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    Keith Parsons is a retired radio current affairs producer who spent many years with BBC World Service, London, often traveling the world while making documentaries on international politics and economics.

    One day in 2008 he was watching an English TV documentary that was being skeptical about psychic phenomena, as usual. As he told Michael Tymn in an email, "After it was over, I stormed into the kitchen and declared to my partner something like: ‘They’ve done it again – rubbishing this subject!’ And she said, ‘Well, what are you going to do about it?’ And that was a challenge that set me to thinking."


    He responded by using the skills he had learned in his professional career to make This Life Next Life which has garnered almost 800,000 views. He followed it up with This Life Past Life and another 48 superb videos, closely examining sometimes complex cases and presenting them in an engaging way. What resonates with us is that he says "For me ‘evidence’ is crucial, otherwise we can find ourselves accepting speculation as fact...I’m trying to get away from belief based only on faith".

    This week he is celebrating his 50th video - a huge achievement, which, he says, will be his last in the current series. While he will no doubt continue to use his considerable knowledge and talents, I'm sure that all our readers will agree that this is a fitting time to say a huge thank you and well done.

    Send a thank you message via Varanormal
    Watch more of Keith Parsons' 50 Afterlife Videos
    Read Michael Tymn's interview with Keith Parsons


    737643100_KeithJClark.jpeg.af42c8d22ef8f42145e164046f4c6381.jpegTHANKS TO KEITH CLARK OF VARANORMAL 

    As we congratulate Keith Parsons, we also thank Keith J. Clark, from Varanormal, who has been partnering with him to bring these 50 videos to the public via YouTube. Keith J Clark is well known in the EVP and ITC fields. He and his colleagues have been passionate over many years in research, education, and data preservation regarding life after earth and beyond. They currently stream 8 live streams so that anyone can experiment with using their energy to influence communications. To date, they are the only remaining website that provides ongoing streams for ITC audio and visual experimentation. They invite you to come along and share your interests and skills, learn and co-operate for free at VARANORMAL.COM  


    in this weeks Zammit Friday Afterlife Report



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