this actually happened. I decided that I was still tired and not ready to get up so I turned over and slept for another hour. In this dream, there was a female voice to my right that said "you should have known better". I didn't know what she was referring to exactly, so I told her that there was no way that was possible because I didn't know what I was dealing with at the time. There must have been some sort of understanding of what she meant. I've had sleep paralysis occur in the past, typically presenting itself as a force that is prevents me from any movement and I am struggling to open my eyes and wake up but cannot. I doubt this was an OBE and may be a lucid dream, but I would have to get more information about it. Typically, my dreams are very vivid and recalled in detail, as if actual experiences. I will say that experiencing this freaked me out quite a lot and since then, been trying to figure out if there was a message within it. Thanks for reading.
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