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  1. Many years ago I was skeptical of these types of methods . Eventually I started experimenting with similar sounds and my spirit team came through and took my skepticism away. Mainstream science will always be quick to use the "pareidolia" word, but that's because they don't understand the connection between the experimenter and the spirit team. Wonderful, validating messages can be received this way. I really like the use of a tube, I never thought of that and I think it's an excellent idea! Thanks for sharing the video Andres! Cheers, Sharon
  2. I listened to all of the files and do hear some interesting comments, but I also need to clarify that my allergies are bad this time of year and it impacts my hearing. That said, I just wanted to comment that file #10 sounds to me like, "Edison will work around you". Anyone else hear that?
  3. Thank you Ron - I was able to watch the video!
  4. Thank you Andres for your kind offer, and your permission to use the audio from your experiments - I appreciate it very much! I will definitely be following your work with the carbon. I think the energy you put into your prototype and the spiritual influence has a positive impact on your results. Perhaps even more so than someone else without the infused energy. As things progress, If there ever comes a day that you need collaborators to test, count me in! I'd love to help out Cheers! Sharon
  5. This is what happens when I click on the above links: Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again. Contact Us
  6. Thanks for the audio Ron - great results! Definitely heard the responses. Very interested to hear if any German came through! (btw, the video link didn't show up for me, said I may need to sign in . . which I was)
  7. So bummed that I can't watch the video! ~Sharon
  8. I work with sound files to help facilitate my communication with spirit, so I do enjoy following this thread - and the blog, I'm sure, as it develops. Unfortunately, my electronic skills aren't sufficient enough to create my own prototypes, but I definitely enjoy following the collaboration and progress. And of course, cheering on the achievements! Sharon
  9. Your research with carbon is very insightful and thought-provoking. Perhaps Edison is inspiring you. From my EVP messages I gather that Tesla and Edison have put aside their differences from life and do work together with ITC practitioners.
  10. Very interesting and praiseworthy results! I look forward to hearing more.
  11. I'm actually working on something similar using the EVPM, but will continue to work with the Audacious method to see if it can produce similar results. Using my current method, spirit is able to come through in real-time, say a few words, and then it slips back into EVPs. They seem to do this by creating real-time chatter in the background of a non vocal file. I've been aware of Arizona EVP's SpiritRON for a few years. Very impressed with the real-time communication. I really enjoyed a Halloween video he once posted of trick- or- treaters talking with spirit through his method! Your mylar foil method sounds very intriguing. I'd like to hear audio of the sound it created, any posts on this forum?
  12. Thanks for listening Andres. I sincerely appreciate your kind remarks! I just did a little noise reduction using Wavpad. Here is a longer clip before I fully isolated the message and then used light noise reduction. https://app.box.com/s/ub1f1fwjnd8rvuboq2tk0d91wdxg6zmi
  13. I appreciate your comment Lance! Thank you for listening. Cheers, Sharon
  14. Very clear responses Lance! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Sharon
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