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  1. Friday night I left my basic Sony recorder hidden in a church very local to me here. On reviewing the recording I have discovered some anomalies, some OK and some not so OK. However there was no one present in the church at the time and the recordings where taken between 1 a/m & 4 a/m. It would be rewarding to have some feedback regarding these uploads, what do you think the voices are saying and what do you think the banging sounds are. I don't really seem to receive as much feedback from members, why I don't know so please let's have some more feedback. Strange flapping .mp3 Movement 2.mp3 Wind.mp3 Movementpossdoor.mp3 Voices2.mp3 voices.mp3 Voices 3.mp3
  2. Hi all, This recording taken inside Chichester Cathedral in West Sussex. If you listen carefully you'll hear myself and my wife talking. Afterwards if you listen again carefully you'll hear what sounds like a child humming "The EVP" I have increased the volume of the EVP to help make it more clear. On this occasion I was using my small tascam recorder tucked in my coat pocket. chichester child-region-587.mp3
  3. Hi all, my name is Paul and I live on the South Coast of England, near Portsmouth. I'm originally from West London and have been living in the south for 16 years. I work for the South Central Ambulance Service as a ambulance man. I have a keen interest in the paranormal, especially ghost, spirits and Evp's. My I terest in evp's began about 12 years ago. We had just took on aittle Jack Russell dog, and my neighbour began to complain about the dog barking. With this I decided to by a small digital recorder and leave it recording during the day when myself and my wife where out to work. On reviewing the days recording it became apparent that apart from the occasional dog barking, there where also unexplainable voices mixed into the background. Some voices where male some female and some children. Some voices asked if we could here them some asked for help and some just appeared to be having day to day conversations. The voices fascinated me so I decided to continue recording with my recorder in different locations, with mixed results. Since then I have used special sound software to clean up recordings. All in all I have continued with my new research nobby and have never looked back since. I do believe that the entities I have recorded over the years exist within a alternate dimension to ours. And I have also found that the longer I had veen listening to evp, the more sensitive my hearing has become to them. I was finding that I could hear oices recorded that no one else with a untrained ear could not hear.
  4. Hi all, this recording was made in one of the prison cell's in Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill in Portsmouth Hampshire with my Sony ICD-B16 digit recorder. You will hear me ask if there is anyone here from world war 2, after which you'll hear a male voice say something like Bovington. Now I'm not 100% certain that's what the capture says. However I know these cells where used during ww2. And after investigation. Bovington Camp is a British Army military base in Dorset, England. Together with Lulworth Camp it forms part of Bovington Garrison. So it is quite possible service personnel where station here from Bovington camp during the war. Bovington-region-586.mp3
  5. Yes I absolutely agree with you Andres. These spirit entities I believe are in a alternate dimension to us here. I believe their location vibrates different to ours, perhaps faster less dense. They can see and hear us all the time but not us them. And as you say, they are always talking to us. Andres do you ever pick up voices asking for help?
  6. Hi all it's Paul with another EVP. This one was picked up in the tower /stairwell to the left in the photo attached of the abbey. To me it sounds like a lady with a possible accent, however what is being said, I do not have a clue. When this recording was made there was only, myself my wife present as well as a man on the other side of the abbey walking his dog. The recorder was placed in a hole made by a missing brick within the tower/stairwell. Do you have any idea's what is maybe being said? -585.mp3
  7. This is my trusty & favorite recorder the Sony ICD-B16. This is the recorder that I picked up the voices at Portchester Castle. It is ideal for EVP because its recording quality is quite hissy, which seems to help carry the Evp's through.
  8. I have a recording stored away somewhere on the HDD. The recording comes from a location called Titchfield Abbey in Hampshire. It is the voice of a lady with what I believe to be a slight foreign accent, maybe French. She says something that I have my own ides about but perhaps I can upload the file for the group to listen to.
  9. Interesting Andres, yes it is spectral subtraction at 25%
  10. Hi Andres apologies for the late reply. I can positively say that there was not voices from other visitors. Myself and my wife attended the castle outside school time purposely to avoid kiddies etc. There was only myself and another adult male and female present at the time. They where both on a different level within the keep to us, so it was just the two of us. In all honesty I was not only shocked but also surprised when I found I had picked up this collection of voices. I hope this reply helps explain the situation during the capture
  11. Male voice again from within Portchester castle Portsmouth its unclear what he is saying. portchestercomplete-region-579.mp3
  12. This is part of my recording from Portchester castle in Portsmouth. It is also a continuation from my first upload "The child's voice" in this recording it sounds like another child laughing, immediately followed by a female voice however I do not understand what she is saying. portchestercomplete-region-580.mp3
  13. Sounds good I'll get to work next week and add some more
  14. Hi everybody, myself and my wife paid a visit to Portchester Castle, near Portsmouth Hampshire. While I was there I had my recorder running. If you listen carefully you will hear what sounds like a child talking to a man. Just so you are aware there was no children present at the castle at the time we visited it. We always like to go to Portchester when all the school visitors have left late in the afternoon. There was a middle aged man and women on site when we where but they were outside wandering about the moat etc. I do have various other recordings from this visit, but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in listening to them. portchestercomplete-region-573 (1).mp3
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