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  1. Excellent Karyn, thank you so much for doing this.
  2. Another trying to make contact with the big circle, I hear " Hi... Ethan" hi_ethan.wav
  3. For this one, I was trying to make contact with Mr Raudive, asking him about the Light bridge device etc, I hear "It can be directive and easy". it can be directive and easy.wav
  4. And this one, Ceci very kindly let me share the EVP from her late husband, Ceci's Dad hasn't long passed, so I asked if Ceci Dad was with him.... I hear " He is with me" Ceci hears "Yes, with me" both with same meaning but slightly different words. he is with me.wav
  5. (Recorded for the Big Circle) For this one, I asked if the device helped them in any way, I hear "Help me with the voice"? help me with the voice.wav
  6. Hi all, OK, I ran a short session to test the unit out yesterday morning, had a few teething problems to start off with, such as I had a loud buzzing sound overpowering on the noise floor, but only after the session I moved the device up onto the shelf and it stopped, so I either had it too close to the PC or my extension plugs and sockets were under my pc desk lol, but anyway It worked to move it. But it's all I done to the raw sound file was a bit of noise removal to get rid of the hum. Anyway, I only recorded for approximate 4 mins with each person I wanted to try and reach and I had these few EVP's come through, don't know if you can hear any of them like I do, but here they are below, as this is all experimentation. For Andres--- I found a plug in my collection of plugs lol, that fitted the device perfect works, I tried it against the battery pack away from the pc and the power plug actually is a bit more quieter on the noise floor than with the battery pack??? Do you think the power plug will be ok to use with the device? For the first one, I am hearing "Got you Fernando?" I don't know of a Fernando, but that's what I hear, what do you all hear? Thanks Lance got you fernando.wav
  7. Thank you Gismo, I will check the links out, much appreciated. I am really excited to start experimenting with the light bridge and see if the device helps the other side to communicate easier by using it as a medium. Many thanks Lance.
  8. Hey all, I had a bit of a delay getting the batteries and charger back in the post, but it came back this morning, currently their are charging I will start experiments on Monday morning, when I get some quiet from the generators of the builders outside lol I will keep you all posted, take care for now Lance
  9. Hi all, I like to thank Andres and Jeff for your collaboration of the light bridge, I very much appreciate it, and am looking for to experiment with it, thanks guys, Take care, Lance
  10. Thank you Gismo for your thoughts on the contact video's, much appreciate. No, I only used the windows pc. The voice segments, I made a video how to create them The Argolunar Jeff introduced me too this one, it's granular synthesis, where by the voice input, is also scrambled and played out loud during the session, then on playback, there are sometimes messages and answers to your questions. These are all free software that I use. The light bridge I haven't received as yet, but I will experiment with it in the next few weeks, this converts the gibberish into light waves then back to audio? I will experiment with both voice segments and argotlunar software and report back my finding to you all. Take care, Lance
  11. Thank you so much Andres! Just to clarify, to use with the computer, I plug a aux lead into the back of the device then into the computer? Thanks again Lance.
  12. Looks great Andres!!! So you are just waiting for the battery pack to come back?
  13. Hi Gismo, thanks for your comment. I used a windows PC for all methods and using the internal mic of the computer to record my voice and the gibberish audio. For EVP CONTACT with the AfterLife - YouTube - I used the EVP-Maker software For EVP/ITC voices from the deceased. 08/06/2021 - YouTube - I used voice segments of 225Ms run through audacious software, that never repeats the same pattern. For CONTACT REPORT #5 (EVP VOICES) - YouTube - I used argotlunar software for the latter part of the video contacts and the first two voice contacts of the video I used the voice segments Method. As for the best method... At the moment I am torn between The voice segments and the argotlunar software?? I feel EVP-Maker is a good software but it does sometimes produce more of a cocktail of voices within the contact, so this is my reason for not using it anymore. May I ask you a question? Out of all the contact video's above, what do you feel you can hear more easily and clear? Many thanks again Lance
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