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  1. I've never been in a choir but I can say that I sung like all my life. As you said, singing brings about a unique kind of feeling that comes from within, regardless of the ways others perceive it. As an adult, I kind of learned to sing either in a very low voice or when I'm alone, because for some people it can be very annoying if you are chanting all the time. But I used to sing aloud just about everywhere.... like while making a line in the market, or in a bus. Before I decided, 4 years ago, that I really had to learn to sing, and do it for real, I had all sorts of receptions.
  2. Hi Keith, I absolutely feel in the exact same way about music. It has always been my place to go when feeling sad or something like that. That is why I've been learning to sing for 4 years now. When I was 13 I studied guitar playing for 3 years... I used to be really good about it. Unfortunately, my teacher was classically formed, and wanted me to follow the same path. I wanted to play rock songs, but she insisted on having play classical scores. I got fed up, quit, and never touched the guitar ever again. I also never learned to play any other instrument, but I wished I did. At 18
  3. Hi Laurence, Thank you once again for sharing. This is very interesting.... I've never talked to, another I guess? autistic person ever before, and from your post I'm getting a lot of new insight into myself! That "explanation" about the significance of having something in front of you, and the consequent effect of not having them in "the moment" anymore, makes a LOT of sense to me. Episodes like that one I had plenty, specially as a child and then a teen. Once, at around 12, we were about to go out... I was ready first, so my mom told me to go play outside for a while as they were g
  4. Hey Alberto! I've read quite a few "history of ITC" works before, and yours is the best so far!! Very good work!
  5. Hello Laurence and welcome to the forum! I liked your explanation of autism!! And thank you for sharing your story! I resonate with it because I always considered that I might be a very mild case of Asperger's. I'm not sure as I have only very soft, and/or episodic, characteristics. For example... my mom kicked my dad out when I was just a couple of months old, and he just left us and never looked back. But my mom, being now single, worked like 24/7 to support me, and later my younger sister, with whom I pretty much had, and still have, almost no relationship (we don't fight or
  6. I first knew about Chico when, in the late 90s, a spiritist friend told me about his Astral City book. I didn't had time to read the book but then, but both the book and Chico got sort of placed in special spot on the back of my mind. So when I saw his work being posted here, I knew this time around I had to seriously look into it. And now that I did, I TOTALLY agree with what you said about him!
  7. Hi Alberto, I only new of Chico tangentially, but I've recently seen some post that Karyn re-posted here and it is impressive. My wife and I recently watched the movie Astral City (thanks to a post from Karyn here) and we totally loved it.
  8. Hola Alberto!! Bienvenido! En la sección "Introduce Yourself" (de la parte principal, no en este sub-foro), podés presentarte en español (si quieres, claro, no es obligación)
  9. Hi Folks, I just saw a Facebook post in the "Paraphysics Interest Groups" (https://www.facebook.com/groups/116772017312) about this site: http://www.itc-experiments.nl/index.html with the works of Hans Kennis I don't know him, but from what I'm reading in the site, he's been involved in ITC for about 50 years, so I guess many of you know of his work. His site is full of very interesting and important information as well as current experimental results.
  10. Hi @Keith J. Clark I was wondering if we could have a Humor subsection, where we can post stuff like this:
  11. Wow... considering that Steiner is like my number one hero of all times, I can't wait to read this!
  12. Hi Jeff I really like the idea of combining burst levels with different tones!! Indeed, level detection of noise alone might not have enough pk intel, but if the bursts are searched for on different regions of the spectrum, then it would provide with a cleaner separation of symbols (such as 1s and 0s). As for using just two tones, i.e., just 0s and 1s, or using more tones to extend the symbols to letters in the alphabet... I thought about this a lot. On the one hand, it's easier for the spirits to just resonate with the tones which directly correspond to the desired letter, so that'
  13. We are on the same page then. And don't worry about the off-topic.. I actually think this was better asked here since both Andres and Michael are members of the IDigital research group, so the audience was right on spot. I probably have to say that I tend to need to learn to keep my mouth shut, so to speak. My wife is rather reserved and many times she pointed out to me how I shouldn't have said something or let something being know. So I guess I'm biased toward keeping everything out in the open. But I did have a few counter-experiences, like first dates turned into last and only date
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