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About this blog

Bare the soul. That's who I am and what I do. My name is Keith and I am exploring the great mystery of the paranormal. As I learn about our connection to our universe I begin to explore the mystical world of the occult known as...the Paranormal.

Part of my journey is venturing into the strange worlds of mediumship,  channeling, and the rare world of  Instrumental Transcommunication. 

Join me and let's share our experiences together. It's time to open up, wake up, and stand up. 

Here there are no secrets, no scripts - just the pure aspect of loving human life and sharing experiences I believe we all have in common. This is the life I live. The life of a Digital Medium. 

Entries in this blog

Paper: Synthesizing Mechanical Voices (With Transcript)

Hello everyone. In this short paper I'd like to outline the basis of experiments I refer to as "Synthetic." By synthetic I'm indicating that energy can be conformed in such a way as to produce conditions which allow configurations of technical devices.  Currently these devices are created with the intent of communicating with other planes of existence. There will be practical applications also. In 2016 while mixing sound using advanced and complex techniques, I began to hear full sente

Singing In The Moment - Falling Like Meteors

Over time I have noticed when I begin to be "taken over" by an unknown force of creativity. First it was one song, then another, then another, and on it went for years. And years. Now it's 16 or so more years later and I figured I would share some of these 50+ "songs". Not sure why, as these posts are certain to evoke more criticism than anything else. Yet, I challenge the status quo. If I am afraid of showing myself as I am behind closed doors, then why worry about even attempting to be on

Keith J. Clark

Keith J. Clark in Channeling

Thoughts Are Dimensions

What if every thought we have is in another dimension. And each time we think a thought we create multiple copies. Multiple universes. Infinite universes. Every time we think the SAME thought we are creating many copies of that universe. And once there are enough copies in enough universes they begin to resonate off each other. They start to layer, one upon another. Like the reflections in a singer's microphone feeding back into the speaker. The most dominant thoughts win. The most repeatedly

Keith J. Clark

Keith J. Clark in Channeling

Digital Medium - "Over Los Angeles"

At first I didn't quite fit in to my choir class in the eleventh grade. Reading notes was hard, I had already learned to tune to music by ear. After all, I had grown up thinking that was how music was played - by ear. At first I sang bass. Try as I could, I had a hard time projecting low notes. They just didn't seem to fit my vocal range. Yet I couldn't seem to reach the high notes sang by the tenors. Oh how I longed to sing as high as the tenors! Most rock singers sing very high, and I wou

Keith J. Clark

Keith J. Clark in Channeling

Digital Medium - Music From Heaven "Grow"

There are two passions in my life. ..music and work with "spirit" (paranormal). Music was first. By the age of 5 you could hear me singing to records on a Fisher Price record player. They were mostly Christian records, Christian gospel...and some were  recordings like the Disney movies Bambi and The Fox and The Hound.  As children my sister and I sang in church, once we even  performed a duet on stage. It was a joy to sing at the top of my lungs. It was one of the few things I enjoyed about

Keith J. Clark

Keith J. Clark in Channeling

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