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"A next world" An ITC novel from Miguél Ángel García Cabrerizo

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I want to drag everyone's attention to the book „A next world“ from Miguél Ángel García Cabrerizo that is available at Amazon here:


While there are some books out there about the history of ITC and the devices to be used and all the different techniques and methods, there is none as far as I know that comes across in the shape of a novel.

Despite this book unrolls a story that is so palpable because of its simplicity to grab, it widens into the deep and misty realm of the spiritual that is so difficult to touch.

The author shows a lot of autobiographic element in his story where the main protagonist Miguel is an empathetic person in his elderly days who, very naturally, stands at the border to face a deeper view into the meaning of life as it naturally occurs to many people when death comes nearer. So it is easy for the reader to identify himself with Miguel.

The plot of the story is the death of his long forgotten friend Daniel who is described as a merely closed person with many secrets he hided before the world. Miguel inherits the legacy of his deceased friend and it turns out that this heritage consists of the documentation of various instrumental transcommunication experiments Daniel did for decades. While taking over this heritage a journey starts for Miguel where more and more unknown facets of his deceased friend unfold and Miguel finds out that his own questions upon life were deeply entangled with the shadow of his deceased friend.

An important encounter is Miguels contact with Vanisha, a person who was very close to Daniel. In the flow of the story it becomes visible that the red line of the narrative follows the dialog between the three protagonists’ Miguel, Vanisha and Daniel, while the latter, as a deceased person, talks in the shape of the ITC session logs Miguel is reading. The fascination of this story comes through the different roles these three characters are playing. Miguel is the searcher, who is looking for answers to questions he yet feels unable to formulate. Vanisha, due to her ethnic and buddhist background is incorporating the oneness with god, the promise of a personal spiritual evolvement after it is fulfilled. Daniel is a character like Dr. Faust in Mephisto. His driving force is pain or even more lack of something he desperately desires and such is the tragic that unrolls based on the descisions of a being with a free will that is mislead by suffering. To the reader these characters appear as different facets of one soul, which could be the soul of everyyone of us. It is particulary this easy matching with our own facets and shadows that makes the book so tangible and the story so deep going.

It becomes even more tangible as the author addresses all the big questions and pitfalls that are aligned along the way of personal spiritual evolvement, The doubts, the fear, the greed for knowledge, the grief and unbearable pain of loosing beloved ones, the possible tragic power of free will decisions, the hope for a better world. Almost incidentally the author places known cosmological elements of the structure of what we call the hereafter in the story and tells us the way ITC works.

The end of the book is outstanding in the way it states clearly that ITC is nothing but a way to open a spiritual path that has to be walked on with a lot of courage and the will of dancing with your own shadow. Otherwise you will fail but still failing is part of the success. So in the end Miguel makes a decision for his spiritual path different from the one that his friend Daniel made and this is the main message of this book; we all can make decisions apart from heritages we get and the fate that accompanies us. It is always our decision and our way.

Let me say one last word. Anything can be great by describing it’s nature, by explaining its benefits, its meaning. But really important something only becomes if one tells a story about it and this is what Miguél Ángel García Cabrerizo did, he told a story about ITC.

Well done Miguél!

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