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"Sample7" Spiricom 7 Vocal Tract Simulator One Minute by Keith Clark (Varanormal Research Team) 1.0.0

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About This File

In January of 2020 this file was created using the program called "VT Demo" from University College of London.

The purpose was to continue experiments that used the raw components of human speech (without containing any information). We do this by simulating ways to create the necessary vocal energy conducive in an experiment environment for non-physical personalities to use for voice formation. 

File was generated by Keith, sample 7 of a series happened to be the most productive during experiments. 

Included below is a .mp3 version as well as a .wav file that can be opened in programs such as EVPMaker

To hear what it sounds like in an experiment environment, a sample can be listened to in one of the attached files below.

To hear this live stream in action (while it is available), Visit our Streams and look for "STREAM 3 - Spiricom 7"

ucl esystem sample7 vocal LOWER-ONEMINUTE.wav ucl esystem sample7 vocal LOWER-ONEMINUTE.mp3 2-Jan29 2020 Spiricom7 qna FULL - sample-no interpretation.mp3

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