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  1. Hi Laurence, your description of your life with autism really was touching. From what you told you managed to turn your autism into a very effective path of spiritual evolvement. In that way you seem to be nearer to spiritual self esteem as most of us are actually. I also was impressed by the way you are handling the distorted view of the people around you on your autism. Lot's of things you told us are resonating with me a lot. Even I am not an Autist I often feel the need of separating myself from this world and it's inhabitants. While your reservate is the silence of your self cho
  2. This is amazing and a very suitable supplementary for the transcripts of Alice Greene I read yesterday!
  3. Ah ok. The xparanormal detector sensed a spirit but it shouldn't because there was no wifi and somehow the image of your son was picked from a file with 700 other images and loaded into the plasma communicator That would mean a direct impact on your PC by spirits. Did you face similar events earlier?
  4. Thanks Karyn for this posting! I'm just reading the transcript and it makes me feel so good. I love to read those few papers describing the hereafter in lots of details. It's amazing!
  5. I have mo experience with this software. What is the paranormal detector sensing? You received the words "love" and "mom" obviously which is amazing. Where does the image come from? I mean what is the usual way for this application to receive images.
  6. 1. Abstract In our group we are collaborating in the research of the principles of the manifestation of ghost imprints in audio, image and video signals. We conducted an abundance of experiments with very similar outcomes. More or less the voices and images seem to pour out everywhere while the used technique does not seem to play the major role always. The main question for me from a more mundane point of view still is where in the chain of noise generation, signal conveying, transformation and reception is the place and the moment where the spirits break through to manipulate the signal
  7. "Normalizing the paranormal§ matches out intentions very well.
  8. I agree with Michael. In my understanding speech synthesis or "ML" as we deal with it in short terms in our group, is a great tool for recovering voices from noise or distorted signals. It's the only technology that can rebuild voice contents by making an educated guess. However it is not an ITC technique in itself. We always use it in combination with certain noise sources. For this reason speech synthesis could be used in every other ITC technique starting from noising diodes, going over mylar crumpling end ending in the LIM technique. For this reason I am not sure if a dedicated section for
  9. Yes, the link to Google patent side shows exactly what I meant. Now I understand why the Caduceus coil still is in inductor because the direction of the windings stays the same.
  10. Thank you Jeff, this was enlightening. Now I remember the Caduceus coil, I just forgot about it's name. However I remember to have seen it in an article related to zero point energy and not ITC but I am not sure about that. Seems that both designs, Caduceus and Smith coil are using the same principle of opposing inductance that reduces or even completely cancels out the net inductance. Have you ever seen those double winded coils? Sadly i don' have a picture but I saw them in an article about zero point energy too. Imagine you are winding a coil around a wooden stick of some length. Then
  11. Hi Chris. Principally they are. The crystal lattice of atoms is working as a defraction grating itself. However the density if the grid is bound to the wavelength of the light. Because in a crystal the lattice is much "smaller" or "narrower" than in the defractor foil I showed in my video you would need "light" with a shorter wavelength to create the same defraction pattern with crystals. Therefore x-rays are used since they have much shorter wavelength. In fact x-ray diffraction patterns were used to analyze the crystalline structure of organic molecules like the DNA. Another issue with
  12. Welcome Domitilla! You should talk to Keith as he is doing essentially the same as you with Spectrocom.
  13. Very interesting! Have you ever tried to replicate the experiments with the Caduceus coil? I never have heard about it before.
  14. Welcome Sean. You are very welcome here. Seems you are really an EVP professional already well known in the academic world which is very valuable for us all!
  15. Feuer kommt, das ist offiziell. Die Untergruppen hörst du noch heute. Und dich überzeugen. Und mit Zentrum, möcht es unsere Staffel. Und mit Zeit vorgelegt, mich zerbrecht. Wir hören nun allesamt. Schlechte töten nicht schlechte. Denkt bitte im kalten... Schlafen, verbrennen. Wann soll ich essen fassen? Tönende Helme. Hoff ihn, wir sind schon da. Hat er gewagt. Für die Maus 54 Ören. Und dann ham wir noch Piloten. Du brauchst ein anderes Umfeld. Malte ist krank. Wir sterben en gros. Hat Serum bewilligt. Ich sehe den Grund. Sulle, kommt er auf den Damm? Kommt uns zu helfen. Gute Nacht Erwin. Ach
  16. Ehre befehlt euch. Traue der Dame nicht. Du kannst nicht verbrennen. Hat Pierre Cardin. Hobbit hier. Eure Leben sind voraus. Angst hatte dir Sorgen gemacht. Da sollst du den Test unterschlagen. Mörder sind bei uns. Und statt der Irren oder so. - Honor commands you. Do not trust the lady. You can not burn. Has Pierre Cardin. Hobbit here. Your lives are ahead. Fear had you worried. That's where you're supposed to embezzle the test. Murderers are with us. And instead of lunatics or something.
  17. Erklärungen sind gefallen im Osten. Beachte, die morgen töten. Angst und Irrsinn verbrüdern sich. Soll unsere erkämpfen. Er droht mit der Wüste. Wen erwartest du drüben? Und er braucht von...die Öfen. Margot, es gibt ein Land hier oben. Die Not wird schlachten. Sie will auch deine Mutter. Und dann will er sie retten. Daniel sucht Peter. Hast du nie Träume? Sie machen Krach. Wir alle blieben dort. Euch schickt der Teufel. Hilft uns Corona jeden Tag. Die Bösen bezwingen. Ich wäre Abdul. Auch meine Jugend ist zuende. Ich werde...noch wach werden. Macht den andern noch wütender. Wir streben ab. Ha
  18. Und werde gesund. Die Gefährten sind da. Was tun wir nun damit? Wir probierten es gestern, und das wirkte. Was tun wir danach? Es tut mir leid. Machst klug mit oben. Er lernt von uns, Bring aus der Ferne.. Muss er nochmal besorgen. Du machst leider Fehler mit unserer... Und er bemerkt das. Eurer Spirit er wachse. Und aus allen Gründen. Erst er erreicht den Fluß. Du machst sonnenklar. Und wir lassen eure hier. Es klappt mit der Bemerkung. Haben wir noch. Wir schauen noch nach einer Sicherung.
  19. So you know the book? Great! I think it is the only compendium with circuits designed for ITC in the whole world. I have never found something comparable except a book from Newton C. Brage who dealed a bit with weird stuff but not seriously in my eyes. Must have been a tremendous work for you to translate the whole book! In all my ITC hardware designs I was experiencing something strange. As a reaction to every question or problem that rose up I found a solution not just by thinking but moreover by remembering. I mean for every problem I found a solution that was related to something tha
  20. Beam splitters in laser application are expensive and hard to obtain. Diffraction gratings instead are cheap and easy to get. In some setups they could replace beam splitters. YouCut_20210120_1423373431.mp4
  21. This is an article from the magazine "Jupiter" from 2012, issued by the astronomical and mathematical section of the Goetheanum in Dornach/Switzerland, the central of the society for Antrophosophy. The article from Linus Feiten describes machines and other technologies working with spiritual forces and discusses Steiner's explanations as well as giving an outview on the further development path of technology itself without moral. The latter part especially discusses another article from Paul Emberson who had a very negative vision about the future of technology. Technolog
  22. If you prefer analyzing the frequency components of the tone there is also a good way. You know I am experimenting with the Javascript WebAudio Kit that gives you the means to run audio applications in your browser. I already used it successfully for my SpiritFax program that will be issued soon. For the Web Audio kit I use a framework called p5.js that makes programming a lot easier. One function is a real time analysis of the signal spectrum. The results are provided as an array of spectral amplitudes in a specified frame. Thus you just need to to look what frequency amplitude represented b
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