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EVPMaker 2.5 Generation of Acoustic Raw Material Using The Means of Random Controlled Phoneme Synthesis evpminst.exe 2.5

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About This File

The following file is made available for download as a means of preserving its historical significance.

In accordance with the author's expression of copyright and distribution, this file is made available for free, in its original form. 
The author is no longer active in the community and requests complete and total privacy so we will refer to the author as "S.B."

Please do not make attempts to contact the author. 


1 .  W h a t  i s  E V P m a k e r ?

EVPmaker is an experimental program for the generation of acoustic "raw material" for recordings of "tape voices", also known as "Electronic Voice Phenomena" (EVP), using the means of random controlled phoneme synthesis. EVP are recordings of utterances upon sound recording media (recorder tapes, cassettes, video tapes, etc.) which are physically unexplainable. These voices are often reasonable messages replying to corresponding questions, or they are referring to circumstances concerning the experimenter.
More information about this topic can be found on the Web site of VTF, the German Association For Trans-communication Research (http://www.vtf.de/) or AA-EVP, the American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena (http://aaevp.com/).  (Note: now at: https://atransc.org/)

To generate the "raw material", EVPmaker uses a method called random controlled phoneme synthesis. In the simplest case, an audio file is being subdivided into short segments which then is played back in randomly order. With the use of a suitable sound editor with "cue list" feature, also "real" phonemes can be created and used in EVPmaker. These phonemes can then be logged during the random controlled playback together with their phonetic subscription symbols, so if you hear an EVP, you can also read its phonetic transcription.

Moreover, EVPmaker offers the possibility to record "EVP Sessions". An EVP session can consist of any number of individual EVP. Each EVP is automatically provided with the current date and time. For each EVP a question and an interpretation can be entered. EVP sessions can be saved to disk and loaded again later. The raw material sequence of each EVP can be repeated as often as you wish, it can be saved as a WAV file, or it can be loaded into an sound editor where it can be processed or examined in any way. Every single raw material segment, from which the randomly generated sequence has been composed of, is stored in a "cue list". If the sound editor is able to display such a cue list, then these segments can be addressed and played back directly. In this way
you can examine exactly, from which fragments a voice is composed of.

4 .  C o p y r i g h t

EVPmaker has not been written in commercial interests, but for fun of
programming and for scientific curiosity. Therefore, I don't want any
money or other material returns for EVPmaker; thus the software is
distributed as "Freeware". Nevertheless, I reserve all rights for this
program, EVPmaker is Copyright © by S.B.   (Name abbreviated to respect privacy of author)

The idea on which the program is based - the generation of raw material
for EVP recordings by random controlled assembling and playback of
individual segments of an audio signal - is common knowledge and as such
not subject to copyright.

6 .  D i s t r i b u t i o n

The program may only be distributed or made accessible to the public in
its complete and unchanged form, along with the manual. Concretely this
means that only the unchanged installation file evpminst.exe may be
passed on.

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Thanks for posting it to your site. I hessite to download from anywhere else (in case of malware). I already tried it and got something.

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On 5/21/2021 at 12:29 PM, Maia said:

Thanks for posting it to your site. I hessite to download from anywhere else (in case of malware). I already tried it and got something.

Glad to hear it Maia! Thank you for letting us know. :)

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