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  1. until
    We are meeting to create spirit art with messages.No art experience required.Every 2nd and 4th TuesdayTimes:Pacific Daylight Time 6 p.m. TuesdayPhoenix time 6 p.m. TuesdayMountain Daylight Time 7 p.m. TuesdayCentral Daylight Time 8 p.m. TuesdayEastern Daylight Time (New York) 9 p.m. TuesdayLondon 2 a.m. WednesdaySydney/Melbourne 11 a.m. WednesdayNew Zealand 1 p.m. WednesdayCheck time in your cityCoordinator: Dr. Susan B. Barnes, CSNU susanbbarnes@gmail.comOnline in Zoom https://zoom.us/j/8738817733
  2. The top cases demonstrating the continued existence of the human personality after the demise of the physical body. Only the highest ranking cases, as determined by our objective Evidence Scoring System (ESS), are included here. (Cases scoring within one or two points of each other should be considered essentially equal.) When a new case qualifies to be added, the lowest ranked case on the list is moved to the Honors List. Due to the difficulty of comparing cases based on communications with cases based on recollections, and to make the list easier to grasp, these are divided into two sections: the top 20 spirit-contact cases and the top 20 reincarnation cases. https://www.spiritsatplay.com/RationalSpiritism/SpiritMatters/CaseFiles.html https://www.spiritsatplay.com/RationalSpiritism/SpiritMatters/CaseFiles.html#honors
  3. Sunday November 14th 2021 / Monday November 15th AustraliaGlobal Gathering: Guest Kevin Lee Precipitation Mediumship - Aspects of Art as Spirit CommunicationIn this visually stunning & media rich presentation, you will learn about the incredibly rare and near-forgotten Gift of Spirit known as Precipitation Mediumship, also called (in the United States) Spirit Card Writing. In Spiritism (Alan Kardec), this phenomenon was often termed Psychography (Psicografía). With this "Spirit Art" potential, Spirit produces through physical mediumship evidential images and writings without human hands or instruments. We will cover how this ability, once developed, can be used to heal and transform others’ lives - as his latest bestselling book (Your Divine Purpose) mentioned Kevin's own powerful transformation due to his encounter with Precipitation Mediumship in 2007.
  4. FREE AFTERLIFE ZOOM GROUPS - ALL WELCOME https://www.victorzammit.com/September24th2021/ Sunday September 26th 2021 / Monday September 27th Australia This week Jane Vair Bissler Ph.D. and several clients of Loving Heart Connections™ will discuss how this modality has positively impacted their grief and helped them to find peace and hope through being connected to SPIRIT. Jane has spent 35 years working with grieving people as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Fellow in Thanatology. In this endeavor, she has written four books and most recently created the modality Loving Heart Connections™. This process teaches those who are grieving as well as those who would like to connect with their spiritual guidance from the comfort of their own home. Time: Los Angeles 2 pm Sunday Phoenix 2 pm Sunday Chicago 4 pm Sunday New York 5 pm Sunday London 10 pm Sunday Rome 11 pm Sunday Sydney 7 am Monday Auckland New Zealand 9 am Monday Check the time for your city Co-ordinators: karynjarvie@ozemail.com.au & wendyzammit@gmail.com zoom: https://zoom.us/j/7595442928
  5. Hi all, This recording taken inside Chichester Cathedral in West Sussex. If you listen carefully you'll hear myself and my wife talking. Afterwards if you listen again carefully you'll hear what sounds like a child humming "The EVP" I have increased the volume of the EVP to help make it more clear. On this occasion I was using my small tascam recorder tucked in my coat pocket. chichester child-region-587.mp3
  6. Friday night I left my basic Sony recorder hidden in a church very local to me here. On reviewing the recording I have discovered some anomalies, some OK and some not so OK. However there was no one present in the church at the time and the recordings where taken between 1 a/m & 4 a/m. It would be rewarding to have some feedback regarding these uploads, what do you think the voices are saying and what do you think the banging sounds are. I don't really seem to receive as much feedback from members, why I don't know so please let's have some more feedback. Strange flapping .mp3 Movement 2.mp3 Wind.mp3 Movementpossdoor.mp3 Voices2.mp3 voices.mp3 Voices 3.mp3
  7. For many years, I've seen myself as one of those special people who can visit the spirit realms at night during my dreams. So special, that frankly, no one, besides myself, really cares. I could tell you any of the adventures I've had and you'd either think I was going crazy or I was already there. You see, it's one thing to report to what I'm seeing and hearing and it's another to see it and hear it yourself. Years ago, I dreamt about researchers somehow tapping into my brain while I was projecting, so they could record my view. I've known about ITC for over a decade, but thought it was outside of my expertise. I'm really good with computer programming, but my electronics skills were "shockingly" bad. I always thought ITC was about making fancy electronic devices that somehow picked up the spirit ether. Thanks to random YouTube videos I cam across in 2018, I realized that ordinary electronics could be used just as well. At first, I followed the strategies of the tried and true like software Ghost Boxes, but realized I could do better, a lot better. The principle behind a ghost box, is a fast scan through radio stations with intermittent sound and silence. Spirits are somehow able to amplify bits and pieces of the audio and extend them into the silence. The one thing I didn't like about this setup, is that the source audio (radio clips) was unpredictable and unknown. I wanted to know what was real and what was supposedly "spirit." Thus, I developed my first invention, which I'll describe in my next post. Hint: it resembles EVP maker, but once again, it's more predictable and more known. No randomness. Let the spirits do that
  8. Hi all, this recording was made in one of the prison cell's in Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill in Portsmouth Hampshire with my Sony ICD-B16 digit recorder. You will hear me ask if there is anyone here from world war 2, after which you'll hear a male voice say something like Bovington. Now I'm not 100% certain that's what the capture says. However I know these cells where used during ww2. And after investigation. Bovington Camp is a British Army military base in Dorset, England. Together with Lulworth Camp it forms part of Bovington Garrison. So it is quite possible service personnel where station here from Bovington camp during the war. Bovington-region-586.mp3
  9. Hi everybody, myself and my wife paid a visit to Portchester Castle, near Portsmouth Hampshire. While I was there I had my recorder running. If you listen carefully you will hear what sounds like a child talking to a man. Just so you are aware there was no children present at the castle at the time we visited it. We always like to go to Portchester when all the school visitors have left late in the afternoon. There was a middle aged man and women on site when we where but they were outside wandering about the moat etc. I do have various other recordings from this visit, but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in listening to them. portchestercomplete-region-573 (1).mp3
  10. View File Child's voice from within portchester castle. Earlier this year myself and my wife Gracie visited Portchester castle near Portsmouth hampshire. While there I had my dicta phone recording. While recording the recorder picked up the voice of a child and a male. There was no child or adult male present, just myself and my wife. I have more evp's from this particular visit, but this recording is by far the best. Submitter Paul Submitted 04/23/2021 Category Software  
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