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  1. Michael, I did reply via email; regarding this experimental software. Thank you Kevin
  2. So sorry to hear this Karyn. I wasn't aware she had shared some sort of graphic images(at least that's what it sounds like). I guess I just don't understand "why" anyone would do that honestly; and her, being an animal lover shocks me. But I certainly understand why you feel the way you do regarding said issue. Take care and bless!
  3. Yes, I definitely see the duck Michael; which has me scratching my head and wondering why spirit would send an image of a duck or especially a mouse? But there are definitely some amazing images captured here my friend. The smoothing out of the images seems to help them become even more noticeable to me as well. Great work! Not to go off topic, but I wanted to inquire regarding the progress of the "machine learning/A.I." audio experiments? I really felt that was quite a useful audio stream for EVP communication. Take care and many blessings!
  4. Definitely good...and I can say that it just so happens that the first image you shared, was one that I spotted as it formed. Nice!
  5. Well, that's what experimenting's all about my friend. I have found when doing some of my water ITC, that some images when mirrored actually seemed to make for some interesting images. Keep up the good work my friend.
  6. Hello Michael, A couple of things I've noticed here...first, is that there seems to be a base pattern; almost a mirroring like image, and second...the images that seems to come out of it seem almost as if from an Aztec design? Very interesting.
  7. My interest in this device is truly peaked! Looks amazing!
  8. Hello Michael,

    This is Kevin Himes from Kevin's Spirit Communication & Research(YT channel).  After listening to your latest audio experiment during the live feed earlier, I was very impressed as to just how clear much of the communication seemed to be. I recorded the 3min of audio that Keith played, and saved it. After the live feed, I decided to see, just out of curiosity, what would become of that recorded audio if I applied the KRISP software; and in doing so, I noticed what was being heard in the live feed was cleared up even more it seemed. No doubt that the audio as a stand alone experiment will be very productive, I'm curious to see if applying the KRISP to stream 8 and running some questions by my spirit team, if I will get direct responses and communication. I'm betting so. I will share results on my YT channel of course. Thanks once again for all your hard work. 


    1. Michael Lee

      Michael Lee


      Thanks for your participation in last night's broadcast and continued experimentation with KRISP on the recordings / stream. I also appreciate all of your early support and videos I've learned from. 


    2. Kevin Himes

      Kevin Himes

      No need to thank me my friend. You are the brains and I'm just a guy in love with experimenting within the ITC field. I just love it when something comes along that seems to improve within the communications side of it. 

         I truly enjoyed the discussion and with your machine learning/AI project, I've found it to be one of the more productive audios for EVP experiments that I've worked with yet; so thank you for that. And thanks for the response here. 


      Kevin Himes

  9. I've had this app, used it, and gotten very good audio and visual results. I no longer have this on my laptop but went to download again, but it seems Martin may have taken it down from his website. It doesn't show as "free" or "paid for" as of April 29, 2021.
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