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Hi all, my name is Paul and I live on the South Coast of England, near Portsmouth. I'm originally from West London and have been living in the south for 16 years.  I work for the South Central Ambulance Service as a ambulance man. I have a keen interest in the paranormal, especially ghost, spirits and Evp's. My I terest in evp's began about 12 years ago. We had just took on aittle Jack Russell dog, and my neighbour began to complain about the dog barking. With this I decided to by a small digital recorder and leave it recording during the day when myself and my wife where out to work. On reviewing the days recording it became apparent that apart from the occasional dog barking, there where also unexplainable voices mixed into the background. Some voices where male some female and some children. Some voices asked if we could here them some asked for help and some just appeared to be having day to day conversations. The voices fascinated me so I decided to continue recording with my recorder in different locations, with mixed results. Since then I have used special sound software to clean up recordings. All in all I have continued with my new research nobby and have never looked back since. I do believe that the entities I have recorded over the years exist within a alternate dimension to ours. And I have also found that the longer I had veen listening to evp, the more sensitive my hearing has become to them. I was finding that I could hear  oices recorded that no one else with a untrained ear could not hear. 

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Hello Paul. We are happy for you to be with us! What you told us is typical for a spiritual initiation and path. It's an awakening process that takes us with it, revealing hidden knowledge we carry in our subconscious minds  Be sure this is important as it is good!

We hope we can help you improving your skills and benefitting from them in this community.

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Hello, Paul. I'm late to your post, but wanted to say I love how your experiences began... I too have a jack russell, wonderful little dogs:) I now have three Jack russell mixes and they are such a great breed! 

Capturing voices, conversations, and the feeling of them being in another dimension are also some experiences I have had. There are so many unknowns and it's great to have so many of us working to capture evidence to share.

What type of software do you like using to help clean up recordings? I'm learning about some through other members here and beginning to try some. I'm interested in what you've found to work well too:)

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Good morning Marie and thank you for replying to my comment I apologize for the late reply back to you, I have been away on a training course for my work. You know Marie I have started researching reincarnation quite in depth, and it talks about further dimensions to which our spirit goes at the point of death. It talks about compatibility between our vibration and the vibration of the dimension the spirit wishes to enter. It becomes more in depth than this, but reading this, just goes to cement down my belief in these alternative dimension/world's. I believe the voices I pick up via my recorders is originating from one of those dimensions, or possibly even some unknown to science, reply of a past event, like my recording of the boy and man inside Portchester castle.

The software I use to clean up and improve my recordings is wavepad. I find wavepad an ideal software platform for working with Evp. Sadly I had to pay for the licence to use it. Having tried the free software packages available online, I found I work better with wavepad. I've recorded various evps over the years both clear and not so clear, preferring to work alone, or with one other to avoid sound contamination. Marie please tell me about your recordings, what kind are they etc and where do you like to investigate.

As for jack', they are my all-time favourite breed of dog. Especially when she does not snap at visitors and other dogs and people outside.

In the respect of my uploaded recordings, I hope you don't believe them to be faked. I just feel that not having much activity around my evps, that members have put a question mark above them, are they real or not real. I can only stress all my recordings are genuine, and listeners will have to take my word for it.

Ok Marie talk soon stay safe and I look forward to hearing back from you soon ☺️☺️☺️☺️


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Hi, Paul. Yes, I too have worked with EVPs until finding this site and learning more. I have seen spirits from a very young age and into the present time. I can feel energies of both people here with us and spirits that are also present. I have really only used simple equipment. Voice recorder, camera, and some other equipment of fellow investigators. I investigate old buildings and places of interest for fellow investigators. My husband and I moved to an area four years ago with history and spirits everywhere, so it makes it easy to investigate. 

I joined a local team in order to help others experience things I experience. Having many things happen since I was young, it's been a positive interaction for me. I have had spirits guide me, give me messages, and send other people into my life. It is normal for me to have them all around most times. 

Learning from the team here on this site, I've learned there are other ways to communicate and other devices and software other team members have had great successes with. My husband and I are looking into ways we can utilize some of this to advance our recordings and communication with local spirits. If you look up and watch the latest Varanormal Live Experiment, it is very interesting. 

 These will be happening every week. I'm really learning a lot from the team here:) 

I wouldn't worry about those who do not believe your EVPs are real, many of us doing similar work experience similar things. The more we can all work and learn from each other, the more will we all help to prove these things we know to be true. I'll look for your uploads:) I just recently downloaded WavePad and Krisp, but haven't had enough time with either to really get familiar yet. 

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if you ever find what I called a "reverse notch filter" let me know. As a vst plugin. The desire is to control the bandwidth of each individual voice harmonic. Right now I'd have to run 10-20 parallel bandpass filters, but that removes the noise in between harmonics necessary for comprehension.

Perhaps you have a better technical expression.


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Welcome Paul, I'm in Nottinghamshire UK and I've been a member since last year when Keith first introduced this forum. There is so much you can do in the lines of ITC and mediumship. 

Lots of different equipment or using yourself as a host for spirits. 

I enjoy watching spirit appear on my little analogue television and using water scrying. 

Technology is advanced now. 

Enjoy the forum. 

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