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  1. Hi all, my name is Paul and I live on the South Coast of England, near Portsmouth. I'm originally from West London and have been living in the south for 16 years. I work for the South Central Ambulance Service as a ambulance man. I have a keen interest in the paranormal, especially ghost, spirits and Evp's. My I terest in evp's began about 12 years ago. We had just took on aittle Jack Russell dog, and my neighbour began to complain about the dog barking. With this I decided to by a small digital recorder and leave it recording during the day when myself and my wife where out to work. On reviewing the days recording it became apparent that apart from the occasional dog barking, there where also unexplainable voices mixed into the background. Some voices where male some female and some children. Some voices asked if we could here them some asked for help and some just appeared to be having day to day conversations. The voices fascinated me so I decided to continue recording with my recorder in different locations, with mixed results. Since then I have used special sound software to clean up recordings. All in all I have continued with my new research nobby and have never looked back since. I do believe that the entities I have recorded over the years exist within a alternate dimension to ours. And I have also found that the longer I had veen listening to evp, the more sensitive my hearing has become to them. I was finding that I could hear oices recorded that no one else with a untrained ear could not hear.
  2. Hi all, This recording taken inside Chichester Cathedral in West Sussex. If you listen carefully you'll hear myself and my wife talking. Afterwards if you listen again carefully you'll hear what sounds like a child humming "The EVP" I have increased the volume of the EVP to help make it more clear. On this occasion I was using my small tascam recorder tucked in my coat pocket. chichester child-region-587.mp3
  3. Friday night I left my basic Sony recorder hidden in a church very local to me here. On reviewing the recording I have discovered some anomalies, some OK and some not so OK. However there was no one present in the church at the time and the recordings where taken between 1 a/m & 4 a/m. It would be rewarding to have some feedback regarding these uploads, what do you think the voices are saying and what do you think the banging sounds are. I don't really seem to receive as much feedback from members, why I don't know so please let's have some more feedback. Strange flapping .mp3 Movement 2.mp3 Wind.mp3 Movementpossdoor.mp3 Voices2.mp3 voices.mp3 Voices 3.mp3
  4. Hi guys, These are two of just a few voices contacts that come through sometime last week, But I would love to get a second pair of ears on what is being said?? For the first one, I introduced myself as always to Mr Raudive and asks him to speak with me, I would normally say (Can you speak in English, for me to and understand your contact) but for this time I didn't? I am hearing something being said as "I'm talking in English" The raw audio playing as the gibberish was in Mr Raudive native language of Latvian. The second EVP, I ask Mr Dennis Garbor, what transmission station are you working out of Mr Garbor? I hear "I asked the Living" Please let me know what you think is being said on the both EVP's? Many thanks Lance i'm talking in English.wav
  5. Carry On Talking: How Dead Are the Voices? by Peter Bander BACK IN PRINT! Peter Bander Amazon RRP £12.99 UK Paperback Amazon RRP $17.99 US Paperback Also available as an eBook BACK IN PRINT! NOTE: Originally published in the US as “Voices from the Tapes.” Carry on Talking: How Dead Are the Voices? is the story of the advent of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) – a method of communication between the “dead” and the living using electronic devices – pioneered in Europe by Friedrich Jürgenson in the 1960s, and later by Konstantin Raudive. Peter Bander, a psychologist who had lectured on religious education and ethics, had joined British publisher Colin Smythe Ltd in 1966, and in 1969 was asked by Smythe to evaluate Dr. Konstantin Raudive’s research with a view to publishing the work in the English language. Raudive’s book had been published in Germany in 1968 under the title: Unhörbares wird hörbar (The Inaudible Becomes Audible). Bander was understandably sceptical when first confronted with the phenomena. He stated: ‘My first reaction to the book was negative because the claims made by the author appeared to me not only far-fetched but outrageous … The thought of dead people communicating through a tape recorder seemed ludicrous and too silly to be taken seriously’. Unbeknown to Bander, Smythe had conducted his own experiments which proved to be conclusive. This led to Raudive’s book being published in the English language under the title, Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead (1971) – now considered by many to be a classic in the genre – and put Bander at the centre of the controversial yet fascinating subject of life after death. CONTENTS Introduction A Question of Belief Full of Surprises Pride and Prejudice Trial and Error Publish and be Damned The First Confrontation The Spiritualists and the Voices The Church and the Voices Late Late Breakthrough A Voice in the Wilderness The Scientists and the Voices The Enthusiastic Amateurs Carry on Talking Index Praise for Carry on Talking The Church and the Voices “It is all very mysterious, but we know that the voices are there for everyone to hear.” ~ His Excellency Archbishop Cardinale, Apostolic Nuncio “I’m definitely impressed, and willing to be impressed by this phenomenon.” ~ The Rt. Rev. Dr. Butler, Anglican Bishop of Connor “The message these voices hold for me is confirmation that there is life after death.” ~ The Very Rev. Fr. Pistone, S.S.P. “It is a reality backed by experience and established by evidence open to all, that the dead live and can communicate with us.” ~ The Rt. Rev. Mgr. Prof. C. Pfleger The Scientists and the Voices “I can no longer explain the voice phenomena in normal physical terms. ~ Peter A. Hale, physicist “Extensive experiments have shown that the paranormal origin of the voices is highly probable.” ~ Prof. Hans. Bender, Director, University Institute of Psychology, Freiburg “I’m convinced that these are the voices of the dead.” ~ Robert Crookall, B. Sc (psychology), Ph.D., D.Sc “I have succeeded in reproducing the phenomenon. Voices which did not come from any known source have appeared on a tape.” ~ Dr. Brendan McGann, Director Institute of Psychology, Dublin About the author Peter Bander (van Duren) July 30, 1930 - April 21, 2004 was a German psychologist and lecturer in religious and moral education. He joined publishing house Colin Smythe, Ltd in the UK in 1966 as joint managing director. Bander and Smythe brought Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) to the English-speaking world with the publication of Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead (1971) by Dr. Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist who experimented with EVP with Dr Hans Bender in the 1960s. Carry on Talking was published in the USA by Drake Publishers, under the title Voices from the Tapes. His other publications are One for the Road (1966), Two for the Road (1967), The Prophecies of St Malachy (1968), (editor) Looking Forward to the Seventies: A Blueprint for Education in the Next Decade (1968), and under the name Peter Bander van Duren, The Cross on the Sword (1987), and Orders of Knighthood and of Merit (1995). He was editor & revisor of H.E. Cardinale’s Orders of Knighthood, Awards and the Holy See (2nd & 3rd eds. 1984, 1985). Publisher: White Crow Books Published June 2021 176 pages Size: 5.25 x 8 inches ISBN 978-1-78677-159-9
  6. Hi all, Here are some new voices that came through to me yesterday while making contact with the North Station, using again, one of Sonia Rinaldi's method for voice contacts, thanks for watching. take care, Lance
  7. I had some very good experiences with microphone voice I would like to discuss with the community. Due to my observations they do occur if there is slight noise in the background. However I also got very good messages when I recorded chatting people and a firework at new years eve. What was striking me is that the spirit voices adopt the characteristics of the sound you give them. I once got clicking voices as I was typing on my computer keyboard and more roaring voices from wind. Since the origin of this phenomenon still is unknown to me I, it could be a direct electrical impact of spirit energy on the microphone or a truly acoustical phenomenon. Has anyone ever tried to record spirit voices with two or three recorders simultaneously and checking if the voices are always the same at the same time? Have you ever took voices from an electrically shielded microphone? Have you ever used a sensitive microphone in a acoustically sealed box to check if voices can manifest inside this box?
  8. Hi all, This is a video I made of some of the clearest voices that come through in the last few days, hope you enjoy! take care, Lance
  9. Glimpses of Another World, Impressions and Reflections of an EVP Operator. Anabela Cardoso Glimpses of Another World, Impressions and Reflections of an EVP Operator is Anabela Cardoso’s third work. Following on from Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension? and Electronic Contact with the Dead: What do the Voices Tell Us? in this book the author shares her thoughts and ruminations on Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), the phenomena whereby allegedly deceased communicators relay messages and images to the living via radio equipment, televisions, computers, phones and other electronic devices. It’s a subject Anabela has devoted her life to in recent decades. The communication is both fascinating and mysterious and the wisdom meted out by higher dimension human and nonhuman intelligences is profound. Glimpses of Another World is a memoir and a how-to-do ITC manual rolled into one and essential reading for those pondering the possibility of an afterlife. About the author A former member of the SPR, Dr. Cardoso’s long-standing interest in questions related to life and death led her to start experimenting with ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) in 1998. The quantity and quality of her results, obtained under controlled conditions both through the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and the DRV (Direct Radio Voices) methods, have convinced her, in spite of the sensitivity of her professional position, to place them in the public domain. In 2000 Dr. Cardoso founded the ITC Journal, of which she remains Editor-in-Chief. The ITC Journal is published in English, and has an Editorial Board of internationally recognised scientists and researchers of the paranormal. Dr. Cardoso is a regular contributor to the Journal and to other international psychical research publications and has given invited presentations on ITC and her work in the USA, Brazil and many European countries. Samples of Dr. Cardoso’s ITC results can be found at http://www.itcjournal.org. You can find videos of Anabela on Youtube. Available in print and in ebook from booksellers Publisher: White Crow Books Published May 25, 2021 234 pages Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches ISBN 978-1-78677-133-9
  10. For many years, I've seen myself as one of those special people who can visit the spirit realms at night during my dreams. So special, that frankly, no one, besides myself, really cares. I could tell you any of the adventures I've had and you'd either think I was going crazy or I was already there. You see, it's one thing to report to what I'm seeing and hearing and it's another to see it and hear it yourself. Years ago, I dreamt about researchers somehow tapping into my brain while I was projecting, so they could record my view. I've known about ITC for over a decade, but thought it was outside of my expertise. I'm really good with computer programming, but my electronics skills were "shockingly" bad. I always thought ITC was about making fancy electronic devices that somehow picked up the spirit ether. Thanks to random YouTube videos I cam across in 2018, I realized that ordinary electronics could be used just as well. At first, I followed the strategies of the tried and true like software Ghost Boxes, but realized I could do better, a lot better. The principle behind a ghost box, is a fast scan through radio stations with intermittent sound and silence. Spirits are somehow able to amplify bits and pieces of the audio and extend them into the silence. The one thing I didn't like about this setup, is that the source audio (radio clips) was unpredictable and unknown. I wanted to know what was real and what was supposedly "spirit." Thus, I developed my first invention, which I'll describe in my next post. Hint: it resembles EVP maker, but once again, it's more predictable and more known. No randomness. Let the spirits do that
  11. Version 2.5


    The following file is made available for download as a means of preserving its historical significance. In accordance with the author's expression of copyright and distribution, this file is made available for free, in its original form. The author is no longer active in the community and requests complete and total privacy so we will refer to the author as "S.B." Please do not make attempts to contact the author. Description: 1 . W h a t i s E V P m a k e r ? EVPmaker is an experimental program for the generation of acoustic "raw material" for recordings of "tape voices", also known as "Electronic Voice Phenomena" (EVP), using the means of random controlled phoneme synthesis. EVP are recordings of utterances upon sound recording media (recorder tapes, cassettes, video tapes, etc.) which are physically unexplainable. These voices are often reasonable messages replying to corresponding questions, or they are referring to circumstances concerning the experimenter. More information about this topic can be found on the Web site of VTF, the German Association For Trans-communication Research (http://www.vtf.de/) or AA-EVP, the American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena (http://aaevp.com/). (Note: now at: https://atransc.org/) To generate the "raw material", EVPmaker uses a method called random controlled phoneme synthesis. In the simplest case, an audio file is being subdivided into short segments which then is played back in randomly order. With the use of a suitable sound editor with "cue list" feature, also "real" phonemes can be created and used in EVPmaker. These phonemes can then be logged during the random controlled playback together with their phonetic subscription symbols, so if you hear an EVP, you can also read its phonetic transcription. Moreover, EVPmaker offers the possibility to record "EVP Sessions". An EVP session can consist of any number of individual EVP. Each EVP is automatically provided with the current date and time. For each EVP a question and an interpretation can be entered. EVP sessions can be saved to disk and loaded again later. The raw material sequence of each EVP can be repeated as often as you wish, it can be saved as a WAV file, or it can be loaded into an sound editor where it can be processed or examined in any way. Every single raw material segment, from which the randomly generated sequence has been composed of, is stored in a "cue list". If the sound editor is able to display such a cue list, then these segments can be addressed and played back directly. In this way you can examine exactly, from which fragments a voice is composed of. 4 . C o p y r i g h t EVPmaker has not been written in commercial interests, but for fun of programming and for scientific curiosity. Therefore, I don't want any money or other material returns for EVPmaker; thus the software is distributed as "Freeware". Nevertheless, I reserve all rights for this program, EVPmaker is Copyright © by S.B. (Name abbreviated to respect privacy of author) The idea on which the program is based - the generation of raw material for EVP recordings by random controlled assembling and playback of individual segments of an audio signal - is common knowledge and as such not subject to copyright. 6 . D i s t r i b u t i o n The program may only be distributed or made accessible to the public in its complete and unchanged form, along with the manual. Concretely this means that only the unchanged installation file evpminst.exe may be passed on.
  12. Hi all it's Paul with another EVP. This one was picked up in the tower /stairwell to the left in the photo attached of the abbey. To me it sounds like a lady with a possible accent, however what is being said, I do not have a clue. When this recording was made there was only, myself my wife present as well as a man on the other side of the abbey walking his dog. The recorder was placed in a hole made by a missing brick within the tower/stairwell. Do you have any idea's what is maybe being said? -585.mp3
  13. Hi all, this recording was made in one of the prison cell's in Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill in Portsmouth Hampshire with my Sony ICD-B16 digit recorder. You will hear me ask if there is anyone here from world war 2, after which you'll hear a male voice say something like Bovington. Now I'm not 100% certain that's what the capture says. However I know these cells where used during ww2. And after investigation. Bovington Camp is a British Army military base in Dorset, England. Together with Lulworth Camp it forms part of Bovington Garrison. So it is quite possible service personnel where station here from Bovington camp during the war. Bovington-region-586.mp3
  14. Hi everybody, myself and my wife paid a visit to Portchester Castle, near Portsmouth Hampshire. While I was there I had my recorder running. If you listen carefully you will hear what sounds like a child talking to a man. Just so you are aware there was no children present at the castle at the time we visited it. We always like to go to Portchester when all the school visitors have left late in the afternoon. There was a middle aged man and women on site when we where but they were outside wandering about the moat etc. I do have various other recordings from this visit, but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in listening to them. portchestercomplete-region-573 (1).mp3
  15. https://youtu.be/SkIFzHuY2F0 Charles Moster is has been interested in time-travel and EVP for decades. He is particularly proud of his online magazine: Welcome to Future 2050 the future of science and technology https://future2050.net/. The April 2021 edition includes a series of articles on Time Travel which are recommended reading for those interested in Tesla’s current and past experiments in this area which are the subject of this talk. The outline of his talk and the illustrations he refers to are available at https://www.victorzammit.com/zoom/Moster.html
  16. Hi all, Last year In 2020, I started experimenting with the EVPMaker software, my main contact that I reached out to were to Mr Raudive. So to proceed with the experiments I used Mr Raudive voice from the clip when He phoned Mark Macy from the other side. I then would run this through the software to turn it to gibberish. I would then proceed to ask questions and wait 30 seconds while playing the gibberish audio out loud, I never heard voices in real time. It was only when I would play the finished session back that I would casual listen to the recorded session and there were responses to my questions. This is just a few of the responses from Mr Raudive and others, I put the sessions contact into a short video compilation. Many thanks Lance. Short compilations of experiment.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Earlier this year myself and my wife Gracie visited Portchester castle near Portsmouth hampshire. While there I had my dicta phone recording. While recording the recorder picked up the voice of a child and a male. There was no child or adult male present, just myself and my wife. I have more evp's from this particular visit, but this recording is by far the best.
  18. View File Child's voice from within portchester castle. Earlier this year myself and my wife Gracie visited Portchester castle near Portsmouth hampshire. While there I had my dicta phone recording. While recording the recorder picked up the voice of a child and a male. There was no child or adult male present, just myself and my wife. I have more evp's from this particular visit, but this recording is by far the best. Submitter Paul Submitted 04/23/2021 Category Software  
  19. Hi eveybody! My question is: How to build this (original) TDC device used in The Scole Experiment (Detailed and meticulous instructions including all electronic components - especially the coils -, their parameters, dimensions and distances from each others, code numbers and availability in case they are for sale or parts of some antique crystal radios) ? Copy of the image representing this original model is uploaded below: https://content.invisioncic.com/n303486/monthly_2021_03/GR-Scole.png.2262076167037a796514da32c3fe66e1.png https://robinsphysicalphenomena.webs.com/thetdcdevice.htm Cheers, GISMO5367 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr Jeffers Hi I dont think there are any specific details of this device existing except the basic wiring diagram and pics that you have linked to. There have been reproductions of this device, and the people concerned would have made guesses as to how to build it in relation to spacing of the crystal to the coils, the inductance of each coil, etc. Pieces of germanium can be bought off ebay, and the coils can be wound or existing coils used. The germanium chip is under pressure via the screw, and this is an important point of its operation, I believe. The coil specifications may not be that critical. So its a case of using intuition to build it, so it has best chance of working for you, and therefore you become entangled with it, and it its operation. JEFF 16 hours ago https://content.invisioncic.com/n303486/monthly_2021_03/JTK.thumb.jpg.e761530d732957b54c2b14e7a16055b5.jpg GISMO5367 This image above has been copied from the Internet, and I am not sure how the original version of the TDC-device they used in the Scole Experiment lookes like? Maybe that image represents just the original version of the device? I don't have first-hand information and I have had difficulties reaching Robin Foy and other people in the Scole group who are involved. If we build a replica of The Germanium Receptor - according to my opinion - everything matters: Placement of the coils, their size, resistance, amplifier, conversion of the signal from analog to digital format (if this is possible) etc. My plan is to build a replica of the TDC device following the "instructions" as carefully and meticulously and I hope to find relevant, accurate and true information for that ( not suppositions). Modern technologies are also under construction, but as far as I know, those technologies help mainly in signal processing and filtering ( not improving the quality of the original signal). Please see: https://transkommunikation.ch/dateien/germanium_receptor_v2/ 10 minutes ago
  20. Yes, the more people, the more formative energy available to bring about an effect. As I said, as the device does not have electrical stimulus, so it would need more energetic input than a powered device would. Do you have some people that have mediumistic skills, who can regularly sit with the device - if you build it? I have read the material, and it does have quite a bit of detail in it. Do you have the diagrams mentioned in the pdf you included previously called "Instructionsfrom The Scole Group". I am referring to figures 2 and 3 mentioned on pages 120 and 124. Are there other diagrams from these texts that may be useful? Can you post these please? JEFF ----------------------------- Hi JEFF, (1) Related to your message (above) I have some answers: - At the moment I don't have suitable people to start the experiments with TDC receptor even if it is available, because I am working alone at the moment. But definitely I will build one (basic) version soon. If this device works with a small group of like minded people, possibly will continue experimenting with them longer time. - I copied for you all the diagrams presented in Grant and Jane Solomon's book including those you mentioned (Figure 2 on page 120 and figure 3 on page 124) <-> Please see the attached file . The basic information related to The Scole Experiment and methods they used in ITC/EVP is presented in the following documets: (1) The Scole Report: scientific evaluation of the results by scientists)(2) Grant & Jane Solomon's book "The Scole Experiment" (3) Robin Foy's books: Witnessing the Impossible (see my previous mails), Robin Foy's book: In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship (ISBN 1 85756 248) and the booklet: A Basic Guide to the development of Physical Psychic Phenomena- The New Spiritual Science Foundation / Educational Booklet No. 1 ; The New Spiritual Science Foundation Scole, Norfolk, England 1996. -> Most of these documents are available from Amazon.com and I think you can order them also through The Scole Experiment web site or contact Robin Foy himself. (2) Some time ago I purchased an old crystal radio from 1920s. A specific type of "receptor" is an essential part of this device (please see the attached image) This receptor resembles that which is used in The Scole TDC-device: There is a glass tube and a scerw attached to a pointed flexible metal wire. When rotating the screw you can shorten and extend the distance of the tip of the wire from the bottom of the glass tube where some greyish material ( possibly a metal chip) is located. In this construction there is also a ball joint so that you can change the direction of the screw and wire and in this way touch/contact different areas of the bottom (chip/metal etc.). My crystal radio arrived with old headphones (Beteco 2000 ohms). I had a short conversation recently with Salvatore Rizzo and asked his opinion about this "receptor" and it's connections to ITC. His answer was as follows: “….Regarding your question about the germanium receptor, I can also say that it really looks very similar to the one from the Scole experiment. I have also modeled it after the Scole experiment. With your detector in the crystal radio I see certain similarities. With the receptor of the Scole Experiment, and also with my Germanium Receptor V1.0, a tip of a screw is pressed on a Germanium plate. With your old radio receiver, radio waves are received by means of a detector. With the Germanium Receptors, I don’t know what type of waves are received. So, no real idea what kind of waves we are talking about here. But definitely not Hertzian radio waves. The Galena cat whisker detector and the Precision crystal detector work on a similar principle, but mainly these systems were used for radio reception. The Germanium Receptors use at least two coils and if you study this construction more closely, you don't really find a logic behind it. What I found out is that this is a very simple microphone principle. But in what way these systems interact with another " level " is not clear to me until today…” What is your opinion about this receptor and its suitability as a The Germanium receptor when modified ? It is not so heavily built than the Scole germanium receptor, but the the construction is quite similar ? DIAGRAMS-SOLOMON-SCOLEXP.pdf
  21. CALLING EARTH - DAN DRASIN'S FABULOUS DOCUMENTARY Worth featuring again!! One viewer wrote about the video: "I'm left largely speechless - so deeply, quietly moved... I love the major part played here by science, paving the way for so many more among us to at least consider such things. Many would accept no other route into the topic so this is a huge blessing ... Thank you! for your beautiful, excellent, quality work". Calling Earth from Daniel Drasin on Vimeo. WATCH "Calling Earth" NOW CALLING EARTH (2018 Version - 95 minutes): A documentary about communication with the deceased through modern electronic technology. (NOTE: This is in fact the latest version -- please ignore the 2014 upload date, which was for an earlier version originally posted on this page.) Produced, Directed and Edited by Dan Drasin. Associate Producer, Tim Coleman Music Courtesy of Mitchell Covington, James Crocker, Harold Moses,and John Rowcroft FOREWORD • Because the conscious survival of physical death makes no sense in terms of our materialistic (essentially 19th-century) scientific paradigm, Western science is only now beginning to play catch-up in this arena. So please don't take this documentary as the final word. In another decade or two we may well look back on this type of research as primitive, but for now it's a start. Just try it on for size and see what you think, keeping in mind that a documentary film can only scratch the surface of any subject. We hope you enjoy it. Camera: Dan Drasin and Tim Coleman • Special thanks to Leslie Kean and Jolyn O'Hare • Editorial Services: Tim Coleman and Boris Zubov • Interim Narration by Dan Drasin • Dedicated to the memory of Jane Kimbrough • © 2015 by Daniel Drasin • Produced for free, educational viewing only. Unlicensed materials are included under applicable Fair Use provisions.
  22. The Germanium Receptor used in The Scole Experiment ?
  23. Following on from Things You Can Do When You’re Dead! and More Things You Can Do When You’re Dead! Scottish psychical researcher Tricia Robertson’s latest book delves into psychic phenomena from the unbelievable to the bizarre. In her straightforward and inimitable style Tricia explores topics including Electronic Voice Phenomena, Thoughtography, Psychokinesis, Distant Healing, Xenoglossy, Mediumship and much, much more. Tricia’s philosophy is: ‘Let the evidence speak for itself’ and whether you’re a sceptic and yet to be convinced PSI exists or an enthusiast wanting to know more, It’s Life And Death, But Not As You Know It! has something for everyone. CONTENTS Foreword Introduction 1. Mediumship and consciousness Gerard Croiset 2. Retrocognition Mrs Dorothy Strong Miss Smith Mrs Butterbaugh 3. Precognition Jeane Dixon Lady Londonderry Titanic R101 Aberfan Don’t take the train 4. EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomena Konstantin Raudive Marcello Bacci George Meek Hans Otto König Anabela Cardoso 5. Thoughtography Ted Serios 6. Where there is a will Examining the controversial Chaffin will case 7. Do healing miracles happen? Arigo Antonio Sales Edivaldo 8. The man of the unholy cross A new case of possible obsession, possession or overshadowing 9. Mediumship – Making sense of ‘seeming’ nonsense Jesse Shepard Ros Cattanagh Belmez The Gold Leaf Lady Uri Geller 10. Home circles 11. Summing up What can we make of all of this weirdness? Does it help us in understanding ourselves as human beings? Bibliography and recommended reading. About the author Praise for It’s Life And Death, But Not As You Know It! “Who better to take readers on an exploration of the paranormal than Tricia Robertson, an experienced researcher of spontaneous phenomena as well as a dedicated investigator of mediumship under test conditions? Her previous books dealt impressively with the evidence for life after death that she had either experienced personally or had gathered from those who had it thrust upon them through unsought encounters with the unknown. These meaningful events appeared to be signals to them from loved ones who had died. Her latest book takes readers much deeper into the paranormal, providing a wealth of testimony from well-qualified eyewitnesses to phenomena that are, quite literally, beyond belief. Robertson has condensed some of her own work with the very best reports, from more than a century of psychical research around the world, into very readable accounts that require no special knowledge of the subject on the part of her readers. The extraordinary events described in its pages will challenge many of her readers’ assumptions about a wide variety of paranormal phenomena and, indeed, the very nature of reality. Interaction with the spirits of the dead may be a possible explanation in some cases, but others appear to be almost impossible to explain. Robertson leaves it to her readers to make up their own minds, though I suspect most will be satisfied simply to enjoy the entertainment value of the astonishing reports she shares and leave the speculation to others”. ~ Roy Stemman, journalist and author of Surgeon From Another World and The Big Book of Reincarnation. “Fascinating and thought-provoking. Tricia is an inspired teacher and this book captures the unique style that I’m sure she applied in the very popular courses in Psychical Research she ran for six years for the Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) at the University of Glasgow in conjunction with Professor Archie Roy. Whereas in her first two books she covered the evidence for different forms of mediumship as well as reincarnation, poltergeist activity, paranormal healing cases, and hauntings, in this book she takes a different tack. “Tricia covers a huge amount of ground with details that even those familiar with the field of paranormal research will find fascinating. Most of the cases raise questions about the as yet undocumented powers of the mind, a subject at the core of serious psychical research as well as consciousness studies. “Anyone claiming to investigate the paranormal or to be involved with mediumship needs to understand the implications of the studies she cites on clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, as well as thoughtography, all of which do not appear to involve spirit contact. Tricia makes it clear that she remains firmly in the camp of survival of consciousness, but she treats reader with respect – giving him/her first an overview, and frequently details of the best cases, and then says “It is up to you now to make up your mind about all of this or perhaps investigate this further for yourself”. “Tricia has done a sterling job of succinctly summarising the cases and presenting the material in an interesting way. And, fortunately, she has maintained her lovely conversational style with frequent anecdotes, often involving investigators personally known to her. “Once again, she has made a wonderful contribution to the White Crow Books library of timeless classics”. ~ Victor and Wendy Zammit, authors of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife and ‘The Afterlife Report’. “Lawyer Alan Murdie recently concluded on the basis of evidence recently published in the journal American Psychologist that 2018 could well be the year that parapsychological research was finally accepted by mainstream science. However, university research has been preoccupied with finding a so-called repeatable lab-experiment and as yet tells us virtually nothing about the true nature of psychic phenomena. For this the reader would need to turn to the cases presented so clearly and concisely by Tricia Robertson. Her book covers, along with her own experiences, the outstanding cases of classical phenomena with a particular emphasis on mediumship cases. Although I would differ as to the explanations of some of the cases, her last chapter summing up all the evidence is both daring and thought provoking. It should be read by anyone trying to make sense of psychic phenomena”.
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