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  1. Nicole's development as an ectoplasmic physical medium has developed very quickly and she is achieving reunions through materialisation. Nicole is a tutor in mediumship at the Arthur FIndlay College and organiser of courses at the Zwanenhof, a centre for spiritual studies in The Netherlands.
  2. Vicki Talbott is a retired a TESOL/Linguistics professor. When her only child Braeden died in a kayaking accident in 2000, they both already knew about the afterlife and EVP. So it was not a surprise to Vicki when she started receiving messages from Braeden on her answerphone. What did surprise her, however, was that Braeden had already been coming through to a group of mothers experimenting with EVP. It seems that a group of children in the afterlife who called themselves and their parents 'The Big Circle' were working together to help each other to send messages to their parents by electroni
  3. Tricia Robertson, a long-term council member of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, was a tutor for the Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) at the University of Glasgow where, together with Professor Archie Roy, she taught courses on the evidence for the paranormal. She is the author of three very popular books: ‘Things You Can Do When You’re Dead’ ‘More Things You Can Do When You’re Dead’ ‘It’s Life and Death, but Not As You Know It’ Here she talks about several categories of wonderful evidence for Life After Death and the P.R.I.S.M. experiments conducted with mediums
  4. "All that is material once existed in spirit, or the soul of the entity. Mind becomes the builder, the physical becomes the result." Edgar Cayce reading 3376-2
  5. Wendy Zammit, Victor Zammit's Wife, talks about the life-changing experiences on mediumship, which made them dedicate their lives to the cause of spreading the word about the afterlife teachings. Wendy Zammit, esposa de Victor Zammit, fala sober as experiências transformadoras da mediunidade, que os motivou a dedicated suas visas à causa da disseminação dos conhecimentos sobre a vida após a morte. Music in this video Learn more Listen ad-free with YouTube Premium Song Through My Eyes-14016
  6. Dr. Semkiw talks about his website www.reincarnationresearch.com which presents the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson in easy to follow format. It also presents work he has been doing with psychic medium Kevin Ryerson who channels Ahtun Re, an entity who is able to validate details of people's previous lives. He explains that news reports of UFOs are opening people's minds to new paradigms and making them more open to reincarnation - something that he sees is important for human evolution. “As reincarnation research shows we can change religion, nationality and race from one lifetime to another, evide
  7. Artist & author Jurgen Ziewe has been having out-of-body experiences for almost 50 years. He started meditating in 1969 and later spontaneously left his body at times. Jurgen chronicled his astral adventures in his wonderful books 'Multidimensional Man' and 'Vistas of Infinity'. He has completed many interviews available on youtube and his highly recommended webpage www.multidimensionalman.com contains a huge amount of information about the afterlife. Jurgen recommends that people learn lucid dreaming as a natural way to enter the OBE state
  8. Welcome to Varanormal FideFortis.

  9. As we do not have a reincarnation section yet, I will park this information here.
  10. Male: What’s one of your songs then Mickey? Mickey: My songs? Male: Yes that you used to sing when you were selling your papers Mickey: Oh I never sang when I sold my papers Male: Didn’t you? Male: What did you used to say Mickey: What Male: What did you use to say, how did you say it? What paper did you sell? Female: How did you use to cry your papers as they call it in London? Mickey: Late Star Final! Mickey: Read All About It! (Laughter and general chat) Male: Well that’s taken him off Mickey: What’s taken him off? (Laughter)
  11. "A Conversation with Sonia Rinaldi" April 27, 2019 ZOOM Meeting In the first of many forthcoming ZOOM Meetings, the renown scientist researcher Sonia Rinaldi talks about her early beginnings with Instrumental TransCommunication (aka ITC), what ITC is, her background experience as a researcher, and the progression of her work. In this special meeting, Sonia described the phone call she received from Dr. Konstantin Raudive in 1994, and his direct message to her during David Thompson's materialization Seance in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2018. In addition, Sonia updates us regarding her latest resear
  12. In this third video Anabela Cardoso speaks about the role of noise in EVP. The subject had already been touched in Video ONE but here it is analysed in more detail. Noise appears to be an important element in the formation of the anomalous electronic voices. This point has been put forward by different researchers who studied the subject in depth. This was the case of Dr. Engineer Carlo Trajna, himself a successful ITC operator and a respected researcher of the electronic voices. The Italian scientist performed numerous tests that amply demonstrate the postulate (See: Cardoso, A. Electronic vo
  13. Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt is an advocate for animals, and the author of Proof Animals Have Souls and 500+Celebrities: Go Vegetarian, as well as Moses, Jesus The Shamans. In this talk she discusses the evidence that animals have souls.
  14. Dr. Anabela Cardoso - Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) Pioneer 1995 – Began personal research with EVP 1997 – began experimenting with direct radio voice ITC - first results January 1998 2000 – Founded ITC Journal 2005 – Founded ITC Journal Research Center in Spain 2007-8 Conducted experiments on ITC supported by two international Institutions. Results published in Neuroquantology, September 2012 http://www.itcjournal.org/PDF/Report-... 2010- Published 'Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension?' 2017- 'Published Electronic Contact with the Dead:
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