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  1. Thank you Steve and Andres for your wise comments. I think, Steve's idea sharing new information and discoveries between different platforms might be more productive and useful than repeatedly try to offer your work to a greatly appreciated international Journal and get frustrated because of that. One way might be to create your/our own on-line electronic database, which is well protected but available for external researchers and interested parties ( see "research "for example in https://www.ipati.org or homepage WorldITC ). I think proofreading is best suited for people whose native language is English. Thinking the content, evidence, methodology and general criticism, I am always ready to help . As far as methodology is concerned , according to my nopinion, the attached PDF document is a good attempt to improve these aspects i parapsychological research. GISMO5367 METHODOLOGY AND MEDIUMSHIP.pdf
  2. No problem ! I only hope that this information helps you in your own research work.
  3. I am also eagerly waiting your results Lance. Meanwhile, I collected some links related to Sonia Rinaldi. Sonia Rinaldi and Thalis didn't give any results (Thalis' family name is not mentioned anywhere). Moreover, I didn't find first hand information related to Light Bridge V4 technology (circuit diagram provided by Thalis). Regardelss of that, I found a huge amount of a very interesting information related to EVP and ITC. But if you are going through these links, maybe the technical information is also hidden somewhere there. GISMO5367 SONIA RINALDI LINKS.docx SONIA RINALDI LINKS.pdf
  4. Thank you Karyn very much for your feedback ! And then there is "The Race of The Jinn". I have lived in The Arab World at least 15 years of my life and know what I am talking about. Many people in this part of the world take the concept "Jinn" seriously ! The following book is worth reading ( Contents and foreword are included in the attached BDF-document). GISMO5367 https://www.amazon.com/Legends-Fire-Spirits-Genies-Zanzibar-ebook/dp/B07P4DKBFY FIRE SPIRITS.pdf
  5. I see that many people have met "negative energy" in their work with the spirits on the forum ( Tuyma/post 11.11.2020, Andres, Karyn among others). Anabela Cardoso also mentions about that problem in her book " Electronic voices" ( please see attached PDF-document). Different protection methods might be useful, but according to the ancient occult lore, counterattack and direct use of force may also work ( methods used in ceremonial magic, voodoo, certain shamanistic techniques etc.). If the situation gets worse, maybe there is somebody on the forum, who possibly masters some these techniques and is willing to help! GISMO5367 NEGATIVE ENERGY-1.pdf
  6. Your post is really interesting and thought -provoking as well as Steve Glanz's evaluation. Structural recording and standard protocols are very good ideas. Thinking EVP/ICT work and publication, (1) Electronic documents might be much more illustrative to the reader than mere paper prints. I mean that, for example, if we are dealing with EVP, PDF documents where you use your audio files ( MP3-files) as "references" would be very informative ( = clicking a specific highlighted area /file name in the text, brings the real audio file on the screen with wave pad or some other audio processing software the reader has, and thereafter s/he can return to the original text and continue reading. In this way the reader can be convince of the reliability of the audio file and even test that. I know, that this method works, but I have not seen that used in scientific writing yet. (2) Acceptance of the manuscript in an international journal: Is sometimes a line drawn in water. Based on some of my own experiences, in one journal one referees might fully accept the manuscript and two others not - it is probably rejected. In one journal all the referees say, that your chosen statistical method is wrong and without changing anything, in some other journal surprisingly, everything is OK and they are ready publish your study. Sometimes statistician, who is one of the authors might have a different opinion about the statistical method used than the referee, who also happens to be a statistician. The other referees are not statisticians and don't understand anything related to statistics. This all means, that also in mainstream science nothing is absolutely right or wrong and there might be different unjustified "opinions", that decide. I think in EVP work statistics is not a priority to show evidence, because very much depends also on the experimenter and his "mind" and also on the "mind" of the communicators on the other side which also might behave in unpredictably. Thus , according to my opinion, descriptive and carefully documented studies are enough and probably the best choice in EVP/ICT work. (3) Co-operation on Varanormal forum is very important: The best scenario -> Analyzing and processing "the best quality audio files" many people have been able to produce and then publishing these results, might give a lot new information and also clarify the nature of that reality, from where these voices come and which kind of entities are behind them ( deceased humans / aliens/ robots or something else...) ? I hope to help you Andres in your efforts to publish your material, maybe some day also publish something related to EVP by myself. GISMO 5367
  7. I sent an email to Andres a moment ago and asked my questions. Please, feel free to contact him or me at any time, if needed related to this project !
  8. Hi Karyn, One idea came into my mind: I see, that at the moment many of us (including myself) - passionately try to discover new methods in order to produce and process EVP messages more effectively. The main purpose in this scenario is understandably to develop a working connection between us and the communicators in the spirit world. If the spirits -through trance mediums - kindly could help us in some way to discover a working (electronic) and repeated method how to build and use these new devices - this might be an advance. I specifically think about Andres Ramos and many other like minded people on the forum. If this kind of information emerges during the sittings / seances, this would be very valuable for those people who are studying electronic voices. This possibly sounds childish and silly but has been proved successful in many cases when following the history of parapsychology and physical mediumship. GISMO5367
  9. Hi Karyn, I have not heard anything about T.A. Edison's activity recently, but when following the history of spiritism, those prominent and in their own way famous persons like Myers, Lodge, Edison, Tesla, Arthur Conan Doyle among others, have occasionally (in the past) joined the debate during seances expressing themselves (through trance mediums). It might be really interesting to discuss with them again - if this is possible in our days... GISMO5367
  10. Please, try also the link: THE GERMANIUM RECEPTOR - Audio - Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) - VARANORMAL.COM -> and from there the Word file "EDISON AND THE CHOST MACHINE". From this file you will find the same information as in the PDF-document "EXTRACT - EDISON AND THE LIGHT BRIDGE" Maybe, in this way you can bypass/skip your anti virus software GISMO5367
  11. Beacause I am not an expert in electronics or optics, I am only pleased, if I could bring some technical information / ideas which are possibly included in these images and articles !?
  12. Gismo, please read my statement regarding PCBs for the LIght Bridge.

    Do I have your blessing to include your upgrades?

    1. GISMO5367


      I sent you a personal message a moment ago !


  13. Thank you very much Lance for your advice, profound explanation, and especially the attached video. I have now a plan to download wave pad, argolunar and voice segments and learn their specifications and operating principles. I will also record signal from my Germanium receptor and try to process that data. If something interesting manifest, I will present that on the forum. At the moment I am mainly interested in EVP which is not dependent on radio signal ( electromagnetic wave motion) and not subject to interpretation in this sense. I have also decided, that I don't accept those paranormal voices, which are not audible and understandable also for ordinary people after processing the audio file or without that. This is one method of exclusion in my strivings to show, that the sounds I possibly hear, are not the result of my own wishful thinking or pure hallucinations. I don't deny the existence of clairaudience, which is, however, subjective, but only try to collect evidence based information. GISMO5367
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