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  1. Electronic of the light bridge is ready and working, including cabling, sockets, LED's and potentiometers. VID_20210917_171226.mp4 All that is left to do now is the mechanical assembly. Will do tomorrow.
  2. I recalculated the costs for the components today. My goal was to choose only one supplier for all parts I needed to cut down shipping costs. Thus I will slightly change the schematic accordingly but not in functional ways, because I will use another operational amplifier. The one I originally used is not on stock from the supplier I chose. I also took into account the costs for components I omitted in my first calculation because I had them lying around in my shack. As long as I intended to make just one unit this was ok but now as it turns out that more people want this device I took them into the calculation. So the "real" price for manufacturing the light bridge is 60€ with shipping costs coming on top. Lance, is this still OK for you? I would agree to keep the price at 50€ for you because that was my first calculation. However for every new device the costs will be 60€.
  3. Don't give me too much credits in advance Lance. When the device is shipped I'll have a beer and will watch you start working.
  4. All components were delivered today. I started to make the final device. I'm gaining speed. Probably will finish the device this weekend.
  5. Yes, even nthe spectral desnity of the signals are rather meager I can confirm what you heard. The SNR is really good and the speech patterns obvious!
  6. A very nice circuit, Jeff! From what I see it has a loop amplification of 60dB not inlcuding the regeneration which comes on top. Pretty much power! Did you make your latest audio clips with this design?
  7. Well, my experience is that everything comes to a price. In my early attempts to denoise spirit signals in Audacity I observed that you cannot improve the signal if it is buried in too much noise because the denosing algorithm in Audacity generates voice-like artifacts itself that are overlaying the original voice. It's not that you are diving into pareidolia then because due to my observations because the artifacts sound like voices but don't have any intelligible content. However you voice signal gets covered by something similar to voice making it extremely hard to hear the original content. In the end you just could decide if you want to be your signal swamped in noise or in artifacts. Other processing methods are having similar implications. The second point is that software algorithms are doing signal transformations basically. My therory is that every signal transformation has the hidden potential for adding new pk activity. I observed this phenomenon while post processing the same signal with different methods. Processing functions like filtering and normalizing are not critical since the signal integrity stays intact. Using methods like reverb or speed/pitch change are very different and often a complete new content is showing up. It is important to understand that this is not just a destruction of the pk signal basically, instead it is a new pk activity overlaying the previous one or to say it in other words, the content is not destroyed or removed but rather exchanged. It`s as I said before, we always need to consider that basically pk effects are pouring out from everywhere and that makes it difficult for us to understand if we are focused only on the original pk effect. A fascinating conclusion from these thoughts is that we are not able to generate a test setup as a reference that is guaranteed to NOT show any pk effect in any case and any time.
  8. Thank you Jeff for providing this comparison. In the raw signal clip I can hear a dominating, sharp chirping sound that overlays some noise that shows hidden but continous speech patterns. The heavily processed signal sounds very smooth but clearly shows low sounding voices. The JPS processed signal is really outstanding. The speech impulses are sharp and clearly separated. I tried to compare some parts of the Wavepad and the JPS signals for content equality. The results are ambiguous. Some parts of the content could be identically, some others not. Thus the JPS really could add pk modulation or it's the other way around and Wavepad mangles down some parts of the signal.
  9. Functional tests were completed successfully today and I made some more small improvements. Audio transmission through the bridge is working excellent so far. Will update the schematic now and the functional test phase is completed then. ITC tests will start when the final device is completed. I'm going for this goal now! Lady's and gentleman, I am now presenting you "Skyfall" from Adele played through the light bridge. VID_20210913_105342.mp4 Here are the updated schematics. Finished for today. Time for a beer! Schematic transmitter unit Schematic receiver unit
  10. I completed the breadboard layout today. In the following video the sound is going through the light bridge. VID_20210912_162904.mp4 Then I tested the overdrive indicator successfully VID_20210912_163005.mp4 Tomorrow will do more tests
  11. Absolutely fascinating post, Karyn! I love those direct dialogues between humans and the spirit teams. I frequently come across Swejen Salters name. She also was mentioned in messages I received last year. She sems to be a kind of a team leader on the spirit side. I was also pleased to see technical equipment in one of the pictures. They seem to have a lab over there.
  12. The weekend is reserved for the light bridge. So today I worked as hard as I could to proceed with new prototype. It incorporates everything I learned from the Honk and I will make it look really good. As a teaser here is my work in progress.
  13. I found an error in the schematic today. Here is the updated version. Capacotor C6 had a wromg value.
  14. Looks not that complicated to replicate. I have germanium, screws and could use solenoid coils from a relay maybe. The only thing lacking is time, as always. Any specifications regarding the core of the coils?
  15. And the holy grail is also there So theoretically, following the Arthurian legend, this could be the image of the Fisher King Anforthas.
  16. This looks like the outline of a being interwoven with the organic structure. You can see the head, hair and outlines of a right arm. From watching this I get the impression of the "green man", a mythological creature still known in the Irish culture, a humanoid being that is a plant.
  17. Your last picture is just amazing! It is somehow organic like plants or weed.
  18. Wow this is so cool Michael! You are really creating art out of sound. This is just beautiful and reminds me of hereafter descriptions I read from! I identified a small face in your previous picture.
  19. Hey Lance. I'm hoping to complete the breadboard layout this weekend and make some functional tests. The goal is to check all functions (without spirit voice for the start) and doing corrections in schematic. The real device then will be made according to the new schematic including housing, switches, knobs, etc. When this is finished I will fo a final test and ship the device to you.
  20. I sawed out the solar cell and also gained a 3-color LED and a small 1.2V/40mAh NiMH battery. Not bad for 1€!
  21. Some more improvements. I guess now it's time for an updated schematic. Bleibst du eine Waise.mp3 Du hast nah gedrängt danke.mp3 Jetzt werde ich das bewerten.mp3 Preis wird weiter steigen.mp3 Werde Vergleich Morgen.mp3 Here is the new schematic. It will be the base of my new prototype. I will need a bigger box to put this all in since it now includes also the neon bulb with its electronic components.
  22. I bought a solar cell driven garden lamp for 1€ at a discounter. The solar cell will be part of the light bridge. I love to use household components for my design. There abundant and incredibly cheap. I also can extract the small NiMH battery and a cool three color LED that changes the color automatically.
  23. Thanks Jeff. Tonight I had another idea for improvements. We'll see if I can push the borders a little more.
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