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  1. 1st evaluation of the preliminary Pentagon UFO-report: Pentagon report says UFOs can't be explained, and this admission is a big deal (theconversation.com) (attached PDF-document) Evaluation of Pentagon UFO report -1.pdf
  2. Any connections to "Enuma Elish" ? https://www.worldhistory.org/article/225/enuma-elish---the-babylonian-epic-of-creation---fu/ GISMO5367
  3. The preliminary report is here GISMO5067 Prelimary-Assessment-UAP-20210625.pdf
  4. Thnk you very much ! GISMO5367
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Zetas have asked that we get a list of questions from the public. These questions can cover any area. We will then respond in two ways. We will provide a verbatim text based response to the people (via this site). My questions to Zetas (Grey aliens /Zeta reticuli) through Paul Hamden 1. Paul Hamden and William Treurniet have now more than 6 years’ experience concerning The Zeta race, their mind and their manifestations. I think the main goal has been to develop good realtionship between them and our race and in this way also help us in our mental and spiritual develoment. This is repectable. However, when following the modes of operation of humans, it seems that this kind of ”evolution” migt take a very long time and for now the main real development is purely result of factual information. Thus, we need urgent practical measures and outside help in oder to solve those problems which are a real threat for our globe ( deforestation, climate change, pollution, extinction of animal and plant species and finally extinction of our own race). Do the Zetas have any ways to influence the course of things and events in the short term ? 2. Political and religious dogma are probably the main factors, which speed up the final collapse of our culture when practical problems emerge (including famine, nuclear war environmental destruction etc..). Which kind of ethical code do those Zeta beings have, with whom you communicate (circular answers and answers subject to interpretation are not accepted !) 3. How do you differentiate different Zeta subspecies according to their ethical code ( I don’t accept the division Good-bad-intermediate because my world view is not dualistic !). Please name or specify those Zetas who are benevolent, compassionane, kind and co-operative – beings who want to promote the positive development on our globe and good of humans – and respectively – those Zetas who are malevolent, selfish/cruel /mischievous, fraudulent and hope to distroy our race and take possession of the planet earth. 4. Do the Zetas have any ways to take us ( either in our physical or etheric body) with them to another viable planet (exoplanet) and in this way help the survival of human race. 5. Are the Zetas humans from our own future ? 6. During the Scole Experiment (http://www.thescoleexperiment.com) interdimensional beings (not from our own race ) were able to communicate with humans using trance mediums and methods used in EVP and ITC. ( See the document: The scole report : The Scole Report: Keen, Montague, Ellison, Arthur, Fontana, David: 9781908421005: Amazon.com: Books ). During this experiment independent scientists were allowed to join the sittings and in this way it was also witnessed that the phenomena were genuine. Is it possible to use the same mode of operation also in your seances in the future so that the results are documented and witnessed? 7. Answers related to Paul Hamden’s text on the Varanormal forum PH: Months ago i had someone contact me and demand that the zetas come to their house, he decided that he was mature enough for contact. Over many weeks, daily i was asked for contact and in the end i got a bit frustrated with it all and said "ok". I really wondered what was going to happen to this person. The next day I was contacted by a very scared person (The same individual) and he said. "Last night my wife and I were at home and we heard a noise outside. We then both moved towards the front door to look out side and we saw a being walking towards the house". They both then ran terrified and hid in their room. I said to him "What did you expect was going to happen?" He then said to me... "I want them to come back tonight, i promise i wont be scared" I said "You had your chance" Humans will never react the way they believe they will in contact...no matter how you believe you will. When they (gov) disclose, then there is a possibility that races may disclose as well. We have been told by the zetas that disclosure will NOT take the form humans want. As someone who works closely with the race and has had to develop so i could even be in their space (due to frequency differences) This took me two full years of training by them to achieve. To get to the point that i could even be with them for longer than a few minutes without being burnt. I know and so does the race that humans want contact in evidential ways. I ponder on what would happen to religious belief systems across the globe, the control mechanisms of governments.. if they did disclose fully. 8. Fear is an essential part of human life. It serves survival and is also useful in specific life situations. The most spontaneous reactions thinking wild animals when they meet us is fear and escape. The scenario is exactly the same than if we meet an alien. But we have also pets and also most humans are tamable and adaptable. We have fear of pain, fear of sickness and fear of unknown + many other fears. This is normal and acceptable. According to the occult lore, the most effective method entities like demons, the race of Jinn and also grey aliens ( some species of them?) probably use in oder to manipulate humans – is fear, amnesia and confusion . This has been clearly witnessed for example in John Mack’s document ”Alien abductions” as well as as in W. Streiberg’s book ”Communion”: Communion: A True Story: Strieber, Whitley: 9780061474187: Amazon.com: Books Are Fear, amnesia and confusion part of those methods your Zetas are using when communicating with us? Why the attitude of Zetas is (sometimes ?) arrogant and cheeky as documented in almost all alien abductions ? But as humans we can also overcome our fears and maintain rational thinking in strange situations Apollo 11's Scariest Moments: Perils of the 1st Manned Moon Landing | Space PH: But let me finish on this note. If you or anyone as a person had spent many years developing contact and it had supported hundreds of people to wellness, and you had also had evidential contact with others with you. Would you place in jeopardy the beings you work with to make them evidence themselves by coming here and landing in this hostile environment? (even for just for a few people?) Think about this, because I must take responsibility for any being who is injured or craft harmed. I don't think that people really understand in any way how races think, and what responsibility we have as experiences to those races in our contact. If they had never come, landed and been seen by others I would fully understand why people should question my contact. But at some point the calls for the race to evidence themselves seems to never end. Example: They come and evidence themselves to a group of 4 people, two of those people cant stay conscious in the contact and so pass out. The other two are in altered states due to frequency issues, afterwards they acknowledge they had an encounter. Then, next month another group demand evidence. Where does it end? Who is sufficient as a evidential witness for contact? (that the planet would fully agree that was evidential) Lastly, The Zetas have said to us "It will never be enough" and they mean that no matter what they do it wont be enough for humanity. But thanks for your post it is certainly interesting. 9. If the Zetas really want to interact with humans and help us in those SERIOUS global problems we have created through our own activities (described above), they are intelligent, wise and compassionate enough to do that for example lowering their own vibration level in order to meet us in their physical bodies (which they – according to the reports – probably can do). Telepathic communication lasting for years doesn’t help very much if there is no result ( physical interaction). And as I said earlier: Our globe needs urgent help! Otherwise, if the Zetas want to take possession of our globe and supersed our race, they can easily do that. The last scenario is that there are no aliens, no Zetas and we are alone with our problems following only our own evolution and destination which is unknown. What is Zeta’s answer to these questions? 10. Your free answers and summary related to these questions GISMO5367
  6. COMMENTS There is a conflict between that information provided for example By Dr. J Mack [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_E._Mack] and Budd Hopkins in their books related to Alien abductions and those peaceful Zetas trance medium Mr. Hamden is channelling. This opposition needs an explanation and critical comments are welcome. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are around 63 specific races that make up the Gray species. It was easier for me to then understand the differences between information or actions of races when I realized this. There is a lot of information available at the moment concerning the mind and actions of extraterrestrials, especially the grey aliens (Zeta reticuli). Except the valuable information provided by Paul Hamden and William Treurniet there are also other sources which reveal detailed and accurate information concerning this alien race. An interesting text is for example the attached document ”Alien mind”. Otherwise, trained and experienced ufologists ( many of them have dedicated their whole life for these studies) have so far been unable to provide not a single one example or case report about the physical evidence of extraterrestrial visitors ( close encounter of the third kind - contact) which fulfill the criteria of scientific evidence. If there are more than sixty Grey species, some of them good and compassionate, others bad and unreliable or something in between, we need to follow the operating principles accepted a long time ago in spiritism, Ouja sessions and occult sciences: We need to cofirm and prove the true identity and intentions of the communicating entities and in this case that they are really Grey Aliens / Zetas and above all that they are independent beings, not from our own race and not productions of our own mind or our (collective) subconsciousness. We need also prove and witness, how the Zetas manifest in their etheric and physical bodies. There i also a lot of pooled data showing their physical manifestations ( see for example the attached document ”Passport to Magonia) Keeping the above presented conflict in mind, I will add some comments to Paul Hamden’s text on the forum as follows: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I see in the discussion extract that there is a suggestion that medical practitioners and scientists should be involved in the communication processes to validate or dispute my mediumship. Yes, this is necessary if we hope to get more intelligent and sentient people to tell openly their real opinions on the forum without violating good manners. When Paul and William have now established good relationship and co-operation with Zetas over the years, it is expected that the Zetas decide to reveal themselves in some way independently without the immediate help and support of a trance medium. This type of contact should happen either privately or in front of the public in the presence of independent observers . These ”observers should be for example leading SPR spr.ac.uk | members (scientists) and some of them should be practicing psychologists and psychiatrists who are familiar with hypnotic regression therapy as well as multiple personalities. They should also have first-hand information and experience as far as alien abductions are concerned. Without this kind of confirmation the evidence provided is based only on mental impressions, opinions and hearsays and has no permanent probative value. What isn't known by the public is that on two occasions I allowed a team of 8 or so scientists and others to sit and discuss with the zetas through myself for three hour period. This was a very intense process and was also very successful. At one point they asked that a zeta appear in the room and within a minute or so two scientists outside of the room came in startled and said they had seen "an alien" (which i thought was amusing) I look forward to the disclosure process for UAP so we can all move forward in the conversations. Regards >>> If scientists OUTSIDE the seance room saw an alien but not the other people who were present, this is not real evidence. What did those scientists actually see and what did the aliens say and in which form did they manifest ? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My suggestions: Conditions for co-operation with the (grey) aliens (Zetas) - We need to convince ourselves also of the physical evidence of the Zeta race using scientific methods - Because Trance mediums like Paul Hamden are able to communicate with Zetas, we possibly might suggest them (through Paul), that they do something concrete in our practical life (like in The Scole experiment) in oder to show their independent physical existence. Otherwise, they should tell us, how to act either personally or as a group or team, in order to contact them in their physical bodies in a particular agreed environment or under certain conditions. - Supposed that the alien beings (Zetas) are transcendent as far as their intelligence and knowledge are concerned, we as humans are quite helpless if they are not co-operative and favorable to us. If they have negative intentions, contact with them might be even dangerous. - People should also use their experience, critical thinking, common sense and everyday logic when trying to differentiate real evidence from hoaxes ,lies, wishful thinking and superstition. They should not accept everything straight away ( believers and followers). - We should remember, that as humans we might also have specific features and character traits which the Zetas don’t have ( passion, specific instincts, real emotions and the ability to feel and love or hate). Thus, we should deal with them equally without any inferiority, ask shameless and straightforward questions and - best of all - develop friendship with them, if this is possible. - The governments should reveal all hidden evidence related to UFOs and alien encounters to the general public – especially concrete physical evidence. Thus, I am eagerly waiting Pentagon new report at the end of this month (?) related to US navy footage concerning their documented alien crafts (UFOs/USOs). GISMO5367 alien-mind.pdf Passport to Magonia-1.pdf
  7. Thank You Paul for your feedback and when participating in the discussion on Varanormal forum. I highly appreciate your work as a trance medium and I am fully aware of the fact that without the support and help of trance mediums like you, any kind of research work related to "the preservation of consciousness after bodily death" as well as attempts to contact interdimensional beings - like aliens - would be impossibly. Already in 2017 I had a conversation with William Treurniet related to this topic. The main problems concerning The Zetas (grey aliens) we met during this correspondence, are presented in the attachments below. EXTRACTS FROM THE CORRESPONDENCE BETEWEEN JK and WT 6-2017.pdf J-Rod-1.pdf ALIEN TISSUE AND FLUID SAMPLES (2).pdf
  8. Mr Hamden will be the guest speaker on the Zammit Global group on Sun/Mond depending on where you live,  I can give you details if interested.  All of our groups are free.



    1. GISMO5367


      Thank you very much. Monday is my working day but I am very happy to listen his presentation at any convenient time. 


  9. Please see also my post 20.4.2021 / Ufology / Zetas There is a conflict between that information provided for example By Dr. J Mack [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_E._Mack] and Budd Hopkins in their books related to Alien abductions and those peaceful Zetas trance medium Mr. Hamden is channelling. This opposition needs an explanation and critical comments are welcome. GISMO5367
  10. GREY ALIEN FILMED BY KGB George Fedorovskiy's answer 15.6.2021: It was filmed in a way that could not be filmed in the Soviet Union. The very manner of shooting is very different from that adopted in those years (For example, you can search on YouTube for any Soviet documentary chronicles). The colors of the picture are also questionable. The recording itself is very clean, obviously not digitized, but originally created on a computer (In my opinion). Well, the symbols used only remind the Soviet ones, while they are not. The index of the document being referenced at the end also looks strange. In general, even if I am wrong about something, I will be right about other points. Most likely, my colleagues have long disassembled this video and studied its history and may have learned the origin, the authors, but I have never been fond of such videos. If you want, I can ask around. In the meantime, I express my personal opinion. Perhaps someone trained their skills in CGI. A very popular video is a video with ball lightning allegedly flying alongside railway tracks somewhere in modern Russia. It was not only a training of abilities by a novice CGI artist, but also it was not Russia, but Belarus. However, many specialists, including our professional physicists, who have been studying ball lightning for many years, were convinced of its reality. GISMO5367
  11. Very interesting. The only problem (for me) is Russian language which I don't master at all (although Finland and Russia are neighbouring countries ) . Very sad - but I can ask Stanislav Ermakov or George Fedorovskiy about the "scientific evidence" of that video "grey Alien filmed by KGB", which I uploaded on Varanormal web site (UFOLOGY section) earlier (6.3.2021) GISMO5367
  12. The following links among others provoke questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBOC-mss9jE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz-6jRrbtuI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ousWgSIPbwE New Video Raises More UFO Questions Ahead of Pentagon Report Release - YouTube https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/experts-weigh-in-on-pentagon-ufo-report/ https://time.com/6071397/ufo-study/ GISMO5367
  13. I try to be careful. I will show you the result when I am ready. I am just reading "The Scole Report". There is very little information about the Germanium receptor itself in the report - not even the circuit diagram. Otherwise it is a critical and scientific evaluation about the phenomena. Very good and interesting and worth reading.
  14. Hi Jeff. I have also now the basic building blocks for the Germanium receptor V1 type version. It took time to get germanium crystals from Italy. They are irregular, very clear and light and I am considering now how to process them in order to get an oblong small block according to the diagram presented in Solomon's book. ( in a jewelery shop or at home using a small grinder - only your opinion)? Robin Foy seems to be silent at the moment and is not responding. Maybe I still try to reach some other people in his team.... GiSMO5367
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