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Featured Downloads

  • SeaWave - Sound Emission Analyzer Wave Edition by CIBRA (LIVE Spectrograph) By Keith J. Clark

    • 142
    • 4
    SeaWave - Sound Emission Analyzer Wave edition by Centro Interdisciplinare di Bioacustica e Ricerche Ambientali SeaWave is a light version of the SeaPro package. It is free! Developed by CIBRA and AEST, it offers most of the functions and capabilities of SeaPro; it runs up to 200kHz in all windows versions, including XP, and up to 250kHz and 384kHz in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 version 1703 for both real-time spectrogram visualization and continuous recording to disk. This
  • "Spiral ITC" Standalone HMTL\Javascript by Andres Ramos (Varanormal Research Team) By Andres Ramos

    • 44
    • 0
    Author: Andres Ramos (Varanormal research Team) This application is used to enable spirit image generation by use of random numbers and a certain transformation algorithm. The images are very faint and need a lot of interpretation. I recommend to use post processing with a suitable image editor. Actually this app still is not optimized and i need to try different transformation algorithms that might give better results in the future. However I think it can be useful to start with something in
  • Spektrocom - FREE Paranormal ITC Software by eXtremeSenses Software (LIVE Perlin Noise) By Keith J. Clark

    • 122
    • 14
    Introduction by Keith J. Clark: For many years people have succeeded in conducting visual paranormal experiments.  For those of us in a much smaller niche, we refer to these as “ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) Experiments”.   Traditionally these experiments involve non-digital visual methods such as fog, steam, smoke, dry ice, vapor, etc.  Photographs, when taken using these mediums, often appear to show paranormal faces. In February of 2019, a new experiment was run by iDigitalM
  • sTile - Create Psychedlic Images That Tile (Are Repeatable) by Harmwave.com By Keith J. Clark

    • 13
    • 2
    Hosted at Harmware.net This version - 3.0, 2015 - will likely be the last unless I discover glaring program logic errors. I added options to the multi-gradient design dialog that allow more precise positioning and selectable orientation. When drawing ovals and rectangles, you can choose to have it centered on the image. You can be more precise when cropping. The multi-color gradient layout is stored in the ini file, so it remembers and re-loads it between sessions. A bug fix or two

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