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SeaWave - Sound Emission Analyzer Wave Edition by CIBRA (LIVE Spectrograph) 1.0.0

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SeaWave - Sound Emission Analyzer Wave edition

by Centro Interdisciplinare di Bioacustica e Ricerche Ambientali

SeaWave is a light version of the SeaPro package. It is free! Developed by CIBRA and AEST, it offers most of the functions and capabilities of SeaPro; it runs up to 200kHz in all windows versions, including XP, and up to 250kHz and 384kHz in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 version 1703 for both real-time spectrogram visualization and continuous recording to disk. This free version has some limitations, however it can satisfy most user needs. Recording  functions are limited to single file recording with 680MB max file size. Other limitations are about the advanced settings panel for fine tuning the aspect and behaviour of the program and for saving/restoring the user configuration.

Main Page: http://www-9.unipv.it/cibra/seawave.html 
SeaWave Free Download Page: 


Supplemental: Keith J. Clark used SeaWave and SeaPro from 2008 on, up until the time Sonic Visualiser began to take its place in terms of functionality. "Faces in Sound" (paranormal faces in live spectrographs) was discovered by Keith in 2007 and is a method that is still being worked with today. 

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It converts sound to pictures. If you do paranormal experiments you will find that not only can you hear communicators via EVP, you can also see them. 

I've been working with it for over a decade. Look me up. Or watch any if the videos in the download file "sonic visualiser"


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