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Spiricam v0.81 0.81

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About This File

Use your webcam as a portal into other dimensions!

This program supersedes Spiricam v0.74. Among fixes:

- Color should work better. (Bug fix)

- Arrow keys can control frame index

- Brightness/Contrast/Gamma slides for lighting adjustments

- Device selection pauses recording

- Exit button removed: use top right "x" button to close program or the keys "x" or "X".

- Magnitude clipping for suppressing bright pixels

- Camera resolution can now be changed in "config.ini".


Unzip the ZIP. Navigate to EXE file in the folder and double-click it to start program.

There's also a README.txt and config.ini you can edit.

If you any questions/comments, you can post on the Varanormal forum.

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Thank you for being so generous as to share the update Michael, really appreciated.

I've had a familiarisation session with the new software earlier this afternoon and had no issues with it.

Kind Regards
Mark D.


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Hi Chris. The file you download is a ZIP file. That file has to be extracted. Inside of the folder of extracted files, is one EXE file/application, called something like spiricam.0.81.exe. Double click on that one to start the program.

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a me non carica il video mi da un errore che ora riporto grazie


[ERROR:0] VIDEOIO(makePtr<VideoCapture_DShow>(index)): raised unknown C++ exception!

Starting Camera # 1
Optimal FPS =  0.0
Actual resolution =  0 x 0


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