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  1. Addendum To FIle(s). I took a slice from 33.63 - 43.63 seconds because I heard the word Twitter towards the end. 33.63-43.63.wav
  2. Well you definitely got a name. Its in the 3rd section I posted. I also like Tom's title as well. Ron
  3. And finally, from 37.31 to the end of the audio file: 37.31-END.wav
  4. Third section from 30.56 to 37.31 seconds: I like this section. 30.56-37.31.wav
  5. This is from 15.50 seconds to 32.76 seconds: 15.50-32.76.wav
  6. Here is the first filtered section starting from the beginning of the clip to 17.42 seconds: 0.00-17.42.wav
  7. Greetings Claudia, I'm glad you stopped by to visit and hope your time here is well spent. Thank you for submitting your file. There are many many layers of voices to hear. Its not unusual to find responses in languages other than your own native language. What I did was break up your file into 4 sections. Each section is titled by its time index within the the clip. There is some overlap to include your question. I'd be happy to post my interpretation of what I hear. By the way - What questions did you ask? Ron
  8. Lance, seems to me that if you're comfortable using audacity then uninstall the newest version and just run an older version of audacity. You can still get older versions of audacity going back years. Kinda like the way you use audition 3.0. Truth be told - I run audition 1.5 and it does everything I want it to. Ron
  9. Okey Dokey - we'll try this.... Here's a dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c4ueyvl9z90pvqe/MVI_0324.MP4?dl=0 Probably should've used dropbox to start with Sorry to everyone having problems. Ron
  10. Hmmmm. Here are 2 direct links: https://www.varanormal.com/files/file/17-playing-with-graphite-goo/?do=download&csrfKey=ebb3233f9c519aa4a7086ab619b705f6 https://www.varanormal.com/files/file/17-playing-with-graphite-goo/ Glad you could hear the responses Ron
  11. Its me again Attached is the audio I extracted from the video. If you want I could break down the video into smaller segments that will upload into the thread. 1640306797_audioonly.wav
  12. Hi Sharon, The download link does work. The video is 350 mb so it takes about a minute to download or view. Ron
  13. I'm glad you like the video. I always run the program in infinity box for a few minutes before I start recording so our friends can get used to it and figure out what they need to do to manipulate a response to questions. This manipulation was demonstrated when I asked if they could hear me and they did not respond right away. So....I waved my arms around and asked again if they could hear me. At time index 1 minute 19 seconds they did respond in the affirmative. That prompted me to seek a confirmation of what I heard and they responded in the affirmative. I'm interested in what you hear in the section where I ask them to speak in German. At about 2 minutes 22 seconds the volume slightly drops and it starts out with the phrase: ach du lieber If you or anyone else wants... I'd be more than happy to extract the audio from the video and upload it so you can filter it. I should also point out the speakers I had hooked to the computer are very inexpensive USB powered speakers. I'm pretty sure if better speakers with a higher dynamic range were used, the responses might have been better. Ron
  14. Then I selected the Right channel and reversed it and the saved the file. I Did Not make any adjustments to the speed - pitch or tempo while using adobe audition. I brought up the infinity box program and opened / loaded the program. Infinity box plays audio files in a loop. Infinity box is where you can change tempo - rate - pitch and other things. I started playing with the settings until I came across something that seemed to produce real time 2 way interaction. The attached pic is the infinity box settings I used with the video I recorded.
  15. Greetings Mr. Ramos, Yes, I recorded a live session with your audio file using infinity box. With your audio file what I did was opened the file in adobe audition. I took your file and Normalized different sections. I did have to snip out a tiny portion which accounts for the difference in the length of the audio file. I copied and pasted the file to create a stereo version.
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