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  1. I dont think its a matter of turning off a channel, but more like not putting out vibrations that attract attention by astral entities / energies. Its a resonance thing in my view. If we get into a space where our emotional negativity becomes prominent, then we are broadcasting this on an astral wavelength, allowing those entities that resonate with those vibes to pick them up, and come in and enhance these feelings in us - to our detriment. So whatever negative vibes we have, are then magnified by them, sort of like astral energy amplifiers. Most of the time we think its all us when this "heightening" of negativity happens, but with experience the "enhancement" can be discerned - what it us, and what is malevolent interference with our thoughts and emotions. In the end, its our personal responsibility for our thoughts and emotions, ensuring they are the highest at all times.
  2. Amazing results Andres. The voices have depth and clarity. You have a great process happening here with the present setup.
  3. Thank you Andres, and Michael, for offering to help get your software available to use. I look forward to trying it out. A good idea Andres, to write a how-to document. It will make it so much easier.
  4. These are really great clips Andres. I dont know what this program does - is it a clean up for existing clips, or does it generate its own content? Im sure a lot of others would want to try this out if a method of install is available - including me.
  5. These are great results Andres. The substitution of a loudspeaker is a great idea. It is interesting to view the device as components that interact. Ignoring the spring for a moment, the diaphragm is a mechanical loading of the loudspeaker, and creates a sharp amount of bandpass filtering, as well as replicating cone movement. The spring also provides bandpass filtering, as well as a phase delay and reverb via mechanical inertia. The spring has it seems two actions, one forwards in modifying the diaphragm sound, and the other backwards in modifying / damping the excursion of the loudspeaker cone. This dual action of the spring seems to be the secret to the phenomena here, and its mysterious ability to sustain complex standing waves. I wonder therefore if the action of the spring could be emulated electronically? The thin sounding nature and high pitch of the resultant voices seems to indicate to me that the resonant frequency of the diaphragm is perhaps too high, and as it is under tight tension - has a tight bandpass / peaky, so maybe a larger diameter less tense diaphragm would be good here? A less rigid diaphragm might not be possible I guess, due to the spring tension needed, etc. I have put your file into wavepad and massaged it a bit. It is attached. Wehavebeenallbuiltwiththestars edited.mp3
  6. Being miracle minded, with sense of gratitude for what I have, is what I try to aspire to each day - esp in these scary times. According to Richard Rohr, the primitive egoic mind can only do two things - worry about the future repeatedly, and/or process the hurtful past over and over and over. Its our personal challenge to keep it in the peaceful present moment as much as we can.
  7. The video is only 320 x 568p, so is quite small in size at 100% zoom, but it has been auto stretched upwards to fit the width of the page.
  8. The future for ITC is, I think, finite, as at best it can be envisaged as "training wheels" on our "spiritual bicycle" until we ourselves learn to be our own ITC device, and hence have no need for supplementary instrumentation. Technology bridges the gap until we gain the skills to get there ourselves - and reach a much higher etherial plane than the low band astral linking hardware we have is struggling to achieve.
  9. I think the active participation of Tesla and/or Edison depends on the type of technology that the ITC experimenter is working on (and their skillset / background). T and E are both advanced souls, and when in spirit, they lose the egoic earthly makeup / personality that we associate with them - so they become for want of a better phrase, spiritual brothers working for a common purpose with love and respect for each other, and those they collectively or individually work with here on earth. One is not greater or lesser than the other, they just have a different focus. I had a connection with Edison when I was a boy. Now I know why. It is possible that Tesla works more with software orientated approaches, and Edison with hardware. This seems to be borne out in my (mainly hardware) work, and the more software / streaming orientated work you guys are doing. With the focus of ITC being more on software these days, it not surprising that Tesla is more in the spotlight than Edison. We may get more clarification of this tentative theory as time goes on.
  10. I sometimes get messages mentioning Edison is helping, as opposed to very few that Tesla is. Probably the ratio is 8:1 or so.
  11. This is good advice Karyn. I regularly use white sage incense to cleanse the house, and have a large amethyst crystal cluster in the living room to also help with this. For personal energetic cleansing, I can recommend adding Epsom Salts to bathwater, as it is very good at drawing out toxic energies, as well as its usual benefit of helping ease muscle tension. Sound wise, I find Indian Sitar music also very good at keeping interior rooms at a light vibration.
  12. Kim, here are the contents of Gismo's document as images...
  13. I have downloaded this article, and my virus scanner says its clean.
  14. This is a wonderful gesture on your part Kim. Yes, as Andres has said, the community owes you a lot. Thank you on behalf of all of us ! I am curious you mention that Gismo has updates - what are these, as I am not aware of this development. I assumed the design that Andres and I worked on was now frozen? Can you please clarify?
  15. Im pleased you are going to try Lance's method, Gismo. The granular synthesis of voice files is an excellent source of raw but pseudo formatted material for ITC voice formation, and Im sure will bring you results. Rest assured that either Lance or myself can help you with any questions or problems you might encounter.
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