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  1. Hi Gismo, well done. Yes, perhaps a jewellery grinder would be good but I would worry about the fragility of the germanium undergoing shaping - but it is done of course. Im sorry to learn you didnt hear back from Robin Foy. Yes, perhaps contacting his associates may be the next strategy.
  2. Hello Sharon, welcome to Varanormal. It is good to have you with us. JEFF
  3. Bonjour Kat ' Le meilleur endroit pour partager vos clips evp est le forum ci-dessous; https://www.varanormal.com/forums/forum/97-audio-electronic-voice-phenomena-evp/ Cordialement, JEFF
  4. Hi Wagner, this is very interesting. I presume the audio input to the LED is a radio that is sweeping? Is this correct?
  5. The schematics for Salvi's V2 receptor are here... https://transkommunikation.ch/dateien/germanium_receptor_v2/ The V2 unit has a dc biased germanium diode, surrounded by opposing magnets, and having dsp filtering. His receptor is very similar to the work of Stefan Bion, whose work on this I have collected as a pdf - attached. This material explains the reasoning behind the transition from V1 to V2 designs. He is not a member of this group, as far as I know. EdisonsTDC.pdf
  6. Thanks Lance. I havent used EVPMaker for some years, but it worked great when I was using it back then.
  7. Glad to hear you feel OK about it Andres. Yes, youre right - better to find out now, than later on when its in the public domain.
  8. Great results Lance. Doing the video was a good idea. I have a couple of questions: What was the sound track you used for the Raudive capture, and what is the model of the recorder you used to capture it? thanks, JEFF
  9. I'm so sorry to read of your disappointing discovery with this project Andres. I have had a similar experience like this, but please don't do what I did afterwards, and stop any experimentation for months. JEFF
  10. Hi Lance, I remember you from ITCBridge. Welcome to Varanormal ! Its good to have you here. JEFF
  11. Hi Kim, I presume you are referring to Salvi's work, by what you had quoted? In the link below is the information Gismo listed about Salvi's work. Salvi has videos on Youtube as well (below). His work is similar to the work that Stefan did, and I posted a pdf of this which I link to also below. His version 1 receptor is like the scole unit, and the v2 uses a Ge diode which is biased, and has dsp filtering. https://www.varanormal.com/forums/topic/471-the-germanium-receptor/?do=findComment&comment=1814 https://www.varanormal.com/forums/topic/471-the-germanium-receptor/?do=find
  12. I had a nice reply from Salvi to say that the V2 receptor does capture many more voices than the V1 unit BUT the quality of the voices is very low, so no real advantage so far. He is working on strategies to improve quality.
  13. Another facet of this type of experience is that sometimes in a dream I receive (from what I believe is my future self ) what I determine is a situation in the future, regarding myself. It doesnt mean much at the time, but weeks or months go by, and "bang" the situation arises and I remember the past details I experienced in the dream with a jolt. There is always differences to what I remember, but the impact of the situation arising is always a bit creepy. What I have derived from these experiences is that my future self is showing me the amount of my spiritual growth since the dream, as I am
  14. The voices are from the unit I've been developing for some years now. It uses a Speakjet voice synth chip (very old now) spitting out random allophones. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9578 SJ chip is contolled by 2 PICs, which firmware run several modes of operation. In the initial version, the SJ output (32kHz pwm) went direct into an LM386 audio amp, but now am working on elements of a pk modulator (in between SJ and Amp) to improve modulation percentage. This work is challenging and ongoing. Havent done much of late. The forum seems to be eating my thyme.
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