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  1. Oh Frightening stuff!! I will not be using that again, Thanks Andres.
  2. Hi Sglanz, Very good read! and info. I remember Uri Geller on a TV show back in the 1980'tys, and he said he would make all clock and machinery stop working, or words to that effect.... As soon as he said the word 'stop,'!! Our tumble dryer stopped half way through it's cycle, this happened right to the second??? Very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing. Take care, Lance.
  3. Thanks for sharing Andres. I have got WavPad and use it sometimes in conjunction with Adobe audition 3, it's a very good program to use.... I mainly use Adobe audition 3 It's an older version of AA, But I know my way around it better Thanks again, Lance.
  4. How lovely your Daughter also attends the groups, and what a beautiful message. No problem! My email is lancereed62@aol.com this gent can contact me on this mail. Take care, Lance.
  5. Hi Karyn, is the AREI having problems that they wouldn't set another conference up in the USA? When filming the Zammit afterlife zoom groups do you manage to record the EVP's and orbs or do they just come through in real time for you, amazing!! Yes certainly! Please pass on my details to the Gent in question, if I can help, I will.. Take care, Lance.
  6. Thanks Sharon for your feedback, much appreciated. Take care, Lance
  7. I really wish I could come out to one of the USA presentations, Sonia said that she would be in Scotland this year, but with Covid etc, I feel it's falling through?? The closes I got to going to a USA presentation was in 2008 for Tom and Lisa Butler, I was a speaker there, but my wife got taken sick so I had to cancel. Never mind, maybe one day I can meet you all
  8. Hey Ron, I will pass on the your message to Vicki Funny thing! I was thinking of Kat the other day, she's no where to be found on google, except for her old stuff, I was going to drop her a message asking how she was, but there's no sign of her anywhere?? She still got her YouTube account, might try and message her there see what's she's up to these day. take care, Lance.
  9. Another share Karyn, really enjoyed this interview with Rob. Take care, Lance
  10. Hey thanks Ron for the feedback, much appreciated.. BTW Vicki Talbot told me to say hi to you Take care, Lance.
  11. Hi all, these last few day, I decided to go back and experiment with argotlunar (Many thanks to DR Jeff for researching this software and bringing it to us to experiment with) It's Granular synthesis software that musicians use for splitting the input audio into grains (Or Millie seconds) In our case I used a general speaking raw voice with the spaces deleted in-between words, so this give a constant string of speaking audio the length was 1min 5 secs in total. The software gives a garbled gibberish, non understandable to the ear, only on playback I found the gibberish had been re-organized into words, or responses to my questions, by spirit side. The first two EVP on the video are from the segments of 225Ms, but from then on, the Argotlunar software was used for the contact. I would very much like your opinion to get a second pair of ears on the contacts to see if they match my interpretations of the responses. Like I say! This is still early days and still very much in the testing stages. Many thanks Lance.
  12. Thank you again Karyn for sharing Sonia's work, I really enjoyed this, Take care, Lance
  13. Hi Joshua, welcome to the forum, glad to have you on board. Take care, Lance
  14. Hi Ceci, Great to see you here I don't have a great knowledge of apps or I phones, but hopefully someone will on here. Take care, Lance.
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