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I joined the forum a month ago. I'm just a software engineer. No experience at all with the technologies you all discuss here. I retired (a little early) last year. The plan was to travel the U.S.A and Canada in our campervan after my husband recovered from his back surgery. Instead he got cancer and took his journey to the flipside in April.  We both believed in the afterlife because, well, science. Never bought into the scary stuff. We just figured there are people on the spirit-side wanting to make contact. And so now, my passing interest has become more of a deep dive, looking for ways to ease the soul-crushing pain.  Thank you for all of the great information.

Question from a novice: Are there any iPhone apps that are worth getting for the purposes of spirit communications? 

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Welcome Ceci ! I don't have an iPhone either but be sure your path to spirituality does not depend on the type of smartphone you own.

Even we are a community, everyone here found his own way into the spiritual world or is looking for it. I'd recommend you should browse a bit through all the topics we have worked upon here and still do and let your intuition decide which one attracts you mostly.

Feel free to ask anyone here in the forum for explanations and help. There are so many things you can try out!


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Welcome, Ceci. So sorry for your loss. We all find our way through them as we can. The scary stuff isn't for me either and seems very over used, especially for ratings on various types of networks. Many things we may view as scary, but in my experience, it's usually a lack of understanding:)

I've tried lots of apps for android but can't really speak to how accurate or real any are. I continue to try different methods, but none are as true as our own experiences, feelings, and intuition:)

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Hi Ceci, thank you so much for joining us!

There is not an app I can recommend that I am aware of as currently being published. Some in the community say Echovox works well, but it didn't stick for me.

Our recommendation is to visit the live YouTube stream 24/7 - which will give you live sound as well as live pictures in 2 forms.

We're much more of a mindset that this type of work can be researched anywhere we are, so a cell phone seems to now be our tool of choice. Please also check in with the live audio streams at the top of this site. They change all the time, and changes aren't published.

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Hi Ceci, Welcome and there is a plethora of information here and adding everyday.  You may like to also check out AfterlifeData.com.  We have a banner for them, the amount of information they  have on their site is enviable.  They also sponsor Voices across the Veil a research based group, perhaps you may like to check that out on their site.

And of course do visit our 24 hour streams on YouTube.

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