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Thoughts Are Dimensions

Keith J. Clark


What if every thought we have is in another dimension. And each time we think a thought we create multiple copies. Multiple universes. Infinite universes.

Every time we think the SAME thought we are creating many copies of that universe. And once there are enough copies in enough universes they begin to resonate off each other. They start to layer, one upon another. Like the reflections in a singer's microphone feeding back into the speaker. The most dominant thoughts win. The most repeatedly occurring thoughts begin to refine themselves into a wave. The beauty of the whole becomes glory in its singular form. It is not singular, but there are enough echoes of it for it to think to itself that it is singular.

Technical Note: White noise is a representation of all, of the whole. When viewed as a whole it is meaningless. However, if you use a filter to only listen to a narrow band of sound, you will hear a tone. Was the tone already there? Does it have more energy than it did before? No. It represents itself as a singular tone.

Just like microphone feedback - it is not singular in its first reiteration, or its second, or third....

A composite over time is what creates physical reality, more or less the atoms come together when their master calls. When the dominance of one particular thought, or feeling, or imagination of a large group of people resonates - some of it will appear in its purest composite form. And much of it will be distorted.

And these thoughts.....they begin to become physical to us now.



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I completely agree with you Keith. Shared or common thoughts may be creating realities that are more concrete than others. maybe this material world we live in is so strong because so much of us share the same thoughts about it. Your analogy of a single frequency in white noise representing an own reality or even universe is quite striking.

Rudolf Steiner once said that the time will come when people will realize they can literally produce atoms by thoughts.

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I believe in almost the same thing you described.  We manifest things in the universe with our thoughts.  And the law of attraction collects alike manifestations together out there in the magnificent universe.  Very intelligent thoughts you have! And remember just you thinking this makes it manifest out there somewhere anyway! The universe is infinite.... Our thoughts are so powerful.  Our souls are immortal.  So cool to think about!!! 

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Thoughts are dimensions, interesting. I always tend to think that most thoughts people think have already been thought before, as if some kind of human mindnet swirls about the ether and we as people sometimes access the same thoughts others think. At points, originality is gained when you yourself create or generate an original thought that no one else thought of yet. As like music invention.

Emotions sits somewhere in the middle, because depending upon how one feels at any given moment will effect the type of thoughts you get. Maybe at moments, helping thoughts are downloaded to you from higher spheres in which you have no knowledge of, but you yourself imagined you thought it. Positive or negative, depending upon ones state of evolution.

Thought forms are another aspect of the power of the human mind. The ability to keep focusing upon a visual until you can feel that visual in your physical space, mind energy being directed and moulded continually getting stronger each visual. Its an ideal ability when attempting astral travel too.

I found an interesting discussion regarding thought forces relayed to Leslie Flint (famous british medium from passed) from his spirit communicators. Leslie was a direct voice medium in which the spirit voices appeared and were recorded on tape recorder, and now they are being shared with the world via youtube, if i may i will post the video regarding what spirit tells us about thought forces. This discussion is brilliant when the spirit communicator (Micky) starts explaining about the Thought forces.


All best porTers

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