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    Welcome to Varanormal Ron, we know you will find many items of interest to you and indeed you may feel comfortable sharing your information.  Karyn

  2. “We run after values that, at death, become zero. At the end of your life, nobody asks you how many degrees you have, or how many mansions you built, or how many Rolls Royces you could afford. That’s what dying patients teach you.” Elisabeth Kübler-Ross This week's Friday Afterlife Report is now online at www.victorzammit.com/October22nd2021
  3. Welcome to Varanormal Libby,when you feel ready dive into your site we would love to hear from you.


  4. Welcome to your new site Varanormal Jackandjill, we trust you will find much to join in on when you are ready.  Karyn

  5. Welcome to Varanormal, have a look around and when you are ready you may like to introduce yourself and make the site your own.  Karyn

  6. Karyn

    Welcome to Varanormal VFR, when you are ready jump right into your new website.  Welcome again Karyn

  7. Welcome to Varanormal metempsychosis, after you have had a look around feel free to join in, perhaps introduce yourself. Blessings Karyn.

  8. If you can think of a way I can "own" access I would probably do. Sonias work is so dynamic that she can do half a dozen changes in seconds and not record the impact, this makes it hard to replicate but can be done. Yes, things being lost forever is a serious concern. Preservation is one of the top priorities but it is not an easy job.
  9. The Universal Spiritual Brother&Sisterhood (the USB) is looking for a volunteer medium to help us determine whether or not we have made contact with our team on the Spirit side. we seek concrete evidence. You don't have to have an established practice just a good connection. You can be either a trance medium or an evidential medium. the sessions will need to be virtual since Professor Finnemore and I are located in different time zones in the U.S. There would be a minimum of 1 or 2 sessions, more if you resonate with the USB and want to work with us. our website is: "theusb.org" if you're interested please reply to me with your contact info at: "lorice804@gmail.com"
  10. One of the issues lays with who wants what outcome. I have posted all of Sonias Links in a separate section an as the missing ones I find I will post. IT is a sad fact that a mountain of information could be lost so quickly. But I share what I can so please be aware I aimed for a chronological post as there are some blank areas.
  11. "You can copy all the links, but I am afraid, that some day the original source disappears and the link is not any more active! Thinking progress on Varanormal web site, I realize, that it is now important to find a method how our members can copy the original documents one by one in order to create their own organized "Sonia Rinaldi's EVP/ITC database" Yes this is a big problem, with so many people using different hosting services. This happens so frequently on YouTube all the time particularly with Nosso Lar and Deadline which are works of Chico Xavier. People don't want material available and like wikipedia police with a zeal.
  12. Welcome to Varanormal Raquel, please have a browse around and when you feel ready to make the group your own we would love to hear from you, welcome again.  Blessings Karyn

  13. You are welcome Lance I wished there was a way of "inserting" so that when a missing one turns up I can slot it in so it is all sequential. I do not really want to call on Keith at the moment for my OCD to be pacified as he has far too much on his plate. He will push himself to his detriment he does it to himself so the least we can do is not to jump on the same train but to find a track that runs parallel. My computer is nearly full, although I will not probably get rid of the files because in some cases I had up to 12 revisions before we were happy.
  14. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/specialeditiondocumentary-en/
  15. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/43rev_en/
  16. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/43rev_en/
  17. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/revista42_en/
  18. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/41emag_en/
  19. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/revista39_en/
  20. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/22incontactmagazine_en/
  21. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/incontact21_en/#p=1
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