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  1. Thanks so much for the reply, Paul.
  2. I am currently reading the Zeta Interviews and approximately halfway through that document. I have two questions. The first is "was there a single event that caused the universe to exist, such as the Big Bang Theory? The second is "how many races/species exist within the Universe, whether in a physical container or in consciousness"? Thank you.
  3. Thanks for sharing this, Keith. Being a member of this forum is invaluable for me, and not only provides a validation of my experiences, but also is a venue for me to utilize these various capabilities for a greater purpose. It has also helped me to discover more innate abilities, and by cultivating an awareness of these, then encourages me to continue with their development. I am curious what mediums (pun intended) are used for the scrying - natural elements, such as water or objects, as a mirror. Have you shared the information that you received during scrying here on the Forum? I am interested in the results of that, as well as how it began. Part of my awareness has been a sensitivity to energy (intuitive empath) and I can get a general "read" on someone within a few minutes. I think that I have been doing this for most of my life, as it's second nature to me, and hadn't realized until recently, that most people don't do this! It could be compared to how I feel with a person/animal. Also, I receive information via this energy as a movie that begins to play within my mind, and as hard as I try to stop it, I cannot. It's as if I am viewing it within my mind's eye (perhaps third eye). This does not happen all of the time, but rather occasionally. So, from all of this, I think the greater question would be: how can I fully utilize these to help humanity? Sharon
  4. Hi Keith, I had discussed pareidolia with Fernando a few months ago and described several of my experiences with that. I recall being able to do this since I was five years old and had not been aware that there was an actual term for that. I had always assumed that others had the same capability to see what I could, but that was definitely not the case. There have been many examples of this within my lifetime and my earlier recall of it was described as the witch who lived in the basement of my childhood home and the image was engrained into the wood. The crooked nose, the hat, and the broomstick handle were all present. Now that I have become more aware of this, I continue to see faces of humans and animals, and occasionally an entire body shape. As I stated in the original post, it was very comforting to continuously pick up my dog and to know that a part of her energy is still with me. I appreciate your responses very much! Thank you!
  5. Thanks for the reply, Fernando. The experiment was indeed successful! Take care.
  6. Thank you, Keith, for the inspiring reply. I have always been open to new experiences and a believer that "anything is possible." I have wondered white conducting the experiment if there is an association between the mental state of the viewer and of the entities. I would assume there would have to be a resonance, of sorts, between the two - a certain level of comfort. Also, I wondered if my dog within every image was actually a projection of my mind, along the lines of, "we see what we want to see". It's interesting that you noted that we are co-creators of this phenomena, as I hadn't viewed this in that way. I also believe that I am a co-creator of my reality, and that my intentions and thoughts are very powerful. I would love to participate in a live event, so hopefully that will occur sooner rather than later!
  7. The experiment was conducted from May 24 to June 2, 2021. Throughout these 10 days, I collected 81 photos, and have chosen the top 5, as per the instructions, and which had the most images. The experiment was always conducted in the same location - in my living room, sitting on a recliner, a few feet from an open window, and the sounds coming in from the outside were birds, primarily robins and house wrens. About a foot away is a meditation table, which consists of a Himalayan salt lamp, Zen garden with rakes, a miniature lemon tree and a wishing well. There is also a singing bowl, tuned to the root chakra, and several crystals. A reed diffuser and a deck of Akashic Records tarot cards are the remaining items and I have been learning to use them, as well as taking an online class on the same topic. The images were always viewed in the morning hours, between the hours of 8:00-11:00am and for 15-20 minutes each day. This was determined by the number of images in which I wasn't able to pick up any faces or anything other than the colors, and when there was a succession of 8-10 images, then that was a signal to me that the session had ended. At the end of each session, I took a moment to express thanks for all of the spirits who were revealed within the images. Within all of the images, there was always an imprint of my dog, Lucy, who was put down about three months ago, after suffering with skin cancer. My family and I agreed that it was more humane to do this than to allow her to suffer more and pass on naturally. If we had chosen to do this, she would have only been around for less than a week, at most. About ten days after she was gone, I felt her to be sitting next to me and also had her scent, so I knew that she was ok. So, from the images, it always surprised me to see her within them, and from that and this experiment, I know that some of her energy is still with me, and I am very grateful for that. It's interesting to note how this experiment coincided with her passing. Within some of the images, I often saw other animals - most notable dogs and cats, and from this, concluded that she was surrounded by other pets and they are all together in a special place. This was actually comforting to me to know that she is not alone. Aside from the images of her, I did not recognize any of the other energetic imprints, as someone that was known. Although, in Image 1, of 5-27-21, the man outlined in the red square, with the blue shirt, brown hair, and mustache, seems somewhat familiar to me, but is not anyone that I know or have known personally. Short Survey questions: Have you ever done any form ITC before? NO If so, which forms? NONE Do you currently think it is possible for spirits to communicate via ITC? YES, absolutely possible, especially after doing this experiment. Have you ever done spirit images before? NO If so, using what method? NONE Do you think it is possible to receive images from Spirit via ITC? YES Do you think it is possible to receive images from someone you know? YES - as this was my experience here. Image 1: May 27, 2021 Image 2: May 28, 2021 image 3: May 31, 2021 Image 4: May 31, 2021 Image 5: June 2, 2021 Image 6: Photo of my dog, Lucy, to be used as a reference for the other photos. I really enjoyed doing this experiment and look forward to doing more in the future! Please let me know if any other information is required. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for this reply, Fernando, and for the additional information and explanations. Doing this experiment has been quite an amazing experience already and I am really excited to be part of the Varanormal forum! Sharon
  9. Hi Andres, Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I appreciated your opinion on this, as I felt safe to post it here and have shared it with very few. Since that occurred, I have done a lot of the shadow work that you mentioned, and not just with the more negative emotions, but with all. I am familiar with Teal Swan and have read some of the info that is available. The environment that I grew up in contained a lot of emotional unavailability, with both parents, and as a result, did not learn how to properly express emotion. This led to the development of a temper from an early age (about 5 years old). As I moved through the spiritual awakening journey, I acquired new tools to effectively manage my emotions and arrived at a level of maturity with regards to this, and my temper has diminished greatly.
  10. I have two questions. 1. What would be the best photo editor to use on a Mac? 2. Are the faces/images/people/animals in the same room while I am doing this experiment? This question was prompted by seeing images that resemble my dog, who passed away three months ago. Thanks.
  11. Hello all. I have just begun this and captured eleven images today. I hope to make the time to continue with the images for at least the next week. So far, this has been very interesting and intriguing to me, especially since I have not done anything like this before.
  12. Hello. This is my first post and I wasn't quite sure where to put it. My experiences are detailed below with the resulting image and occurred on November 16, 2019. I have received varied opinions on this, but still wonder about it. An intuitive Reiki practitioner told me that if I held a lot of anger and resentment towards anyone, this was manifested by me. From an intuitive friend, she told me that I had attracted negative entities into my space by harboring anger, and this was the result of making their presence known and also to sage my house and let go of that low vibrational energy as quickly as possible. I was in a friendship and shortly before this occurred, had discovered that this friend was interested in dating me, but was already in a relationship with someone else, and from this, was very angry and upset that I was never told this. This happened about a week afterwards and I woke up in the morning and didn't notice the scratches until after I had gotten dressed, and felt a burning/stinging sensation on my upper arm. When I looked at it, these scratches were fairly deep and one began at the bottom of my butterfly tattoo and was nearly 3 inches long. The scratches took about three weeks to heal, and then left scars. Since then I decided to have another tattoo done to cover up the scars from this incident. This has never happened before and initially, I thought they were self inflicted, but that is an impossibility because I am a nail-biter and my nails are extremely short or non-existent, so I knew that it couldn't have been me. My own opinion of this incident was to bring to my attention how being in this very low vibrational energy was affecting me and this was a very frightening experience. Afterwards, I did think there was some sort of message within it, and I worked through the anger. As a side note, there was another unusual experience that occurred last summer and of which I also was harboring anger and resentment. I was sitting in the living room and then heard glass shattering, as if a mirror had broken. This lasted for 5 seconds. From this, I was very fearful to even move around and sat for over an hour, trying to find a reason for this. Later, I searched my entire apartment for a vase or glass that could have shattered, but I found no evidence of any broken glass. A few hours later, I did the search again, and asked my neighbors if they heard it, and no one had, and again, no glass was found. It's possible that my anger manifested into a physical noise that only I heard, but I am very interested to know how others interpret these experiences. Thank you!
  13. Hello and thank you all for the warm welcome! Since I'm not sure where to post my experiences with energy, it would be helpful to know which category to use.
  14. Hello. I was encouraged and invited to be a member of the Varanormal Experiment Team by a friend, who is the facilitator. I am an intuitive empath who began an exploration of Reiki healing about two years ago. Since then, I am very interested in all topics related to energy, high vibrations and frequencies. I am very sensitive to both the energy of others and in the environment. Since childhood, I have always seen faces in every day objects (pareidolia). I knew of no one else who had this capability, and was often ridiculed for having an overactive imagination. Nearly twenty years after I graduated from high school, there was a team who conducted a paranormal investigation of the school on two separate occasions. The results were posted on Youtube, with the EVP's and a translation of those into words. Several years later, I was able to return there and although I didn't witness any paranormal activity, there was so much energy contained in that building, that I was quickly overwhelmed and had to leave. I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge with regards to all that is considered to be paranormal and perhaps this will help to validate some of my experiences with it.
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