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  1. Thanks Karyn. I always wonder that Steiner still is so popular outside germany and Switzerland where he had put the focus of his work. On telegram I found a group that just came together of young british people studying Steiners books. Seems you already realized some if hus ideas regarding farming and nutrition. I was deeply entangled with anthroposophy more than a decade and my first wife and father in law were strongly engaged in the anthroposophy community. Sadly in that time I wasn’t able to adopt Steiners teachings even I tried hard. I guess it somehow was above my horizon but I sti
  2. I'm sorry for this setback Kim and that I made you waste your time. It was also frustrating for me. That's why it is so important to question ourselves over and over again.
  3. The video was quite interesting. A gorgeous device he built! Very cool. Obviously he switches 4 different diodes by hand and they are completely enclosed in an aluminium box, well protected against stray radio waves. He uses a very high reverse bias voltage up to 200V but normally operates the diodes with 60V-80V. That means the diodes are running in avalanche mode. Similar to the coherer effect. He has a lot of dials on the frontpanel. From the audio in the video it seems that one knob is a dial for noise gating. The rest seem to be filters and the DSP settings. Nothing new in general but a
  4. Thanks for your motivation Jeff and please don't worry. This is just a setback with one technique and nothing in general. I'm glad I found out the issue before going public with this technique. Just need to rewrite a part of my coherer paper because I was referring to the water cell. This is why it is so important to adopt at least a basic scientific method in ITC and to maintain a reasonable share of self criticism. Failing is not a shame as long as you find out and acknowledge it. Now I know at least the water cell has no ITC potential. On the other hand I obviously got very good result
  5. I think I found out and the result is a big slap in the face! As I said I had temporarily repaired one of the broken rods by pushing it tight fit into the cork where the other piece of the rod sticked into. This resulted in a fragile electrical connection generating a Coherer effect. I proved this by bridging both of the new rods with a third one placed loosely on the other two ones. Immediately I got the same signal I had last week. The crack in the rod was hidden because it was in the part of the rod going through the cork and thus not visible. I suspect it was there from the very begin
  6. Something strange happened today. I finished the prototype according to the latest schematic posted here. I really was wondering that it took me an immense amount of effort to get the job done because of tremendous stupid errors I had made during soldering the electronic. Similar errors I just made the last time when I was a kid. It took me hours to beat the crap out of the device. Finally the electronic worked fine but then suddenly the noise signal from the cell ripped off. I double and triple checked everything. Found nothing, the electronic worked as expected. I knew that one of the rods w
  7. Hi Paul. Thanks for your posting! Please put this into the section "Discuss the Paranormal " or "Discuss instrumental transcommunication "
  8. Wow Jim, you seem to act pretty cool in dealing with those disturbing events. I will take a closer look to your pictures later. Do you know something about the history of your house? Moreover you mentioned that your friends are facing similar incidents in the same timeframes you are facing. If you would maintain a log of incidents maybe one could derive some astrological rules from the data. I am considering the same because I am facing incidents mainly in April/May.
  9. OK, I just finished my alpha tests with the new receiver design. After some changes and tweaks it now works like I intended it to do. Just functional tests so far but the signal reading is good and my noise gate stage now works very smoothly, better than with the SSM2176 circuit. This is the new schematic: The interactions between the different stages are now well balanced. As promised I added some technical parameters to the schematic about the water cell to make replications easier. Sorry I needed to kick out the AF transformer. It turned out that the noise gate worke
  10. Thanks Gizmo for your comments and the papers you provided. I agree with your descriptions about what is going on. I just can say that something is brewing. What we are experiencing is not "normal" in it's essential meaning and we are persistently shifted towards some other reality that might drop into our life's in small pieces or with an upcoming big bang, i don't know. I will read what you shared because I believe that also those strange storylines are entangled and are leading us to somewhere.
  11. Thank you Karyn for your comment. I heard and read about the multiple facets of the inner self in the past years but I can't remember having had any own experience in this. So, it is the first time for me I encounter this phenomenon by myself. Probably we are collecting and re-integrating our fragments slowly.
  12. This is fascinating. In a way your future "me" is showing yourself a part of the spiritual plan you committed yourself to and then it really happens!
  13. Thanks for the paper GIZMO. I will read it and coming back to you. In fact I never dealt much with the UfO phenomenon. I was mesmerized by it in my childhood from watching movies like Spielberg#s "Close encounters of the third kind" and of course XFiles. However this was more a technical fascination and I was asking myself if evolution really made another species grow on another planet that managed to construct spaceships travelling faster than light. As I started my spiritual journey these thoughts slowly vanished. However since 2 years I more and more see that both "worldviews" have much in
  14. Wow, I never did much with randomized phonems but the chip seems to incorporate everything you need in one DIL-package. Maybe despite all the topics in the forum you can tell us more about it. You could start a blog here in Varanormal and updating it with new findings whenever you want.
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