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  2. Hi Michael, This looks really good! I'll see to open up some slack of time to play with this around next week. Just like Andres I only need the python sources.
  3. Hello Sharon, This is very interesting. I've ever had any such experience myself but I've come across other people's stories just like this one. I would think that the reason you "missed the event itself at the time it happened" was because she had already visited you and you had already worked it out. That fact that she expressed wanting to kill herself seems only to suggest that she was more than ready to go, not that she wanted to end her life in the way we would think about it in a suicide case. That's not at al what happened here. And that's really good because chances are she is in a very good (and better) place now!
  4. YES. This is exactly the heart of the debate. And the way I see it, it's fundamentally a Scientific Debate. Not an ethical one. Not a religious one. Not a philosophical one. Because those are scientifically answerable questions. And that's a very good thing because ITC has a huge potential to become a scientifically valid observation and measurement device. A research on our current channeled knowledge on the subject won't be any good I'm afraid, because outside our relatively very small circle, no one believes nor cares even about this type of factual information. But ITC on the other hand, as you said, has the potential to resolve that!
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  6. Welcome to Varanormal Raquel, please have a browse around and when you feel ready to make the group your own we would love to hear from you, welcome again.  Blessings Karyn

  7. You are welcome Lance I wished there was a way of "inserting" so that when a missing one turns up I can slot it in so it is all sequential. I do not really want to call on Keith at the moment for my OCD to be pacified as he has far too much on his plate. He will push himself to his detriment he does it to himself so the least we can do is not to jump on the same train but to find a track that runs parallel. My computer is nearly full, although I will not probably get rid of the files because in some cases I had up to 12 revisions before we were happy.
  8. Excellent Karyn, thank you so much for doing this.
  9. Thank you Steve and Andres for your wise comments. I think, Steve's idea sharing new information and discoveries between different platforms might be more productive and useful than repeatedly try to offer your work to a greatly appreciated international Journal and get frustrated because of that. One way might be to create your/our own on-line electronic database, which is well protected but available for external researchers and interested parties ( see "research "for example in https://www.ipati.org or homepage WorldITC ). I think proofreading is best suited for people whose native language is English. Thinking the content, evidence, methodology and general criticism, I am always ready to help . As far as methodology is concerned , according to my nopinion, the attached PDF document is a good attempt to improve these aspects i parapsychological research. GISMO5367 METHODOLOGY AND MEDIUMSHIP.pdf
  10. Another trying to make contact with the big circle, I hear " Hi... Ethan" hi_ethan.wav
  11. For this one, I was trying to make contact with Mr Raudive, asking him about the Light bridge device etc, I hear "It can be directive and easy". it can be directive and easy.wav
  12. And this one, Ceci very kindly let me share the EVP from her late husband, Ceci's Dad hasn't long passed, so I asked if Ceci Dad was with him.... I hear " He is with me" Ceci hears "Yes, with me" both with same meaning but slightly different words. he is with me.wav
  13. (Recorded for the Big Circle) For this one, I asked if the device helped them in any way, I hear "Help me with the voice"? help me with the voice.wav
  14. Hi all, OK, I ran a short session to test the unit out yesterday morning, had a few teething problems to start off with, such as I had a loud buzzing sound overpowering on the noise floor, but only after the session I moved the device up onto the shelf and it stopped, so I either had it too close to the PC or my extension plugs and sockets were under my pc desk lol, but anyway It worked to move it. But it's all I done to the raw sound file was a bit of noise removal to get rid of the hum. Anyway, I only recorded for approximate 4 mins with each person I wanted to try and reach and I had these few EVP's come through, don't know if you can hear any of them like I do, but here they are below, as this is all experimentation. For Andres--- I found a plug in my collection of plugs lol, that fitted the device perfect works, I tried it against the battery pack away from the pc and the power plug actually is a bit more quieter on the noise floor than with the battery pack??? Do you think the power plug will be ok to use with the device? For the first one, I am hearing "Got you Fernando?" I don't know of a Fernando, but that's what I hear, what do you all hear? Thanks Lance got you fernando.wav
  15. Thank you, Dr. Jeffers. I agree with this completely. If one is in a very low vibrational state, such as anger/rage, resentment, etc.., then those entities who resonate with that frequency will become more active or prevalent. My most frightening experience with this was several years ago when I was sitting with a lot of rage at finding out that a guy who I was seeing was actually with someone else, and who didn't mention it. I was seething and had to see him several times a day at work. About a week into being engulfed in these negative emotions, I woke up with three red and fairly deep scratches on my arm, one of which was several inches long, and all began at the bottom of my butterfly tattoo. Even after they had healed, scars remained, and I subsequently added another tattoo to cover those scars. Some have said that it was my own manifestation of that anger, but to this day, I still think that it was done to me by an entity consumed by that very same frequency of betrayal. So, from this experience, I learned to channel my anger and release it in healthy ways, and to deal with it right away, and not let it sit and simmer. I hope to not repeat that kind of experience again.
  16. A very good plan Steve! What about constituting a review board with skilled people to do the proofreading (typos, grammar) and 1st level peer review (document structure, argumentation, logic fallacies)? I think you and Gismo would be just perfect board members.
  17. Learn To Use EVPMaker in LIVE Mode: 10-15-2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9CFQfoMiqU TRANSCRIPT ATTACHED Learn To Use EVPMaker in LIVE Mode This week we give a brief overview of routing audio on Windows computers and then demonstrate how to use EVPMaker in LIVE mode! Join us weekly as we explore Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) - where Technology and Spirituality meet. Learn how to successfully experiment and share your knowledge and experiences with others. Varanormal is an online collaboration of experimenters and researchers from around the world. We have the pleasure of providing the world’s largest collection of live paranormal streams - available free for your experiments. Come register and join the forum now, its FREE: https://varanormal.com Streaming LIVE to Facebook & YouTube SOFTWARE FROM THIS VIDEO: EVPMaker: https://www.varanormal.com/files/file... NCH Tone Generator: https://www.nch.com.au/tonegen/index.... Virtual Audio Cable: https://vac.muzychenko.net/en/ Varanormal Friday LiveStream 10-15-21.docx
  18. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/specialeditiondocumentary-en/
  19. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/43rev_en/
  20. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/43rev_en/
  21. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/revista42_en/
  22. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/41emag_en/
  23. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/revista39_en/
  24. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/22incontactmagazine_en/
  25. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/incontact21_en/#p=1
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