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  1. "Develop more LOVING INDIFFERENCE in your relationships and the conditions surrounding you; knowing that to be CONTENT in whatever position, circumstance OR condition, is to be in the greatest position for making use of, and finding enjoyment in, what is being accomplished."  (ECRL 349-7)

  2. Welcome to Varanormal Batista.  This website is very community minded so when you feel ready, dive into your own site, again Welcome from Karyn on behalf of the Board and members.


  3. Welcome to Varanormal Claudia.  As this is also your site when you are ready feel free to dive into it, again Welcome from Karyn on behalf of the board and Varanormal members.

  4. Welcome to Varanormal Lourdes, please feel free to join in, this is your site as well.
    Karyn (behalf of board & volunteers)

    1. Lourdes


      Thank you, Karyn! I appreciate this a lot.

  5. Wonderful thank you to pickup this gent, I think your experience with evp and your gender helpful. AREI I can discuss off forum. Yes when I am taping the Global group the one on Sat/Sun I have picked up orbs as well as other tapes. I have forgotten which ones now but yes evps as well. I also know my daughter also attends them as an extremely gifted medium was told over and over thats my mum,thats my mum, it was not organised to it was a blast to know.
  6. Thank you Dr Jeffers, sometimes they just hit a mark at the right time for all. I am a follower of Edgar Cayce having read a lot of his books but being part of the organisation requires more biscuits than I get. But I do find his direct, yet positive statements to be helpful, Thank you for enjoying them and importantly telling me.
  7. Welcome to Varanormal Creardo, please feel free to join in, this is your site as well.
    Karyn (behalf of board & volunteers)


    1. creardo


      Thank you very much, Karyn! 

  8. "Each soul has its own duty to performs for others. Be a channel of blessing for someone."  (ECRL 3024-1)
  9. Well I doubt if AREI will go back to its heyday, and then to be honest the Australian previous contingent would not be there. I think if you read through the lines you can replicate Sonia's work allthough she denies mediumship skills she does have them and acts on them. The International Net one which I think was 12 and was an experiment we were setting up her instinct gave her the impetus to pick up the camera and that is how we found spirit disrupting our communications. This was not the first or last time it was to happen that spirit would come into my "event". I frequently see orbs when filming the Zammit Afterlife Zoom groups and have also heard evps. Lance I am wondering if I may partner you with a gent who wants to do evp's and has not been successful. He has been trying to do Sheri Perls, I would love to put you as a mentor for this gent.
  10. https://mcusercontent.com/e84ed09b7e837e8cfaa7b67fd/images/a8baa658-1c62-4489-b76e-dd80622cb141.png https://mcusercontent.com/e84ed09b7e837e8cfaa7b67fd/images/a9ee45d8-3d17-ba52-86af-66619511a141.jpg Flash Version PDF Version June 2021 Dear Readers, This month's articles give honor to "the Divine Masculine and Equality Among All People" to inspire us all to coexist and live in peace with one another. To read the magazine, click the link below. We welcome back Astrologer Barry Kerr and his Astro-Outlook column. June is all about Gemini, with a link to read the other signs can expect this month. As always, feel free to forward this Mail Chimp letter to all your friends and spread some good news around the world. Wishing you peace, contentment and balance ~ and if you’re a dad, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day! Nancy, Publisher www.theinnervoicemagazine.com LIKE us on Facebook "The Inner Voice" FREE to SUBSCRIBE! However, your donations (in any amount) are appreciated to help offset our publishing and website expenses. Click here: https://www.paypal.me/theinnervoice Thank you!
  11. Thanks Lance although even though they were named differently it seems I have a couple of double ups. Most interestingly Sonia Rinaldi just this week released for Patreons the first presention she did which was seemingly ages ago but where I met the delightful couple Mr and Mrs Arizona EVP.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhhs7QqwtJk n this short video (~15 min.), Dr. Julie Beischel, Director of Research at the Center, shares the results from OCTO, SAMS, and CINCO studies which aimed to identify potentially unique demographic, biological, cognitive, psychological, physiological, and experiential characteristics of self-identifying mediums as compared to self-identifying non-mediums in the US.Discover the answers to questions like:--are more mediums than non-mediums left-handed?--who has higher psychological well-being?--is being a twin more prevalent in mediums?--do more non-mediums have graduate degrees?
  13. Hilma af Klint was born in 1862, the fourth child of Mathilda and Swedish naval commander Captain Victor af Klint. She spent her early summers at their manor house on an island in Lake Malaren. This may be why she developed an interest in botany and the visual arts as well as mathematics. After her family moved to Stockholm, she studied art at Tekniska skolan (Konstfack today) and was admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts at the age of twenty. After graduating with honors, she received a scholarship to use a studio at the “Atelier Building” owned by The Academy of Fine Arts. She was recognized for and sold her landscapes, botanical drawings, and portraits. Her tone, texture, and spiritual temperament were compared to the British Romantic painter and poet William Blake, but her “life’s work” would remain out of view of most people. When Hilma’s younger sister died in 1880, Hilma’s interest in spiritism grew. She followed Theosophy founded by Madame Blavatsky and met Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Anthroposophical Society. She spent hours at the society’s headquarters and Steiner’s theories regarding the Arts influenced her subsequent works. In 1896, Hilma co-founded “The Five,” a group of women artists inspired by Theosophy who aspired to contact the “High Masters” during seances. They met every Friday for spiritual meetings which included prayers, New Testament studies, meditation, and séances. They took copious notes on the messages which they received from mediums via automatic writing and mediumistic drawings. It was during this time that Hilma’s paintings evolved into diagrams of complex spiritual ideas. Her abstracts were the first of their kind, predating the famous pioneers of abstract art. They were composed of spirals, mystical geometric shapes and colors which were symbols rather than objects. Her art was a message. A way to see the unseen. After ten years with the “The Five,” Hilma accepted a major assignment from a spirit guide. She began The Paintings for the Temple, a collection of 193 abstracts that were a message from the spirit world. They took from 1906 to 1915 to complete. Hilma continued with her spiritual abstracts. On her death in 1944, she left more than 1,300 works and 125 notebooks that had only been seen by a few people. She stipulated that her work not be publicly displayed until 20 years after her death. She also expressed her desire that the Paintings for the Temple should be kept together. Today, Hilma’s work is owned and administered by The Hilma af Klint Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden. Klint Foundation Home Klint, Hilma af (2018). Hilma af Klint : Notes and Methods. The University of Chicago Press.
  14. "Know that your mental attitude is the builder; whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. You KNOW what to do. Then just do it!"  (ECRL 303-39
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