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About this blog

This blog will feature essays, written in my own words, about some of the important theories, teachings and descriptions received from spirits in the higher worlds in various ways, such as mental or trance mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, automatic writing, and, of course, instrumental transcommunication.

Entries in this blog

Epistemological considerations on the metaphysical and spiritualist discourse on this blog

There is a variety of metaphysical and spiritualist material on this blog, and, naturally, metaphysical/spiritualist propositions are not scientific. The fundamental feature of a scientific propositions is that they are highly dependable. Science doesn't pretend to hold the ultimate truth, only the truest that we can possibly get at ay given moment. But for all practical purposes, the closest we can get to the truth is essentially as good as the actual, ultimate truth itself. But the w

Personal commentary on the Theosophical concept of “Second Death” – Part II

In Part I, I described the spiritual fractions (and particles), how they make up the matter in the world, and how this and other material (and semi-material) Universes are the vehicle for their evolution, with us, unit spirits, just tagging along on the last second (metaphorically speaking). In this second part I will describe the nature of our etheric body and how does it relates to our incarnation. I strongly recommend that you first read about the Epistemological considerations on t

Personal commentary on the Theosophical concept of “Second Death” – Part I

Recently, @Andres Ramos, one of our Researchers here at Varanormal, brought up in a private conversation the subject of the so-called "Second Death" within the Theosophical doctrine, and I thought of writing a blog post on the subject. To put this commentary in context, you might want to read up on the discussion subject, for example, here, and here. But in short and simple terms, this second death refers to a death in Astral Plane, there in the afterlife (not here, hence the term second),
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