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  1. These are good reading and I recommend them, but as Bill told me before he passed - he had just started the journey in identifying an efficient pk modulator. I was privileged to have been able to collaborate with him before he passed.
  2. Good article. I thought Id mention that a derivation of the spiral is the labyrinth, which like the spiral, flows inwards to a centre point, albeit via rhythmic back and forth pathways... I walked a replica of the Chartres Labyrinth, and found it an incredibly meditative experience, a state which held, when I sat and rested at the centre -as the article describes it: "a path leading from outer consciousness to the inner soul". https://www.verywellfit.com/walking-the-labyrinth-3435825
  3. A very ingenious technique Andres. The voice like rhythms can be easily heard in the video, and seem a very formative raw material for voice manifestation. The cardboard tube sounds like it has a resonance which could be lowered by extending the tube - would perhaps help form deeper sounding voices? This method appears very connected to subconscious directed physical actions (unlike most evp techniques), and what comes to mind is that the process could be thought of as an audio based ouija board.
  4. Yes, a very good, easily readable account. I have an early hardback edition, one of my treasures collected over the years.
  5. Hi Claudia, can you tell us how you conducted your session? What recorder do you use, and how far away from the radio was your recorder? Thanks, JEFF
  6. Thanks for the guide on older versions. I would hate to do without Audacity completely.
  7. Yes, Andres, thats exactly right. The real test will be how low in value you can get P1 in one channel while still maintaining good operation.
  8. Hi Claudia, Welcome to Varanormal. You have some interesting evps on that recording. Ive cut the recording just leaving some of what I heard, which is "we want to".... "that girl is happy" ...."time for that" ... "influencing". There is more. The file is attached. responses.mp3
  9. Yes, I heard people had their clocks stopped by Geller's command. The pendulum stopped swinging, but was easily restarted again, so no damage. Akin to a temporary gravitational effect I theorise - and therefore unshieldable (like EVP is).
  10. Oh Yuk! I have uninstalled my copy of it. Hopefully there is no subordinate spyware that is doing the spying, which escapes being uninstalled ! Time to run Malwarebytes !
  11. To receive some hodowanec noise from the C2 capacitor Andres - with the reference volts applied to (+) input, youll need to have P1 as a short circuit, so the amp can function fully to amplify the picoamp currents coming from C2. Having P1 in cct will greatly attenuate the gain, depending on what the value of it is. If you want to try an experimental Hodowanec cct, I can give you values from a TIA calculator: OpAmp: TLO81 or similar 4MHz GBW, FET i/p Input cap 1,000uF (direct to inverting input - no input resistor). Feedback resistor 1,000 ohms. Feedback capacitor 2.2uF (across the 1k resistor) These values give a stabilised bandwidth of 8.7kHz. Gain is 53dB. Values obtained from calculator are for the 1,000uF cap value. I have not tried these values, but have experimented with his circuits and they do produce copious noises, some of which are interesting. In regards the Hodowanec effect with coherer noise input, I theorise that the Hodowanec effect works on the noise input, so it is a balancing act of input noise fed to it - verses noise received from the capacitor itself as a receptor. The sweet spot is to get the Hodowanec effect to pk modulate the incoming noise, without burying it. This is the reason I suggested you run 2 amps from T2 collector, and have differing values of P2, but have equal gains via R4 selection, so as to do comparisons in pk modulation efficiency / clarity of voices. It is presumed a lower value of P2 will yield better pk mod compared to a higher value, so this can be checked by comparison. This sweet spot fine tuning is something I was experimenting with some months ago. Have not done any work on it recently due to other commitments.
  12. Yes, this is a possibility. The value of the capacitor and the value of the 1K pot are variables that will kindle the Hodowanec effect. As youve implied, with P1 trending to zero ohms, there is maximised Hodowanec effect, and the stage therefore reverts to being a standard transimpedance amplifer, but of course the extremely high gain is unusable within the present application. What Id like to suggest to test is this: To construct another separate non-inverting op amp stage fed from T2 collector as is the original one, but this second stage has a differing value of P1 with a chosen value of R4 (so both gains of the amps are equivalent). Compare the two channels of outputs to see if a changed value of P1 causes more or less PK modulation. Another test would be to have identical values for P1 and R4 for both amps, but change C2 in one amp to see if there is difference. [ Time for bed for me! ]
  13. I had another listen to this, and I heard a very clear whisper voice at 21secs saying 'Jenny". Ive attached this segment. Jenny.mp3
  14. Thanks for letting us all know about this Andres. I have used Audacity in conjunction with Wavepad, as it has some features I find much easier to use, especially for music track editing which I do.
  15. What an amazing capture Andres. Yes, it doesnt seem to fit with the background - like as you say, someone speaking into a microphone. Are you saying that the export process itself generated this voice?
  16. Some good captures there Andres. The sound track is calmer as you mentioned. It is pleasing you got so many contextual messages. The stronger activity with the water-graphite does seem to produce louder clearer voices, at least in the rough comparison I made between the two sound tracks.
  17. Oh how true this is... thank you for these snippets of ageless wisdom, Karyn.
  18. Hi Ron, What an excellent technique youre using. Its amazing !
  19. This is a very busy clip Andres. There are a lot of voices, sometimes speaking at once, as you say. Some very clear speech segments - the best Ive heard so far, compared to your previous Coherer experiments. I think this hardware change has captured the attention of those wanting to speak, and theyre all in wanting to have a go !
  20. Hi Ceci, Welcome to Varanormal. It is great to have you here. Im sure someone will be able to help with your question, as I myself dont own an iPhone. regards, JEFF
  21. Hi Andres, this is a great idea. DIY CCR. The noise characteristic is indeed different - more busy and less violent. Here is one segment within it where I heard a voice quite clearly - "wheres the plot?" Wheres the plot.mp3
  22. Hi Paul, I listened to your files and yes there are some voices there. I attach some edits of the ones youve posted, with my interpretations written in the file name. Good work. voices - I see one - the universe - engagement soon.mp3 Voices2 Hes unstoppable.mp3 Voices3 Ill be there at once.mp3
  23. Great circuit Andres. Youre getting some good results with it. Its morning here, and I was listening to the raw file (not fully awake). My mind heard (and drifted away with) the primordial sounds of wind, rain and thunder that I was hearing / experiencing. You have tapped into the energy sounds of nature. This is a great confirmation I think that youre heading in the right direction ! The voices have changed their characteristic, and dont seem to be riding the waves of sound in the same way they did. There is good pk modulation, but it seems frequency starved to me, so the intelligence cant form fully with limited spectra available. Definitely messages there. Here is a section I have played with a bit. export edited a bit.mp3
  24. Hi Andres, this is probably expected I guess, as the increased thermal agitation would tend to cancel inertia to external influences by making the switching of current paths more easy and likely to occur. Reminds me of my Radar days - where "jitter" (low freq noise) was added into servo motor dc control amplifiers, so to reduce the system's mechanical inertia, and make the gears respond to much smaller increments in control voltage, and hence be able to move the antenna in smaller increments. I remember turning the jitter up too much, and observing the antenna dish was trembling slightly like it had Parkinsons ! An idea I had just now is that it is possible to combine the pk stimulation effect of pulsing with this thermal agitational effect of bias, by pulsing the bias so there is a high peak bias current from the pulse, depending on the duty cycle used.
  25. I have tried this Lance. Used a red laser LED first as the light source, then a white LED. The receiver was a solar cell (which seemed to work better than a phototransitor or photodiode). The white LED seemed better than the laser, but not by much. I didnt rate this as greatly effective at gaining pk modulation, so didnt take it further. I think the results Sonia had with it were due to other factors which are not associated with this interface alone.
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