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Scalar (v0.1) - Sweeping Tone Generator 0.1

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About This File

I wrote a program to generate sweeping up and down tones, with user controls. 

What I wasn't able to do was get this code into executable form for simple installation. 😞

So, you'll need to install Miniconda (Python 3.8, 64-bit), then go into the uncompressed directory and type

conda env create --file scalar.yml

Then, to run the program:

conda activate scalar

python ./scalar_wave.py

The GUI should be self-explanatory.

If you have any questions or issues, post them below.



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Do you need a powerful computer to run it?

Can you make a mobile version?

What tool do you need to make it into a simple executable?

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1. The program should be able to run on a 386.

2. Probably the easiest solution would be for someone to rewrite it in Javascript, where it could be then run simply on a mobile browser.

3. I was using a program called PyInstaller. This worked for Spiricam, but produces no error messages for me to debug when try running the compiled executable on a 2nd Windows computer. This program is arguably simpler than Spiricam, so someone with a little patience and MS Visual C++ could reprogram it and make the executable that way.

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I know our French Varanormal colleague (itc-station.org) can write in Javascript. 😉 

I have no idea what it would cost. I imagine, for the number of people who would experiment with it at first, it might be cheaper to buy the license to a program that does something similar - likely with multiple sweeps at once.


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The software is pricey, and we struggled to share it. 
I think you're referring to Louis. 
There must be code that converts one language to another. I will look. 

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