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  1. I had the same problems especially because I did not understand the function of the coils. But I made some experiments with a piece of pure germanium from Ebay. When I was routing a small current through the screw and the GE it generated pink noise. I got a mix of croaky voices jumping out of an agile noise signal full of cracks, bursts and spikes. Intelligibility of the voices was rather bad.
  2. I didn't know he is open minded for spirituality. Very interesting. Tahnk you!
  3. Ok. Think of an app running in your browser. You have one slider selecting the duration of the E-tones. A second slider sets the head start for each E-tone. In your example this would be 20% of the duration. With the slider you could vary this offset from 0 to 100%. The D-note duration is automatically aligned with the overall duration of the E-tone sequence. The whole pattern should repeat automatically I assume? Is this what you want?
  4. Basically this could be done in p5.js javascript. Is the duration for every tone constant? Is there a minimum overlapping range for the E notes, e.g. does it never happens that one note starts after the previous one has finished? What about the D note. Is it running in parallel to the E notes? Since the overlapping is randomly the sequence of the 5 E's has no fixed length, right?
  5. Scientists communicate with people while they're dreaming
  6. I started a new series with experiments with LDR's (Light dependent resistors. These are semiconductor components that are changing their impedance if exposed to light. I had the vague feeling they might produce usable noise for ITC under certain conditions. My investigations are not finished yet and currently I am unsure if this is yet-another-noise-source (YANS) or if there is more in it. Results are ambigous so far. In my current setup I use a yellow LED with a low current of 0,5mA that projects it's light onto an LDR. Both are sealed in a black plastic tube to protect the L
  7. Hi Laurence, your description of your life with autism really was touching. From what you told you managed to turn your autism into a very effective path of spiritual evolvement. In that way you seem to be nearer to spiritual self esteem as most of us are actually. I also was impressed by the way you are handling the distorted view of the people around you on your autism. Lot's of things you told us are resonating with me a lot. Even I am not an Autist I often feel the need of separating myself from this world and it's inhabitants. While your reservate is the silence of your self cho
  8. This is amazing and a very suitable supplementary for the transcripts of Alice Greene I read yesterday!
  9. Ah ok. The xparanormal detector sensed a spirit but it shouldn't because there was no wifi and somehow the image of your son was picked from a file with 700 other images and loaded into the plasma communicator That would mean a direct impact on your PC by spirits. Did you face similar events earlier?
  10. Thanks Karyn for this posting! I'm just reading the transcript and it makes me feel so good. I love to read those few papers describing the hereafter in lots of details. It's amazing!
  11. I have mo experience with this software. What is the paranormal detector sensing? You received the words "love" and "mom" obviously which is amazing. Where does the image come from? I mean what is the usual way for this application to receive images.
  12. 1. Abstract In our group we are collaborating in the research of the principles of the manifestation of ghost imprints in audio, image and video signals. We conducted an abundance of experiments with very similar outcomes. More or less the voices and images seem to pour out everywhere while the used technique does not seem to play the major role always. The main question for me from a more mundane point of view still is where in the chain of noise generation, signal conveying, transformation and reception is the place and the moment where the spirits break through to manipulate the signal
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