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  1. There is a lot of information related Jane Roberts and Seth material. Some of her books are also free to download in The internet. Try for exampe this URL: https://ia801607.us.archive.org/20/items/PdfsSethMaterial/seth-janeRoberts-theUnknownReality_volii.pdf GISMO5367
  2. Hi Jeff, Thank you for your suggestions and help ! Unfortunately I am very busy with "normal work" at the beginning of the coming week but try to reach Robin Foy. When following Robin' s diary related to The Scole Experiment ("Witnessing the impossible"), in one comment he mentioned, that the Scole team excluding professor Arthur Ellison was not very familiar with electronics . If Robin is not reachable or he feels that he is not competent to give an answer, one idea came into my mind: When following the Scole reports, I canclearly see, that communication between the Scole group and
  3. Hi Andres, After reading your post (above), "The Seth Material" unavoidably came into my mind. Seth is a spirit and below is his message to us related to "the dreams" http://www.bahaistudies.net/asma/sethbooks3.pdf -> See: Dreams https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Roberts -> Reference Good night ! [ 11:17 p.m local time in Finland] GISMO5367
  4. Thank you for your post Jeff. I will investigate the material presented in "The Scole Report" (when I get that) and try to contact Robin Foy using some detour or different email address or whatever I develop in my mind. Meanwhile, when waiting some feedback from his side, I try to build my copy of the T.D.C. device and will present the construction later on our forum. The amplifier is still a problem and I ask your opinion " what is the best existing model /construction for this purpose ? It seems that receiving paranormal messages / voices is possible also when connecting the Germanium recept
  5. Im going to get into trouble suggesting this...BUT, Im wondering if the gigantic minds here, are sort of shooting in all directions, therefore may never come to any sort of useful conclusion on Spirit Communications. Im wondering if we should set a goal, the one way that we feel is the best way to get to the goal of perfect spirit communication, and all work towards it. I understand that this may not be possible, as people like to work on their own theories, and do it quietly on their own...but what the hell, I like to stir the pot. ------------------------------------
  6. Hi Wagner, I can clearly recognize human speech from your audio clip, but it is difficult to differentiate the separate words. Some speech recognition softwares and other sophisticated computer programs possibly could extract the real message from artefactsBoccuzziBeischel2011JSE25ITC (3).pdf. The attached article is interesting. Cheers, GISMO5367
  7. The phenomena which manifested during The Scole Experiment were so rare and extraordinary that it doesn't matter in which way they were produced if they were genuine. Of course, as thinking and rational persons, we are very keen to know how all this happened ! GISMO5367
  8. A really good summary based on recently collected information !
  9. I fully understand and agee your idea and are with you as far as your experiences are concerned especially thinking one type of radio voices . What about If the white noise is mixed with a weak foreign langue picked from some radio station and suddenly you hear somebody repeating your own name and directing a question to you using your own language ( = the "voice introduces him/herself to you)? Then we have again a new big problem ( -> according to the literature this has happened to EVP-researchers repetedly ) - and some Adres', and Jeff's audio clips on this forum confirm the same fact a
  10. How is your electron photo method working in practice ( especially thinking transmission of messages/audio signals between the dimensions). Any practical examples like audio clips ? GISMO5367
  11. >>> I am fully aware that co-operation and communication with spirit entities is full of surprises. Because "they" are (according to my opinion) "intelligent and sentient concentrations of energy" , they don't necessarily submit to our trial arrangements and might be suddenly unpredictable if our attitude or emotions are against their own ethical code or if our principle is not reaonable. Maybe, this might for their part explain the problem why controlled scientific experiments are so difficult especially in parapsychology and a occult sciences. For example, When I am assembling the
  12. Thank you Jeff and Andres for your valuable feedback . I also try to gather more information related to the setup the Scole group used when the germanium receptor was operating and producing voices and information ( Germanium receptor - amplifier - tape recorder connections). Please see attached pages copied from Solomons' and Robin Foy's books. ( AMPLIFIER-1 is from Solomons' book and AMPLIFIER-2 from Robin Foy's diary) When contacting Jane Solomon, I heard, that she and her husband Grant never joined Scole sessions. Thus, first hand information is available only in the scientific report
  13. Thank you very much Jeff for those photographs representing Salvi's receptor and the other attachment! Unfortunately, I have been busy at work ("bread and butter job" ) the whole day but during the weekend I try to get an answer to those questions you mentioned in your last message and write to Robin Foy. I also have one unanswered question related to my "gismo": "The screw in the germanium receptor - made of which material ? ( stainless steel or Iron ?). As far as I can remember different iron alloys have different electrical conductivity and this might matter. In the original model of the ge
  14. Hi Jeff and other Varanormal members who are interested, Finally I yesterday ordered / purchased two of the following items from USA: POTTER & BRUMFIELD LM5 RELAY * NEW NO BOX * | eBay They are actually vintage but unused 5000 ohm relays (see attached images). There is a coil inside and i think I get access to that after dismantling the relay. According to my opinion, these coils are very near to that model which was used in the original germanium receptor. It was very difficult to find out similar 5000 ohm separate coils from The Internet. I also checked the followi
  15. Do you think you could find out about the amplifier used with the scole unit - in light of what I mentioned about it functioning without the receptor unit being connected? >>> I will read the original documents available concerning The Scole Experiment itself (especially Robin Foys records concerning the sessions and Solomons’ book) or use Google or some other search engine. I have most of the books related to Scole material in my library. I will respond later. Hi Jeff, With reference to the amplifier question (above), please check the link: Trans-Dimensional
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