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"Spiral ITC" Standalone HMTL\Javascript by Andres Ramos (Varanormal Research Team) 4.2

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Author: Andres Ramos (Varanormal research Team)
This application is used to enable spirit image generation by use of random numbers and a certain transformation algorithm. The images are very faint and need a lot of interpretation. I recommend to use post processing with a suitable image editor. Actually this app still is not optimized and i need to try different transformation algorithms that might give better results in the future. However I think it can be useful to start with something in the realm of spirit imaging.

INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the archive. The app is a HTML5/javascript application. Open index.html in Chrome or Firefox. It contains also a manual for using the app.

This application was a try to enable spirit image manifestation by use of calculated random numbers and feedback algorithms with the image content rendered in the shape of a spiral to the canvas. There are lots of parameters to play around with and a manual is included. The app is written in HTML5 and javascript. Thus it runs in most browsers and operating systems. For some reasons it doesn't run on smartphones so far.

The app currently is not very satisfying in my eyes since the spirit faces are very faint. Some post processing with a good image editor could be useful. However the image often show lots of hidden structures that are not faces but something different. At least you can give it a try and maybe have some fun while playing around with the parameters





Suggested Settings by Keith Clark below:


Samples of Faces when used with the FREE Software OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio) in combination with exposure, contrast, and blur filters:




TUTORIALS ON USING "SPIRALITC" In Combination With OBS will be provided by Keith Clark when time allows.



What's New in Version 4.2   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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