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  1. Male voice again from within Portchester castle Portsmouth its unclear what he is saying. portchestercomplete-region-579.mp3
  2. This is part of my recording from Portchester castle in Portsmouth. It is also a continuation from my first upload "The child's voice" in this recording it sounds like another child laughing, immediately followed by a female voice however I do not understand what she is saying. portchestercomplete-region-580.mp3
  3. Sounds good I'll get to work next week and add some more
  4. Hi everybody, myself and my wife paid a visit to Portchester Castle, near Portsmouth Hampshire. While I was there I had my recorder running. If you listen carefully you will hear what sounds like a child talking to a man. Just so you are aware there was no children present at the castle at the time we visited it. We always like to go to Portchester when all the school visitors have left late in the afternoon. There was a middle aged man and women on site when we where but they were outside wandering about the moat etc. I do have various other recordings from this visit, but I'm not sure if any
  5. Hi Andres yes I will have a go tomorrow. I was not sure if anyone would be interested in my recordings, thank you for your advice
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Earlier this year myself and my wife Gracie visited Portchester castle near Portsmouth hampshire. While there I had my dicta phone recording. While recording the recorder picked up the voice of a child and a male. There was no child or adult male present, just myself and my wife. I have more evp's from this particular visit, but this recording is by far the best.
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