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  1. I use an AI ear-plug with autoresponder capabilities. It works like a charm! I just have to be ready to acknowledge it, if it comes up that I agreed on something
  2. There is something about this exercise that I found to be very significant, even, perhaps, evidentially significant. At some point, I realized that each and every single word that I picked was a word in English. After I noticed that, I tried to pick up Spanish words, but there were none. That is significant because I don't really speak English. The chances of my brain forming, by pareidolia, only English words but no Spanish words has to be very very small. Even considering that at that particular moment I was engaged in an English speaking conversation, with native English speakers, I expect a fair amount of Spanish words to pop up if the process were simply pareidolia. Yet, there wasn't even one Spanish word, not even after I purposely tried to hear that.
  3. LOL. Fair enough. It isn't your work to do indeed.
  4. Is not just that most people don't consider themselves to be negative, it is also, and more importantly in my humble opinion, the fact that all "negative" behavior (like you sister complaining like that) comes from a place of hurt. We all want to be and do good, but in the end, we do what it comes out. Thus, when we realize that we didn't do good, we feel bad about it. Depending on the depth of the hurt, that might trigger all sort of pain. There can be guilt, regret, shame, etc.. That is way, often, we react so negatively to being pointed out that we are not doing something right. When not, and we take it nicely as your sister did, is great. Unfortunately, the root cause of the behavior, say being used to get cheated on for example (even if not by you per-se), won't get resolved by fixing the responses (which is not complaining). I think we have a natural tendency to just want people not to be negative, make mistakes, treats us badly, etc... that is just natural. But is all quite ineffective. Behind any such thing there is a problem. Often, a deep seated emotional hurt. So the only really effective way is to point not to the behavior, but to the problem itself. For example.. if you could help your sister work out her insecurities and the expectation of being cheated on. Then she will be able to stop complaining.
  5. Hi Sharon (and Marie) Indeed, sometimes is better not to intervene at all. Sometimes, though, it's better to do it. What I do is to try to first read the other person and see how "the help" might work for them. Sometimes you just can't do a thing. It also helps to try to read what to do, sometimes you can be direct and just say, for example, try to see the glass half open. But sometimes you just fill in the glass without saying a word. In my experience, a lot of times words aren't necessary, and, for instance, a good example goes much farther.
  6. Hi Michael As you said, there are many possible reason why this is not working, but I totally agree with the principle that this "flag" [to use the terminology that is used in communication theory] is the simplest information they can try to send in a way that we can objectively confirm. The agreement on parity check is granted (we all assume we can definitely align our intentions), so, for as long as we don't get that, something isn't working at this "transport layer" So that is a great step forward!
  7. Hi Sharon, While I cannot speak from my own experiences, as I was reading your description, it seemed to me that your body and mind (but not you) where getting ready for an Astral Travel. I have no idea how that feels like, but I reasoned that it must feel like a sleep paralysis since you are supposed to "move" but outside your body which implies that the intention to move must really NOT effect back on the body, otherwise you would be sleep walking as opposed to astral projecting. The buzzing and vibration seems to me like the ethereal energy of the guides walking you through it. I would recommend that you let them (the guides) know that you would like to give it another try. Then, when you do, try to feel safe in leaving the body alone. That is, don't try to move, nor open your eyes.. that is you physical body. Try to move and see with your astral body instead and see what happens. Now, I'll say it again... I never did any of this myself, so this is all just off the top of my head.
  8. Hi Machel, Great work here! For any digital ITC work I would like to separate the two main aspects: "transport" and "encoding" Transport means the way in which the sequence of bits they intend to transmit is being effectively transmitted and received. That is where, for example, the extra parity bit comes into play. At this point is important to have in mind that a parity bit is just one of many "error detection codes", but there are others, and it might be interesting to know which byte-qualities we get with other error detection codes. These are all in the standard literature, but I can post one or two here in a comprehensive manner if you want. There are also error correction codes. That is, with an additional level of redundancy, it is possible to not only detect but even correct "flip bits" (i.e. bits that are incorrectly received). I can also describe one here if you want. Another thing regarding transport is the synchronicity. In a physical line communication, there is often a known and stable clock signal so we know how long is a bit. That is, the so-called bit rate. In our case, we don't really know that, and you are forced to pick an arbitrary rate (6250000 bits on the source stream). As we discussed before in another thread, they might not be able to stick to any rate at all, so, it would be interesting to try a design in which you use an "unbounded window" that is constantly looking for a state-changes. That is, a design in which any bit can have any length whatsoever. As discussed before, this is possible with a 3-state machine. The encoding aspect is what is the meaning of the bits sequence. They might not be encoding human natural text for instance. I would like to make sure to keep this separated, because you might be getting all the right bits, yet they are not letter at all. We don't know that a priori. In this scenario, it would be interesting to feed the bit streams to a number of "discriminators", each trying to find for any meaningful signs within the data. Similar to the way a SETI explorer does, trying to find hidden signs in cosmic radiation (we can even copy some of these methods).
  9. Hi Sharon (and Keith) I just wanted to let you know that we moved to a new house on Tuesday, and we have a ton of stuff to unpack, so I'll be MIA for a couple of weeks. But I'll get back to your awesome results and great contribution soon after that.
  10. Hi People, A recent Facebook post from the SPR (Society for Psychical Research) contained a link to the archived scans of the former EVP Newsletter by Alan Cleaver, running from 1978 to 1981: https://isaackoiup.blogspot.com/2021/06/now-online-evp-newsletter-electronic.html?fbclid=IwAR2HMvQmoqWuMPaXPGS0_wTLR157T92mi4wKmRfvKZhh3hn-EdZnxYZ2AvQ
  11. Hello Cindy, Welcome to the forum! I was also a member of ATransC and I recall very nice conversations with Tom Butler. He writes on Academia.edu every now and then and I always follow him there.
  12. Hello Alberto, I just watched the second part and is even better than the first Fantastic work you did here, and I can't wait for part III
  13. Hi Sharon, I don't use Mac so I can't tell you which photo editor to use, but I guess there is one already? As for the question about the location of the entities (spirits) projecting their images into the Perlin noise stream: The really short answer should be that we don't really know, but having said that, it all seems to indicate that locality is not a "paraphysical" requirement (by para-physical I mean the laws that govern all of reality and not just the physical plane). That is, I'd say that they can be "anywhere". Or more precisely, the mere concept of being at a certain position which is at a distance from you might not even make sense to them. Or maybe there actually is some sort of space with positions and distances in the ethereal worlds and is just that they can still project at distances which only seem large to us here in the physical plane. Without getting into the metaphysics of time and space in the afterlife, which can be beyond our comprehension, I like to think of this being all about connection. That is, if your past-away dog is connecting with you, then he is "there in the same room" for all practical purposes, regardless of any "geometric" considerations, and regardless of any ethereal "place" he might be at in the moment. Once you have enough pictures, and after having selected the top 5 out of them all, please read the instructions here to see what to do with them:
  14. Hi Sharon! Welcome to Varanormal! Even though the primary interest here is in ITC, you'll find plenty of people with intuitive/mediumnistic experiences and skills here! And also welcome to the experiments club! We're sorting things out and hopefully we'll be starting soon! Stay tuned
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