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  1. Welcome to Varanormal Raquel, please have a browse around and when you feel ready to make the group your own we would love to hear from you, welcome again.  Blessings Karyn

  2. You are welcome Lance I wished there was a way of "inserting" so that when a missing one turns up I can slot it in so it is all sequential. I do not really want to call on Keith at the moment for my OCD to be pacified as he has far too much on his plate. He will push himself to his detriment he does it to himself so the least we can do is not to jump on the same train but to find a track that runs parallel. My computer is nearly full, although I will not probably get rid of the files because in some cases I had up to 12 revisions before we were happy.
  3. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/specialeditiondocumentary-en/
  4. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/43rev_en/
  5. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/43rev_en/
  6. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/revista42_en/
  7. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/41emag_en/
  8. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/revista39_en/
  9. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/22incontactmagazine_en/
  10. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/incontact21_en/#p=1
  11. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/incontact20magazine-en/
  12. https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/incontactmagazine18-en/#p=1
  13. ght https://www.ipati.org/publicacoes/incontactmagazine18-en/#p=1
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