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  1. Haha , Vielen dank für ihre Antwort ! Ein sprachbegabtes Kerl bin ich do ! aber schreiben das ist ein weiteres paar ärmel "haha"
  2. Hello , do you have any notice on a medium today who can see ones past lives and see and name your guides ? thank U so much
  4. Great to have U here ,, as u can give us advice what to buy , and not to lose to much money on so called working ghost boxes gutten dank josh
  5. welcome Bud , hope to get drunk with what u share on varanormal ( lol )
  6. welcome to the world of wonders bye
  7. Hola , great to hear about the greatest medium on earth good luck all
  8. salut , e bon courage ! josh
  9. ellow buurman , het ga je goed ! bye
  10. Hello Varanians, I would like to thank the administrators of this site for us to be able to share on the varanormal I am new to this page and wanted to say "hello" I am a 58 years old male from Belgium, and my spirit is into all paranormal-normal. I had since young a feeling of being not from this world , but from somewhere else ya know ! I believe in life before and afterlife , guides , aliens and all mythical ! I hope to have a great time sharing ( i understand English , French , German , flemish )so If you want to react on my behalf pls do as you like R ther more people into aliens , afterlife -experiences ?? pls feel free to let me know ! note ;I am looking for a medium who could tell me about my life before and bring me into contact with my Guide ! thx , bless ya all joshua
  11. Could it be done by a kind of remote viewing ? In vibravision , where they learn blind people to see with the 3d eye to see colors, obstacles drive a car etc .. i have seen children blindfolded answering what was written before ! Or could be with the help of a demon or a ghost friend like the guy in America got talent ! but still , seems amazing !
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