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  1. Wednesday April 6th 2022 / Thursday April 7th Australia Physical mediumship development group Every Wednesday with Rob Blackburn and Craig Hogan. Participants sit in a darkened space in their own homes; the group has been going for some time and members are experiencing phenomena. Times: Pacific time 6 p.m. Wednesday Phoenix time 6 p.m. Wednesday Denver time 7 p.m. Wednesday Central Daylight time 8 p.m. Wednesday New York time 9 p.m. Wednesday Sydney/Melbourne 11 a.m. Thursday New Zealand 1 p.m. Thursday Check time in your city Contact Rob Blackburn (rkblack@mtco.com) or Craig Hogan (r.craig.hogan@afterlifeinstitute.org) before joining the group. Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/4381898190
  2. Ann Harrison, wife of the late Tom Harrison who was himself a gifted medium following in the footsteps of his mother Minnie Harrison tells us in this video about the genesis of SNPP and the range of books published. I can personally attest to the integrity of these publications having many of them.
  3. Gary Mannion is a physical medium and healer whose mediumship has been tested extensively by German scientist Professor Eckhart Kruse. Gary goes into trance to allow Abraham, his healing guide, to answer your questions about health, healing, and all things afterlife. The session is chaired by Inge Crosson of the Wallacia Development Centre.
  4. Guest Sheri Perl shares highlights from her book “Lost and Found" showing the many ways her son, Danny, demonstrated to her that what she had lost in the flesh could indeed be found in the spirit. Her slideshow includes photos and videos of wonderful signs he sent, amazing orb videos and images of orbs interacting with her, audible EVPs played, a description of experiences with materialisation mediums David Thompson and Gary Mannion, her understanding of how she believes the information gets through, why we dismiss it, and the importance of trust.
  5. Sunday January 30th 2022 / Monday January 31st Australia Global Gathering - Physical Mediumship Gary Mannion is a world-famous physical medium and healer. Over the last three years, he has been thoroughly tested by psychic researchers. Much of the work Gary's spirit team does now is in a lighted condition so that all can see that there is no trickery involved. In the session today Gary will go into trance and the Guide Jimmy will answer your questions about the mechanics of physical mediumship. Gary will be conducting live seances in the USA in the near future and his sponsor will be giving details.Times:Check the time for your cityLos Angeles Sunday 12 noonPhoenix Sunday 1 p.m.Chicago Sunday 2 p.m.New York Sunday 3 p.m.London Sunday 8 p.m.Rome Sunday 9 p.m.Sydney/Melbourne 7 a.m. MondayAuckland New Zealand 9 a.m. MondayCo-ordinators: karynjarvie@ozemail.com.au and wendyzammit@gmail.comhttps://zoom.us/j/7595442928
  6. Marion Dampier-Jeans was a natural medium who grew up in Denmark with a danish father and a Norwegian mother. At 19 she moved to London where she joined Spiritualist churches and developed physical mediumship. Her guide, the famous Norwegian physical medium Einer Nielsen asked her to return to the Nordic countries to revive physical mediumship there. Since then she has run workshops there, written books, conducted demonstrations and consultations and appeared many times on television. She has set up five physical circles which are now operating in Denmark and Norway. https://mariondampierjeans.com/ https://www.facebook.com/mariondampie... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFRh... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Books-Marion..
  7. Physicist Recalls Intriguing Physical Mediumship Posted on 16 August 2021, 8:59 When psychical researchers of the late 1920s and early ‘30s became frustrated at not being able to agree on the genuineness of various physical phenomena produced by several mediums, most notably, Mina Crandon, (aka “Margery”), George Valiantine, and Rudi Schneider, several of them formed a new field, called parapsychology. Its focus was on extra-sensory perception and psychokinesis and away from anything even alluding to spirits of the dead or life after death. To even mention spirits or survival of the consciousness at death was to invite professional disdain and discourage any funding for research. Nevertheless, physical mediumship continued here and there. We simply didn’t hear much about it and there was very little formal research in succeeding decades up to the present. All that didn’t stop Dr. Jan Vandersande, a physicist, from taking an interest in the matter. In his 2008 book, Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence, Vandersande explores some of the most interesting cases of physical phenomena reported in the annals of psychical research while also reporting on his own observations of some genuine physical mediums. His interest began while teaching physics at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, during the 1970s, when he and his wife were invited to attend a séance with mediums Mickey and Sara Wolf. “We experienced trance mediumship, direct voice and trumpets flying around the dark room,” Vandersande said when I interviewed him in 2008, adding that they then sat with the two mediums every two or three weeks for about eight years. “Every time we sat with them their main guide (control), Brian, would speak through either Sara, who was in trance, or through the direct voice. His characteristic voice was always the same and easily recognizable. Also, the trumpet, with luminous paint spots on it, flew around the totally dark room quite rapidly, up to the ceiling then to the walls and then it would slow down and gently touch each of the sitters (usually between four and eight) on the knee or on the head. Special sittings were held before Christmas, and ectoplasmic spirit children played musical toys that had been placed in the center of the circle and also unwrapped presents (which were also in the center of the circle). Then the children would touch the sitters who could feel their small fingers and hands.” Vandersande & Thompson Maintaining an interest in the subject over the years, Vandersande arranged for Australian trance medium David Thompson and his partner, Christine Morgan, also a medium, to visit them in Southern California in 2012 and again during January 2014, giving three demonstrations each time. Because darkness is required, precautions were taken to rule out fraud, including a thorough search of Thompson before binding him to chair with leather straps and zip-lock ties, as well as gagging him so that he could not talk. All of the sitters, including Morgan, were required to hold hands, and Morgan wore a luminous broach which Vandersande, sitting across from her, could see, just in case someone claimed she was the real trickster. “David has a band of spirit entities many of whom regularly materialize at his séances,” Vandersande’s notes read. “His main spirit control is William Cadwell, who materializes first at all his séances and appears to control what happens during the séance. After materializing, William started talking to the sitters while walking around. He spoke loudly and in a distinctive British accent that I found difficult to understand at times. William stepped on the piece of plywood (two feet by two feet), that we had placed at the center of the circle, making a distinct sound indicating that he was wearing heavy-soled boots (meanwhile David was wearing sneakers). He then started to answer questions of a general nature about the spirit world and about life. After answering each question he would most of the time walk over to the sitter who had asked the question and ask if he could touch them. After the sitter said that he could, he put his hand on their head. The sitters who had that experience (from four to seven per sitting) described a very large hand (meanwhile David has very small hands). After he had answered a number of questions in each of the three sittings he walked back to the cabinet.” Vandersande noted that as Cadwell got back to the cabinet, a red flash light was turned on so that the sitters could see Thompson still securely tied in his chair in the cabinet. “This unexpected event clearly shows that it was not David pretending to be William, walking around the room and answering questions as some skeptics have maintained,” Vandersande explains in his notes. “There is no way David, if he had been walking around, could have rushed back to the cabinet and re-tied himself in such a brief period of time. Also, the only way he could have seen in the dark would have been with night vision goggles and they were definitely not in the room (I checked that myself, as did the independent checkers).” Next, an entity known as Timmy (Timothy Booth, who died in 1902) materialized and spoke with a very young, Cockney voice. Timmy then gave a demonstration in which the trumpets (with luminous paint on them), flew around the sitters. He explained that he had manipulated the ectoplasm exuded by Thompson to move the trumpets. “The trumpets (two in the first séance, three in the second séance and only their single trumpet in the third séance) flew at great speed and with considerable precision, performing aerobatic patterns such as large and small circles, flying to the ceiling (from 10 to 12 feet high in a hotel conference room), the corners, all around the room and tapping each other in mid-air while I had the CD player play an Irish jig,” Vandersande’s report continues. “…Never at any time did the trumpets bump into any sitter or anything else in the room. There is absolutely no way any human, assuming they could see in total darkness, could move a trumpet in those random patterns, that fast and at that those heights, as all the sitters observed in the three séances.” As the three trumpets were flying around the conference room during the second séance, Vandersande heard a thud to his left and leaves were touching his head. That was followed by a thud in front of him and then one to his right. As he was to discover, Timmy had moved three artificial trees, each about five-feet tall and in pots weighing 6-8 pounds, from three different places in the room to in front of him. “One tree was originally behind a large table so the table had to be moved by him in order to bring the tree to me,” Vandersande explains. “The other two trees were originally in two different corners of the room. Some sitters in the circle actually heard something fly over their heads. My two trumpets ended up in one of the trees between the branches… This phenomenon of moving heavier objects using ectoplasm is extremely impressive and in no way could have been done by anyone in the room in the pitch dark…” Louis Armstrong, the famous musician known for his trumpet playing who died in 1971, materialized in all three séances. “His voice sounded exactly like the very characteristic voice so often heard when he was alive on earth (a deep distinctive gravelly voice),” Vandersande notes, adding that he then played a harmonica for several minutes. “You could hear him take a deep breath occasionally while playing. After that he left. I always get skeptical and nervous when famous people materialize but I now have a better understanding why they do it. To prove survival after death it makes more sense that someone who is well-known, has a characteristic voice and/or mannerisms, that just about everyone can recognize, materializes rather than an anonymous person.” Timmy was followed in the third sitting by a Native American named White Soaring Bird, said to be Thompson’s gate-keeper or protector, who materialized and gave a blessing to the sitters, first speaking in his native tongue and then in English. Much more was reported by Vandersande, but space does not permit it here. As mentioned in the prior blog about levitations, near the end of the second sitting, Vandersande and the others present heard a loud thud. Thompson had been lifted over the sitters in his chair and deposited outside the circle, a distance of 15- to 20-feet from where he had been sitting. “The red flashlight was turned on and the tape on the door was removed and the door opened,” Vandersande’s report continues. “We all saw David sitting in his chair, tied up exactly as he was at the beginning of the séance except for the fact that his cardigan had been reversed. The cardigan was still buttoned and the five zip-ties were still in place exactly as when we placed them there. There is no way that David could have reversed the cardigan. [This] shows that the spirit entities have tremendous strength (using ectoplasm from David and likely the sitters as well). While the reversal/removal of the cardigan shows a de-materialization/re-materialization capability (or whatever technology the spirits used) that is way beyond the current laws of physics as we know them. It was truly an amazing phenomenon to have observed.” Vandersande stresses that he carefully examined how Thompson was tied to the chair and is absolutely certain there was no way to remove himself, carry out the various phenomena, then return to the chair and tie himself back to the chair. Victor and Wendy Zammit, authors of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife, estimate that they sat with Thompson at least 300 times between 2005 and 2014, before Thompson moved from Australia to New Zealand. “In relation to his being levitated, it happened with David still unconscious at the end of every public séance,” Wendy informed me in a recent email. “He’s not the only one though – I’ve seen it happen with several other physical mediums. It seems that the spirit teams like to use up any remaining energy that way.” Wendy Zammit mentioned that, according to Ron Gilkes at Jenny’s Sanctuary in the UK, Thompson was turned upside down in the chair while being levitated. The “spirits” then moved the chair so that Thompson’s head was in Gilkes’s lap before turning him right side up and depositing him some distance away. “We were also present on at least two occasions where they levitated David, conscious and strapped into his chair, so that his head was almost touching the ceiling,” Wendy further explained, adding that, although it was dark, Victor was able to confirm the levitation, at the request of David, by reaching up and feeling the four chair legs and David’s feet. Vandersande recalled that one of the women in attendance at the 2012 sittings happened to be a clairvoyant medium and refused to believe it was real, apparently not understanding that whatever is required for her kind of mediumship is not the same as that required for physical mediumship. I recall talking with a clairvoyant at a conference some years ago and she reacted in much the same way. As she saw it, all that physical mediumship of yesteryear was just so much bunk. It brings to mind the reaction of Sir David Brewster, a renowned British physicist, who observed D. D. Home being levitated. Although seemingly quite impressed at the time, he later concluded that the only explanation was a trick he did not understand, or a delusion. “Spirit is the last thing I will give in to,” he was quoted. Such a mindset continues to exist. Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I. His latest book, No One Really Dies: 25 Reasons to Believe in an Afterlife is published by White Crow book
  8. Is Einstein Still Laughing? The Strange Case of Rudi Schneider Posted on 26 April 2021, 9:07 “I could find no evidence of fraud or trickery, and, while retaining an alert and critical attitude of mind throughout, I had a strong feeling of some mysterious power working from within the cabinet, a power for which I could imagine no mechanical or pneumatic contrivance as a cause – at least such as would be possible under the conditions of the séance.” So wrote Dr. William Brown, F.R.C.P., Wilde Reader in Mental Philosophy at Oxford University and founder of the Institute of Experimental Psychology, in a letter to The Times of London of May 7, 1932 in reference to the mediumship of a 23-year-old Austrian, Rudi Schneider, (below) who was known primarily for producing physical phenomena, including materialized hands, occasionally a full materialization, levitations of the medium, floating tables, and other telekinetic movements. Brown was part of a group studying Schneider in England. The group included astronomer Christopher Clive (better known as C. C. L.) Gregory, founder of the University of London observatory, and later, the husband of Anita Gregory, the author of The Strange Case of Rudi Schneider. According to Anita Gregory, a British psychologist, Professor Brown was subjected to a good deal of ridicule at Oxford, notably by Professors Albert Einstein and Frederick Lindemann, both world-renowned physicists. They are said to have laughed at the phenomena reported by Brown and a number of other reputable scientists. “No way!” they must have scoffed. Anita Gregory first heard about Schneider while attending a lecture given by Brown toward the end of the 1940s. When Brown told of witnessing objects flying about the room and a hand materializing out of nothing while Schneider was in a trance state, she could not accept that a man of Brown’s standing in the academic world and in psychology would believe such things. “I recall vividly how I reacted to Dr. Brown’s lecture: by impatient contempt, a little tinged with pity,” she wrote in the Introduction of her book. “How could a learned man believe such nonsense? And how could he bring himself to admit such absurd notions in public? Why didn’t someone stop him from making such a fool of himself? I never entertained even for a moment the possibility that there could have been some real experience underlying his assertions.” Gregory did not believe Brown was insane or the victim of some magician; she simply considered it so absurd that she gave it no further consideration until after her marriage in 1954 to C. C. L. Gregory, when she found out that he was also present in many of the experiments with Schneider and fully supported Brown’s version. In fact, C. C. L. sat next to Schneider and controlled his arms and legs during a number of the experiments. Along with another scientist, he developed an infrared apparatus used in registering infrared “occultations” during the experiments. Her husband’s testimony prompted Anita Gregory to begin a detailed search into all records of the experiments carried out with Schneider. Although Gregory’s study of the research records takes 425 pages to explain, it is not Schneider’s mediumship that makes the book especially interesting and intriguing; it is the hubris involved among the many scientists who studied him. Harry Price, an engineer who established the National Laboratory of Psychical Research in London, is quoted by Gregory from a 1929 article: “I wonder how many of my readers are aware of the number of squabbles, petty jealousies and open feuds that are taking place among those investigating psychic phenomena. In nearly every country where two or more societies or investigators are working there exists a state of affairs which is little less than a scandal. Quarrels, backbiting, lawsuits, sharp prejudice, scandal-mongering, the gratification of personal spite, these things are rampant to the detriment of the science of psychical research and a paralyzing drag on the wheel of progress. It would be bad enough if the psychic brawlers confined their activities to their own frontiers, but they do not – the internecine warfare is international…” One might assume from that statement that Price was the victim of his peers in psychical research, but he emerges from Gregory’s research as the real “monger.” “When he wished for widespread popular support he would court spiritualist opinion, conceding that belief in survival was accepted among the majority of those who occupied themselves with such matters, and hinting that he himself shared this belief; when, on the other hand, he wished to present himself as the champion of a new scientific discipline he would belabor spiritualism as a more of benighted superstition from which he personally had rescued the subject,” Gregory surmised. “This dual attitude, which is by no means confined to Price, must also be taken into consideration when assessing anyone’s claims in the field.” Perhaps the two most dedicated researchers studying Schneider were Dr. Albert von Schrenck-Notzing, a German physician who had 88 sittings with Schneider, and Dr. Eugene Osty, a French physician who carried out 77 experiments with him. Both men were convinced that he was the real deal. “We are sure, absolutely sure, of the reality of the phenomena,” Osty reported, “but we cannot say the same for our interpretation.” The issue there was whether “Olga,” the entity who took control of Schneider’s body when he became entranced, was the spirit of a deceased human, as she claimed to be, or a “secondary personality” surfacing from Schneider’s subconscious mind. It was much more “scientific” to assume the latter and thereby dismiss any suggestion of spirits of the dead, something written off by the fundamentalists of science as pure superstition. “The phenomena were personal in the sense that there was every appearance of someone, an invisible or barely invisible ‘person’ acting upon the everyday world, moving objects, knotting handkerchiefs, patting sitters on the head or boxing their ears, as the case might be,” Anita Gregory explained, describing Olga as a “phantom person” who at times was “capable of producing tangible effects on the physical world, and of somehow or another partially clothing herself in visible and tangible substance.” Dr. Alois Gatterer, a Jesuit priest and professor of physics at Innsbruck University, reported observing a full phantom on April 12, 1926, which he described as “light, misty, and indistinct and which seemed to increase and decrease in size and luminosity.” He also observed materialized hands at two different sittings with Schneider and was absolutely certain they were not Schneider’s hands. “I do not hesitate to express my personal conviction on the subject of paraphysical phenomena…,” he wrote. Many other scientists and intelligent people observed Schneider under strictly controlled conditions and attested to the genuineness of the phenomena, but some, no doubt concerned with the criticism of men like Einstein and Lindemann, hesitated in their reports, theorizing that one of the scientists in attendance “could have been” an accomplice. Dr. Karl Foltz theorized that the phenomena “could be” explained on the supposition that Schneider made use of the mechanical vibrations of the different objects in the room and that the floor “must have been” shaky. Some, like Dr. Eric Dingwall of the Society for Psychical Research, flip-flopped, first vouching for the authenticity of the phenomena but then retreating and saying there “could have been” an accomplice. “The pressure on the scientist to recant is unrelenting, and if the errant researcher succumbs and returns to the straight and narrow path of denial, the scientific community breathes a sigh of relief, and allows him or her to forget the lapse and the reasons for that lapse with the blandest discretion,” Anita Gregory opined. After studying him in Austria on a number of occasions, Price arranged to have Schneider brought to London for 27 séances between February 9 to May 3, 1932. Although eight of those 27 sittings were totally negative, and it had become clear earlier that his mediumship was in decline, enough phenomena were produced to convince Price, Brown, C. C. L. Gregory, Lord Charles Hope, Professor D. F. Fraser-Harris, an eminent biologist, Professor A. F. C. Pollard, an authority on engineering, and others that paranormal phenomena were being produced and that trickery was not a factor. “If Rudi were ‘exposed’ a hundred times in the future, it would not invalidate or affect to the slightest degree our considered judgment that the boy has produced genuine abnormal phenomena while he has been at the National Laboratory of Psychical Research,” Price reported. “We have no fault to find with Rudi; he has cheerfully consented to our holding any test or any séance with any sitter or controller. He is the most tractable medium who has ever come under my notice.” Although Anita Gregory never met Rudi Schneider and looked upon him as some kind of huckster when Dr. Brown told of him in a lecture, she did a complete about-face after her detailed study of the research records. “If one insists upon regarding the phenomena as fraudulent, then one is forced to attribute the majority of instances as being due to an accomplice, an outsider, who was somehow or another smuggled into the séance room,” she concludes, wondering how Rudi, who spoke no English and had no money of his own, could have arranged for an accomplice in London and how that accomplice could have gone undetected. She adds that all who knew Rudi considered him an exemplary person. But the story doesn’t end there. Almost a year after Rudi left London, and after other researchers had added to earlier research in further validating him, Price claimed that a double-exposure photograph from the 1932 series that he had previously overlooked revealed that Rudi’s arm was free of control at the same time the displacement of a handkerchief was taking place. Price, himself, was holding Rudi’s hand at the time, but he claimed that because of a toothache he was not attentive to the matter and did not realize Rudi had freed his arm. The double exposure is very fuzzy and inconclusive, and it was argued by others that even if he had momentarily freed his arm, possibly a shock reaction to the photographic flash, he was too far distant from the phenomenon to have affected it. But Price’s denouncement provided the sensationalism that the press and the skeptics desired, and Schneider was labeled a cheat by many. “Indeed, [Price’s] motives were only too obvious to all those involved: to discredit his ‘enemies,’ that is those researchers who had ‘taken Rudi away from him’ and who had declined to accept him as the ultimate and final authority on the phenomena of Rudi Schneider,” Anita Gregory concludes. In effect, if I am interpreting all this correctly, Price didn’t intend to totally discredit Schneider. He just wanted to “muddy the waters” and create the need for additional testing in his laboratory. Is it any wonder that psychical research gave way during the 1930s to parapsychology, in which spirits of the dead and the subject of life after death were ignored as the focus turned to extra-sensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis (PK)? The famous “Margery” case of the 1920s, in which Dr. Dingwall also seems to have flip-flopped from acceptance to doubt, and that of medium George Valiantine, during the late 1920s and early ‘30s, involved so much conflict and friction among researchers that it became clear that there would never be a meeting of the minds when it came to physical phenomena or any phenomena in which “spirits” were supposedly involved. The Rudi Schneider case seems to have put the final nail in the coffin of survival research. Nevertheless, the cumulative evidence seems to have been overwhelming and one can only wonder if Professor Einstein is still laughing. Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I. His latest book, No One Really Dies: 25 Reasons to Believe in an Afterlife is published by White Crow Books.
  9. Minnie Harrison as told by her son Tom Harrison. Minnie Harrison was a vehicle for spirit materialisations and physical phenomena. Tom recorded each seance of what they called the Saturday Night Club. Minnie never sought recognition and the circle remained a home circle. An fascinating detailed book, "Life After Death: Living Proof - A lifetime's Experiences of Physical Phenomena and Materialisations through the Mediumship of Minnie Harrison" is also available through Ann Harrison snppbooks@gmail.com. Tom was meticulous with his recording of the circle. Thank you to Jeremy Bloxsam for an excellent write up. Tom Harrison, dedicated afterlife researcher and son of world-renowned materialization medium Minnie Harrison, narrates the development of his mother's mediumship abilities. Minnie Harrison's abilities included: trance mediumship, actual direct voice communication with spirit personalities, and ectoplasmic materialization (the apex of mediumship). Ectoplasmic materialization consists of full form, solid-bodied, temporarily materialized spirit people returning to us from the next stage of existence... The stage beyond nature's great illusion that we call "death". The materialized spirit individuals are formed with the aid of a substance known as "ectoplasm" (which emanates from the body of a physical medium). Tom Harrison passed away on October 23, 2010. Since his transition he has communicated trans-dimensionally over 150 times using 18 different methods. Some of these methods include: mental mediumship, trance mediumship, transfiguration, materialization, direct voice, and Direct Radio Voice (DRV). Tom has been in contact with his wife Ann on many occasions, and encouraged her to write a book about his after-death communications. Ann's book - Harrison Connections: Tom Harrison's 'Desire to communicate' - was released on February 23, 2015. ► Visitors From The "Other Side" DVD Description: After 25 years of giving his talk about the wonderful physical contact with the spirit world in their home circle in Middlesbrough from 1946 to 1954, one of Tom Harrison's daughters said "You won't be able to do this much longer, dad. You had better make a video." So here it is – with extracts from some of Tom's talks in 1994, contemporary filmed interviews with other circle members and guests from those days, together with the photographs of ectoplasm and ectoplasmic materialization which illustrate his talks. The photographs taken in 1948 were principally for the benefit of the deep-trance control medium, his mother, Minnie Harrison, who was completely oblivious to the remarkable phenomena they witnessed each week. We hope the evidence contained in this DVD may inspire you to continue your search for close contact with the ever-living world of spirit and perhaps to become a channel for them – for as Granny Lumsden, Aunt Agg, and all the spirit visitors said – "We do like to come and talk to you all… Thank you for giving us the opportunity." It is impossible, of course, to cover the 8 years the circle sat in 60 minutes... But we trust you will enjoy this selection of significant experiences. Please consider supporting Saturday Night Press Publications (SNPP) by purchasing a DVD copy of this video at the link below: http://www.snppbooks.com/visitors-fro... ► RESOURCES: • "Life After Death: Living Proof" by Tom Harrison (Book): http://www.snppbooks.com/life-after-d... http://www.amazon.com/Life-After-Deat... • "Harrison Connections: Tom Harrison's 'Desire to communicate'" by Ann Harrison (Book): http://www.snppbooks.com/harrison-con... http://www.amazon.com/Harrison-Connec... • Saturday Night Press Publications (Official Website): http://www.snppbooks.com • A collection of ectoplasmic materialization photographs taken during the sittings of various séance circles (including Minnie Harrison's Saturday Night Club circle): http://www.survivalafterdeath.info/ph... • An assortment of free eBooks on life after death: http://www.survivalebooks.org This video is the property of Tom Harrison, Ann Harrison, and Saturday Night Press Publications (SNPP). It has been uploaded for nonprofit, educational purposes only. A special thank you to Ann Harrison (Tom's wife) for allowing me to share this video with you all. Thank you for watching.
  10. Results of this week's circle are below. Items of note include: Possible Names - Roy, Rod Tex and Cho, Doc Joe Occurrence of the same 3 letter word "rec" twice 4 letter words - Tale, Slow, and Pale
  11. Physical Mediumship Development Group with Rob Blackburn and Craig Hogan Remote participants sit in a darkened space in their own homes for one hour to provide energy for development of physical mediumship and other phenomena. Held weekly on Wednesdays in a Zoom meeting. Also available in our online event calendar: https://www.varanormal.com/calendar/ 8 p.m. Central time; 9 p.m. New York; 6 p.m. Pacific Time; 1 p.m. Thursday Sydney time This group is now admitting new members. The group has been going for some time (years) and members are experiencing phenomena. Contact Rob Blackburn (rkblack@mtco.com) or Craig Hogan (r.craig.hogan@afterlifeinstitute.org) for more information.
  12. Amazing Physical Mediumship Still Exists, But ... Posted on 12 October 2020, 12:12 We don’t hear much about physical mediumship these days, but apparently it still exists here and there. Stewart Alexander, whose 2010 book, An Extraordinary Journey, has been revised and republished by White Crow Books, must certainly be one of the best physical mediums living. However, we don’t hear much about him, because he has come to understand that the nature of such mediumship is beyond science and human comprehension and will always result in cynicism and contempt by those blind to any evidence suggesting spirits and survival. “Having studied extensively the history of physical mediumship over the past forty years, I am very aware that almost without exception those mediums who cooperated with the researchers, in the hope of establishing their mediumship on a scientific level, invariably failed and were forever surrounded in bitter dispute and allegations of fraud,” Alexander explains, adding that even when tests were inconclusive (the usual case) more tests were demanded. He sees it as a “no-win” situation. http://whitecrowbooks.com/images/whitecrow_pics/blogs/tymn/stewart.jpg New edition. In effect, Alexander has concluded that no amount of evidence will convince those who quite simply refuse to believe that two plus two does not always equal four. This ‘will to disbelieve’ plus the risk of serious injury if some ‘doubting Thomas’ decides to flip a light switch on while ectoplasm is being exuded from his body, prompted Alexander to give up public demonstrations in late 2008, limiting himself to mostly small home circles among friends. Although Alexander is the author of the book, there are plenty of testimonials and quoted reports in the book to lend credibility to his mediumship. The late Dr. David Fontana, a professor of psychology and former president of the Society for Psychical Research, expressed high praise for Alexander in the Foreword of the book. “Those of us who know and admire Stewart and his mediumship, and all those who have been fortunate enough to have had sittings with him, will be delighted to see this book in print,” Fontana wrote. “It provides us with an exceptionally clear, well-written and convincing account of what it is to be a physical medium, and of what it means to act as a channel between one level of reality and another.” In the 2020 edition of the book, journalist Leslie Kean provides an Epilogue in which she states that the 2010 edition changed her life. “It opened the door to a wondrous and unexplored new world,” she writes, going on to explain that she had not encountered anything like it before. She made contact with Alexander, attended a 2015 seminar he gave, and then had two sittings with him, which she describes in her popular 2017 book, Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence of an Afterlife. Jon Beecher, the owner of White Crow Books, recalls attending an Alexander séance in 2017. He met a man whose wife had passed away a few years earlier, leaving him with five children to raise. During the séance, Alexander’s voice changed to a more feminine one and became tearful with joy. The voice, apparently that of the widow of the man Beecher had been talking with, communicated with that man and mentioned three of his children by name. After the séance, Beecher again chatted with the man, who said he was mystified as to how “Alexander” could have known the names of his children. Chapter 11 of the current book sets forth a report from the July 2009 issue of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research by investigator Lew Sutton, a retired engineer whose career involved research into the atmosphere for designing the parameters of future satellite communication systems. Sutton notes the strict controls taken before the start of each séance, including Alexander being secured to his chair by straps that had to be cut by pliers at the end of the séance. After an opening prayer and music, a spirit control known as White Feather speaks through Alexander, who is apparently in trance, and gives an opening greeting. White Feather is followed by spirit communicators known as Christopher, Freda Johnson, and Walter Stinson, the latter the primary control of his (Stinson’s) sister, Mina Crandon, aka “Margery,” many years earlier. Freda would introduce loved ones who wished to communicate with sitters and would act as a go-between when the loved ones couldn’t directly communicate. Sutton also describes the appearance of a materialized hand. “After a few moments a blob or what is announced to be ectoplasm is seen to appear on the illuminated translucent table top on the edge nearest the medium. Slowly it forms into a large hand – which Walter claims is his. It is certainly larger than Stewart’s hand. The materialized hand moves toward the sitter’s hand and then strokes and/or grasps it before withdrawing and melting away. The hand is invariably reported as feeling normal and warm.” A common observation, according to Sutton, is that of the table levitating about 30 cm (approximate one foot) above the floor. Also, the aluminum trumpets though which the voices came had luminous tabs and could be seen by all sitters moving from the floor to airborne positions, then floating around the room. “Occasionally, the trumpet will shoot towards someone and stop dead millimetres from their face and then sometimes caress their head or gently traverse around them,” Sutton explains. “They have also been known to land on people’s hands. All these actions indicate a controlling intelligence with a great spatial awareness in total darkness.” He notes that the trumpets will often touch the ceiling, a height of over four meters, (over 12 feet). He further notes that Alexander has been seen to levitate (or to be levitated by the spirits) up to 90 cm (about three feet) above the floor. Although it is dark, luminous tabs are attached to his knees. The voices coming through the trumpets usually begin as a soft whisper and then become louder so that everyone can hear what is being said. Dr. Franklin Barnett, said to be a nineteenth century Scottish physician who also worked through medium George Valiantine during the 1920s, frequently speaks as does Walter Stinson. Sutton says that two hands were touching his head while his wife experienced the same sensation as Barnett spoke to her through a trumpet. At the same time, a voice was coming through the other trumpet on the other side of the room. Dr. Barnett apparently does some healing as well. Sutton reports that his wife had a medically incurable problem that was leading to a loss of sight in one eye. She could not make out the lettering on an eye chart before Barnett’s healing, but had excellent eyesight in the three years after that healing to the time of his report. While the physical phenomena do not in themselves prove survival, Sutton records that there was much audible evidence in the form of personal communication from loved ones who had passed on, by both trumpet and by trance voice (from the medium’s vocal cords). “Sometimes this evidence is outstanding,” Sutton writes, mentioning a case when a father discussed a particularly unfortunate and sad event that occurred at his funeral. At the end of the many seances observed by Sutton over a four-year period, the sitters could confirm that Alexander was still tightly secured to his chair as he slowly returned to normal consciousness. Journalist Kean observed much the same thing as Sutton during her sittings with Alexander in 2015. She refers to the “straps” binding Alexander to the chair as thick cable ties and she confirms that they were tightly binding him. She describes seeing the two trumpets “come alive” and “dance” around the room, one of them tapping her face gently before a male voice, mostly unintelligible, came through. At a later sitting, Dr. Barnett spoke clearly, as did Walter. She observed a grayish-black foggy cloud (ectoplasm) come toward her over the table and witnessed it take on the shape of a hand, which formed a fist and banged three times on the table to demonstrate its solidity. “From the gaseous ectoplasmic energy, a solid living hand had emerged,” she writes, going on to tell of another hand materialization, said to be Walter’s, form in front of her from a cloud. Walter explained to her how he did it, but you’ll have to check her book for that information as well as the other phenomena she witnessed. Kean also reports on several intriguing book tests. In one, during 2016, a man named Kevin Kussow, whose father had died two days earlier, was told to go to his father’s bookcase, to the second shelf and take the second or third book from the left, open to page 84, and near the top he would find a sentence mentioning animals or an animal. Further down would be the names “George” and “Smith.” Kevin followed the instructions, found the second book to be a thin paper pamphlet, but the third was entitled Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. He opened to page 84 and found reference to “Little Raven” and on the next line to “hunting buffalo.” Farther down the page there was reference to Smith, a post trader and a “half-breed” named George. The debunker would likely say that Alexander had a very clever confederate involved in everything recorded by Sutton, Kean, Fontana, and many others. The debunker would have every one dwell on that possibility and ignore the veridical information coming from the voices, the healings, and the actual observations that must certainly go beyond countless group hallucinations, mass hypnotisms, or wills to believe. But how does one prove that a sly confederate was not the case, beyond suggesting that so many people could not have been duped so many times over so many years under such controlled conditions? One might also ask why his friends in the home circle continue with such “nonsense” to this day? After more than a quarter of a century, wouldn’t they be on to his “tricks” by this time? What is the motivation for it all? “If people attend a physical séance looking for ‘loopholes’ they will find them,” Alexander laments. “If none are to be bound then they will create them. In finding them or in creating them the accusers will refuse to face the facts which fail utterly to fit neatly into their own conclusions.” Is it any wonder that Alexander has thrown in the towel on being tested by more researchers and that he is content to keep his mediumship low-key? “At best,” he ends his book, “it would be seen that paranormal action was a reality but it would doubtlessly be explained away as an abnormal physiological function possessed by and unconsciously directed by the medium.” Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I. His forthcoming book, No One Really Dies: 25 Reasons to Believe in an Afterlife is due in February 2021.
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