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Cardboard tube working as variable resonator

Andres Ramos



A nice expewriment from today was an idea coming from discussions with Jeff about applying cardboard tubes as bandpass resonators for human speech. It was a very simple setup. I took a piece of cardboard tube, put in a buzzer into one end (working on a steady frequency), covered this end with one hand and with the other hand I opened and closed the upper end of the tube in a random manner.

Basically the results are promising ic combined with random excitation of the buzzer.






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4 hours ago, Christine Vogts said:

Well..if I understand Chicken cacophony...

It sounds like in the very beginning... "Come back and play dominoes Ramos"..


Really? Sometimes my wife and me are playing 'Triomino', a variant of Domino with triangular shaped stones. We want to play it again at Christmas Eve this year.

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