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  1. Hi People, A recent Facebook post from the SPR (Society for Psychical Research) contained a link to the archived scans of the former EVP Newsletter by Alan Cleaver, running from 1978 to 1981: https://isaackoiup.blogspot.com/2021/06/now-online-evp-newsletter-electronic.html?fbclid=IwAR2HMvQmoqWuMPaXPGS0_wTLR157T92mi4wKmRfvKZhh3hn-EdZnxYZ2AvQ
  2. Hello Cindy, Welcome to the forum! I was also a member of ATransC and I recall very nice conversations with Tom Butler. He writes on Academia.edu every now and then and I always follow him there.
  3. Hello Alberto, I just watched the second part and is even better than the first Fantastic work you did here, and I can't wait for part III
  4. Hi Sharon, I don't use Mac so I can't tell you which photo editor to use, but I guess there is one already? As for the question about the location of the entities (spirits) projecting their images into the Perlin noise stream: The really short answer should be that we don't really know, but having said that, it all seems to indicate that locality is not a "paraphysical" requirement (by para-physical I mean the laws that govern all of reality and not just the physical plane). That is, I'd say that they can be "anywhere". Or more precisely, the mere concept of being at a certain position which is at a distance from you might not even make sense to them. Or maybe there actually is some sort of space with positions and distances in the ethereal worlds and is just that they can still project at distances which only seem large to us here in the physical plane. Without getting into the metaphysics of time and space in the afterlife, which can be beyond our comprehension, I like to think of this being all about connection. That is, if your past-away dog is connecting with you, then he is "there in the same room" for all practical purposes, regardless of any "geometric" considerations, and regardless of any ethereal "place" he might be at in the moment. Once you have enough pictures, and after having selected the top 5 out of them all, please read the instructions here to see what to do with them:
  5. Hi Sharon! Welcome to Varanormal! Even though the primary interest here is in ITC, you'll find plenty of people with intuitive/mediumnistic experiences and skills here! And also welcome to the experiments club! We're sorting things out and hopefully we'll be starting soon! Stay tuned
  6. This is the submission from SGlanz. He sent these to my email as per my initial instructions. He sent me a lot of images, and I selected to top five for me. Here are his survry answers: Survey answers below Have you ever done any form ITC before? - YES If so, which forms? - MANY Do you currently think it is possible for spirits to communicate via ITC? - YES Have you ever done spirit images before? - YES If so, using what method? - IN THE 80'S, FEEDBACK LOOP FROM TV AND VCR. OTHER METHODS SINCE. Do you think its possible to receive images from Spirit via ITC? - YES Do you think its possible to receive images from someone you know? - YES The experiments run from March 24 to March 28.
  7. Awesome!! I'll also look into your results later tonight. I'm working on my very first blog entry at the moment.
  8. Hello Steve, I just wanted to let you know that I've updated the instructions for Project 1.
  9. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I've updated the instructions for Project 1, incorporating Jeff ideas and adding the survey. I also made a top post asking members to introduce themselves and get started with project 1. Let's see if the ship starts to sail!
  10. Hello Experiment Team members! It is soon time to start with the first project. Please, click on "Project 1: Perlin Noise" in the menu bar above to enter the sub-forum specific to that first experiment. Read the instructions posted there. We'll soon be starting this project. But before you start, please take the time to introduce yourself to all the other members of this team, for after all, we are a team. You can use the general forum section "Introduce Yourself" and just drop a note here, or post your introductions directly in this thread. Please don't forget to do that so we can get to know each other, and build the right energy!
  11. The main idea is for the results to be reviewed by the research team. BUT, at least a selection of them will be uploaded to the forum for anyone to see. At the moment, none of this will happen in real time since each participant works at its own pace. However, we plan to have live, online sessions, in the near future. As far as I can tell, I will be receiving results from other participants this (or next) week.
  12. Hello Steve, Welcome to the experimental team! I'm the team leader, and the instructions are in the "Project 1: Perlin noise" forum:
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