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Friday night I left my basic Sony recorder hidden in a church very local to me here. On reviewing the recording I have discovered some anomalies, some OK and some not so OK. However there was no one present in the church at the time and the recordings where taken between 1 a/m & 4 a/m. It would be rewarding to have some feedback regarding these uploads, what do you think the voices are saying and what do you think the banging sounds are. I don't really seem to receive as much feedback from members, why I don't know so please let's have some more feedback. Strange flapping .mp3

Movement 2.mp3 Wind.mp3 Movementpossdoor.mp3 Voices2.mp3 voices.mp3 Voices 3.mp3

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Hi Paul, very Intriguing EVP....     I hear A old English voice of a Lady in (voices 438.78KB) sound to me like..........   "Anyone! At 100, will be ???" Can't make out the last  bit.

For the other (voice at 172.45Kb) I hear "help her...  where's is he" sounds like the same lady as in the first one at the end.


I don't know what the noises are??  But very interesting to hear.
Thanks for sharing Paul.... What are you hearing on these recordings?
Take care, Lance


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Paul, I am sorry you are not receiving feedback from members as much as you would prefer.  The sad reality of life in 2021 we have become a tick and flick society.

I co-hosted a global free meeting yesterday that the speaker shocked us with the latest figures our attention span according to David Lorimer is 8 seconds.  We know that attention span has dropped significantly as we have seen it in the analytics of our YouTube.  People no longer are really interested in one hour long presentations.

At my age I weep for as I watch human decline.

Please still keep posting it is wonderful people like you who do, while some of us have to keep the organisation viable at least while we are in the building stages.

Ps - I would not have thought a church to have an "interesting night life".  Good on you for thinking of a place little would.  It proves we are surely not alone, well done.

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Paul, these are great! Were you able to replicate the banging sounds to figure out what they could be? I would test things in the space to see if we could find the source and replicate each noise. Do you also have video recordings to see if you spot any movement or shadows? I'd love to see them too, if you do. What do you hear with the voices? 

Voices.mp3 .. I hear a younger voice, sounds like "I need one..." another word ... then what sounds like "religion"

Voices3... I hear a deep whisper "Help me" and then a female or younger voice after, but I can't quite make out what's being said 

These are really good recordings! You're definitely doing great work and catching some amazing things! Bravo!

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I agree with Karyn! Keep posting! This site is still new and more and more people will find it and begin participating. It is more active now than when it first began and will become increasingly so:) Hang in there. Many of us will see, respond, and work together here. You're among friends and like-minded people here

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