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  1. Welcome Sharon, look forward to chatting soon.
  2. Thankyou Karyn for your warm welcome, much appreciated, Thanks Lance
  3. Hi Jeff, thanks for taking time to watch and listen to the video. The audio I used for Mr Raudive is attached. For these experiments, I record straight onto the computer using the internal microphone, Not to have a delay in the recording. Hope this helps? Thanks Lance. Konstine Raudiver voice22denosied.mp3
  4. Hi all, Last year In 2020, I started experimenting with the EVPMaker software, my main contact that I reached out to were to Mr Raudive. So to proceed with the experiments I used Mr Raudive voice from the clip when He phoned Mark Macy from the other side. I then would run this through the software to turn it to gibberish. I would then proceed to ask questions and wait 30 seconds while playing the gibberish audio out loud, I never heard voices in real time. It was only when I would play the finished session back that I would casual listen to the recorded session and there were respo
  5. Thankyou Jeff, great to be here! Thanks for the welcome. Many thanks Lance.
  6. Hi all, My name is Lance and I have been researching I.T.C since January 2006, before this, in 1995 I sat in development circle for mental mediumship. Started out on the AAEVP back in 2006 and then ITCbridge and also a member of the big circle. Look forward to chatting with you all
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