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  1. I really enjoyed tonight's Live Broadcast! Really loved hearing from Michael, playing recordings, getting participation from many that were watching live. We heard a lot during the last segment. I'd love to watch it and listen again:) Lots of great information throughout!
  2. Added to my list as well Thank you! I'm interested to see what the author says compared to my own experiences.
  3. My EVP work is very different than my day to day... They are both a form of communication but some EVP work will catch residual (repeating events or impressions of events) or communication with spirit that choses to remain but can interact, see you, hear you, communicate with you now. With capturing EVPs, I'm looking to see what's in that space, if an impression or if able to interact, and then help those that want or need help.
  4. Paul, this one is really good too! Is this the same Cathderal? I'm wondering if it's the same child voice throughout the recordings. It's amazing you caught that so clearly inside a coat pocket. That's really great and definitely there. Have you been able to find any history on the Cathedral? Who spent the most time there, any tragedies, any children that lived there (maybe strange questions, but knowing history can help find clues of what and why spirits are consistently there)
  5. I agree with Karyn! Keep posting! This site is still new and more and more people will find it and begin participating. It is more active now than when it first began and will become increasingly so:) Hang in there. Many of us will see, respond, and work together here. You're among friends and like-minded people here
  6. Paul, these are great! Were you able to replicate the banging sounds to figure out what they could be? I would test things in the space to see if we could find the source and replicate each noise. Do you also have video recordings to see if you spot any movement or shadows? I'd love to see them too, if you do. What do you hear with the voices? Voices.mp3 .. I hear a younger voice, sounds like "I need one..." another word ... then what sounds like "religion" Voices3... I hear a deep whisper "Help me" and then a female or younger voice after, but I can't quite make out what's being said These are really good recordings! You're definitely doing great work and catching some amazing things! Bravo!
  7. Hi, Paul. Yes, I too have worked with EVPs until finding this site and learning more. I have seen spirits from a very young age and into the present time. I can feel energies of both people here with us and spirits that are also present. I have really only used simple equipment. Voice recorder, camera, and some other equipment of fellow investigators. I investigate old buildings and places of interest for fellow investigators. My husband and I moved to an area four years ago with history and spirits everywhere, so it makes it easy to investigate. I joined a local team in order to help others experience things I experience. Having many things happen since I was young, it's been a positive interaction for me. I have had spirits guide me, give me messages, and send other people into my life. It is normal for me to have them all around most times. Learning from the team here on this site, I've learned there are other ways to communicate and other devices and software other team members have had great successes with. My husband and I are looking into ways we can utilize some of this to advance our recordings and communication with local spirits. If you look up and watch the latest Varanormal Live Experiment, it is very interesting. These will be happening every week. I'm really learning a lot from the team here:) I wouldn't worry about those who do not believe your EVPs are real, many of us doing similar work experience similar things. The more we can all work and learn from each other, the more will we all help to prove these things we know to be true. I'll look for your uploads:) I just recently downloaded WavePad and Krisp, but haven't had enough time with either to really get familiar yet.
  8. Andres, I've found the same as what you talk about here with finding what we're looking for. The asker often times misinterprets what they hear. Many times I will hear something different (it's happened a few times with Sonia's videos... she repeats what she hears, but I hear something different, yet still related. I'm not emotionally involved at that moment, but instead just hear it differently). There are many interpretations on what is seen and heard. Not right or wrong, but our own views can limit our focus at times. I haven't yet experienced the Spirit world being deceptive, but that viewpoint may depend on how the information is received and the true source of that information. We have free will and so the outcomes can often change as well. Talking about other dimensions or realities brings in many other possibilities. So far, I've only received information about my own reality (or at least, what I perceive my reality to be... lol)
  9. Andres, it is a lot to consider and for me to wrap my brain around. I defintely believe in other dimensions, other realities, possible mirror ones. I just didn't realize we might be able to communicate with other versions of ourselves, or hearing echoes, or having times overlap and loop in such ways. I wouldn't have believed it if someone had told me I would experience my own voice from the future. I love the idea that Tesla and others communicated in the past with us today in the present. We would have to have excellent past documentation to review to see if he referred to any that have heard from him during our timeline now. Hopefully we'll learn much more in the near future:)
  10. Is there a link to the site for this Zoom Meeting? I tried to click on the above, but I think it's just a picture. I'll look around events too. I know I've seen some things in events before.
  11. I think her work here is so fascinating. It's amazing how long she's been at this and the results she has, using various methods. One of the points in this one, talking about Tesla communicating with the future got me to thinking. I wonder how many of those in our past did actually communicate with us in the future. Some of our team members have messages coming through right now during experiments. I also think it's interesting viewing time as one thing, all together vs just past, present, future. I've had some brief experiences and then later realized, that could have been my own voice that I heard echoed back somehow from the future. I wish I had been recording at the time, but it's interesting to consider. An example, within the last year I was working on a building. I was alone inside and my husband was outside. I heard a very distinct, hello. Very clear, definitely female. I tried to communicate but didn't get anything else. Then much later I heard a noise and I said hello very loudly to reach the entire empty building. With my own hello, I realized instantly, it sounded exactly like that hello I had heard earlier. Was that my voice I heard somehow? I wish I had been recording, but I was there doing work on the building and not really looking to investigate or experiment with communication. I shared this experience and idea of it somehow being my own voice with a couple others. I've also gotten many flashes of information, knowing something very specific without understanding yet how I know it. It all seems very related and will be interesting to explore this idea more:) Has anyone read the books she pictured within the slideshow? I'm wondering how helpful those are along this idea of time being one.
  12. This is fascinating work she's been doing. I hope the film is a success!
  13. Sharon, I do similar things... I will, at times, provide a different positive outlook to any given situation someone discusses in person. I've always been prone to look at the positives in any situation. Maybe because we feel the energy, so we offer a different approach to help the other person:) Not everyone wants that help or input, but sometimes it helps:) Other times they may just want to vent. This is definitely a safe space here. So many can relate in various ways. We have a lot already and growing in every area.
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