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  3. fantastic work. been using spektrocom for a while.
  4. yes it was incredible. Been getting good results myself using television and water.
  5. yes I recieved this last Tuesday morning from Davilson Silva my adopted papa. He is good friend with Gary my hubby. If you look on FB you will see the post.
  6. Yes I do feel it in the whole of my body. I feel lips as I am being kisses. stubble or full beard eg beard or stubble burn and arms around me. Also I feel his fingers playing with my hair. But I wont go into intimate situations. Yes that is real too.
  7. I get touched by spirit all the time mostly my late husband Gary it's a beautiful icy cold electric shock kind of feeling.
  8. on the 31st October yes Halloween or pagans call it Samhain. I can truly say at 3am that morning I had a physical manifestation phenomena experience. My late husband Gary actually entwined in my ectoplasm arrived in my bed naked. What an experience he was with me for an hour between 3am and 4am. I was hugged and was told he loves me very much and will always be here. Going from there more signs and phenomenal things have happened a photo arrived from Davilson Silva who I have adopted as my papa surprised me with an transimage of him in his combat army uniform smiling. He has also threw a medium friend of mine try and apport my wedding ring with some success as she has felt it and seen it but hasnt had it fully emerge on her hand. He says it will be with me soon. another visit is planned soon. Has anyone had a physical manifestation phenomena happened to you? Below is the image I received from Davilson Silva and in the box when he was alive in 94 when we first met.
  9. I get touched by spirit all the time mostly my late husband Gary it's a beautiful icy cold electric shock kind of feeling.
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