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  2. Lance, seems to me that if you're comfortable using audacity then uninstall the newest version and just run an older version of audacity. You can still get older versions of audacity going back years. Kinda like the way you use audition 3.0. Truth be told - I run audition 1.5 and it does everything I want it to. Ron
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  4. "Develop more LOVING INDIFFERENCE in your relationships and the conditions surrounding you; knowing that to be CONTENT in whatever position, circumstance OR condition, is to be in the greatest position for making use of, and finding enjoyment in, what is being accomplished."  (ECRL 349-7)

  5. Welcome to Varanormal Batista.  This website is very community minded so when you feel ready, dive into your own site, again Welcome from Karyn on behalf of the Board and members.


  6. Welcome to Varanormal Claudia.  As this is also your site when you are ready feel free to dive into it, again Welcome from Karyn on behalf of the board and Varanormal members.

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  8. Hi, people. I am new here and a beginner in EVP. I’ m brazilian. I recently did a test recording with an old radio. There was only noise. When I went to listen, I heard a female voice and thought I had tuned in a radio. But in some parts the voice seems to say “EVP” and “ conscious” . There also seems to be a male voice speaking in portuguese. I would like your opinion. Thanks a lot. Nova Petrópolis 46 - radio - redução de ruido e filtro fft.e normalizar amplificar com corte inicial.mp3
  9. Yes, I heard people had their clocks stopped by Geller's command. The pendulum stopped swinging, but was easily restarted again, so no damage. Akin to a temporary gravitational effect I theorise - and therefore unshieldable (like EVP is).
  10. Oh Yuk! I have uninstalled my copy of it. Hopefully there is no subordinate spyware that is doing the spying, which escapes being uninstalled ! Time to run Malwarebytes !
  11. To receive some hodowanec noise from the C2 capacitor Andres - with the reference volts applied to (+) input, youll need to have P1 as a short circuit, so the amp can function fully to amplify the picoamp currents coming from C2. Having P1 in cct will greatly attenuate the gain, depending on what the value of it is. If you want to try an experimental Hodowanec cct, I can give you values from a TIA calculator: OpAmp: TLO81 or similar 4MHz GBW, FET i/p Input cap 1,000uF (direct to inverting input - no input resistor). Feedback resistor 1,000 ohms. Feedback capacitor 2.2uF (across the 1k resistor) These values give a stabilised bandwidth of 8.7kHz. Gain is 53dB. Values obtained from calculator are for the 1,000uF cap value. I have not tried these values, but have experimented with his circuits and they do produce copious noises, some of which are interesting. In regards the Hodowanec effect with coherer noise input, I theorise that the Hodowanec effect works on the noise input, so it is a balancing act of input noise fed to it - verses noise received from the capacitor itself as a receptor. The sweet spot is to get the Hodowanec effect to pk modulate the incoming noise, without burying it. This is the reason I suggested you run 2 amps from T2 collector, and have differing values of P2, but have equal gains via R4 selection, so as to do comparisons in pk modulation efficiency / clarity of voices. It is presumed a lower value of P2 will yield better pk mod compared to a higher value, so this can be checked by comparison. This sweet spot fine tuning is something I was experimenting with some months ago. Have not done any work on it recently due to other commitments.
  12. Oh Frightening stuff!! I will not be using that again, Thanks Andres.
  13. Watch the video. Audacity has been modified by the new owner in a way that it grabs certain system informations, like your IP, OS-version, CPU numer and much more and stores them on servers in russia. This data can be made available to government and law enforcement authorities on demand. It also can be sold to third parties.
  14. Yes I see, a good idea. What I have done today was to connect the + input of the OpAmp directly to the middle of the power supply with no signal input for the OpAmp. Then I looked for pk modulation. In a 2nd run I enlarged the capacitor upt to 2200uF. In both cases I had no pk modulation. To be sure I need to make longer test runs of course. Have a good night, Jeff!
  15. Yes, this is a possibility. The value of the capacitor and the value of the 1K pot are variables that will kindle the Hodowanec effect. As youve implied, with P1 trending to zero ohms, there is maximised Hodowanec effect, and the stage therefore reverts to being a standard transimpedance amplifer, but of course the extremely high gain is unusable within the present application. What Id like to suggest to test is this: To construct another separate non-inverting op amp stage fed from T2 collector as is the original one, but this second stage has a differing value of P1 with a chosen value of R4 (so both gains of the amps are equivalent). Compare the two channels of outputs to see if a changed value of P1 causes more or less PK modulation. Another test would be to have identical values for P1 and R4 for both amps, but change C2 in one amp to see if there is difference. [ Time for bed for me! ]
  16. I had the same thought but the voice is already in the original recording. It's the same phenomenon like the voice saying "Jenny" you discovered in my previous clip. It has a characteristic that is different. Generally the voices in the carbon clips are distorted and spiky. You have to make them intelligible by applying reverb and filters. The other voices are very clear, like gained with a microphoneand in fact I remember those voices ONLY from my experiments with direct voices where I used a condenser electret microphone with a self designed preamplifier. But here the crucial question comes up again; if we record direct microphone voices, do they really com THROUGH the microphone or are they using another way? It's strange since I had planned to do investigations on direct microphone voices before the carbon thing came up again. If we are suggesting that natural sounding voices can manifest without a microphone the question arises how they do that? I am hypothesizing that this is the point where Hodowanec comes into play again. What if they are coming in through a capacitor? The capacitor C2 is a polarized cap like Hodowanec used them and it is in the feedback network of the OpAmp. Thus electrical fluctuations in the capacitor will scale up at the output of the OpAmp. With P1 set to a low value you almost have the Hodowanec circuit here.
  17. Very good work Jeff. I hear the same! The voice characteristic seems to be different from the rest of the voices in my clip. Maybe they manifested in different ways.
  18. Welcome to Varanormal Lourdes, please feel free to join in, this is your site as well.
    Karyn (behalf of board & volunteers)

    1. Lourdes


      Thank you, Karyn! I appreciate this a lot.

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  20. Hi Lance, thanks for your feedback, and great story about your tumble dryer! I saw Geller live on stage, late 1970's. Stopped our watches! But it was Hauck that really experimented with and formalized the PK procedure, and introduced PK parties, which anyone can conduct. In my notes, Keith was intrigued by this phrase: "When the mind goes into the future, it observes and temporarily collapses the wave function to a possible event. These data are seen within the brain with the same clarity as a memory, using the same external sensing. Data is filed on the individual's world line and may affect his or her future actions"
  21. I had another listen to this, and I heard a very clear whisper voice at 21secs saying 'Jenny". Ive attached this segment. Jenny.mp3
  22. Thanks for letting us all know about this Andres. I have used Audacity in conjunction with Wavepad, as it has some features I find much easier to use, especially for music track editing which I do.
  23. What an amazing capture Andres. Yes, it doesnt seem to fit with the background - like as you say, someone speaking into a microphone. Are you saying that the export process itself generated this voice?
  24. Some good captures there Andres. The sound track is calmer as you mentioned. It is pleasing you got so many contextual messages. The stronger activity with the water-graphite does seem to produce louder clearer voices, at least in the rough comparison I made between the two sound tracks.
  25. Yes sure! I used Audacity for long but now as it turned into a spy software I will use Wavepad because I don't know AA.
  26. Hi Sglanz, Very good read! and info. I remember Uri Geller on a TV show back in the 1980'tys, and he said he would make all clock and machinery stop working, or words to that effect.... As soon as he said the word 'stop,'!! Our tumble dryer stopped half way through it's cycle, this happened right to the second??? Very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing. Take care, Lance.
  27. Thanks for sharing Andres. I have got WavPad and use it sometimes in conjunction with Adobe audition 3, it's a very good program to use.... I mainly use Adobe audition 3 It's an older version of AA, But I know my way around it better Thanks again, Lance.
  28. Good video on how to use the NCH Wavepad audio editor for post processing evp's. https://youtu.be/wypLvesMIaA
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