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  1. LOL...I was recording the output of the Water/Sponge Coherer output for 2 days, and all I was getting was blasts of what seem to be 60hz. I have been greatly disappointed with my own work in the ITC field, and this didnt help
  2. Version 2 has got to be the worlds most complicated Geranium Receiver! Is he part of the Varinormal Forum?? I wonder what the programming unit would sound like with a different receiver plugged into it...something other than a Geranium receiver. we need to see schematics foe the units
  3. Can I see what you are doing, or point me to it??
  4. I had suggested to have a small aquarium pump, feeding an air stone for thousands of tiny bubbles. An Ionozer at the input of the pump would mean thousands of tiny, highly ionized bubbles bubbling straight upwards around the electrodes.
  5. I would not kill the af transformer, just yet, unless its truly useless. Is it a 1:1 audio transformer?...there are quite a few on EBay. They offer such great isolation, better than any other component. As per usual, even this preliminary Schematic, is beautiful in its practicality, and simplicity...as I always see in Andres designs.
  6. I remember when I was child, and receiving Popular Electronics, Electronics Illustrated and my fathers PlayBoy Magazine (strike the latter)...there was an article called something like Listen To Flames, which suggested that flames from different chemical sources, had different definitive sounds. This came back to me when I read one of the articles on the SparkBangBuzz website, in one of his expereiments. Is the guy that did all the experiments on this website still living, God only knows what he has come up with since the website was made. Anyone tried to get ahold of him????
  7. Well, I do appreciate the level headed responses to my idea, this is not something that I have had the pleasure of in other groups.
  8. Yes, Particle Coherers can be accused of having a sort of low-lever Microphone capabilities. Andres has published somewhere on here a basic water Coherer that I cannot see as having any sort of Microphone tendencies. I guess Particle Coherers will need to have to be built into a sound proof box, because they do show a lot of usefulness in ITC work. In High School, I did build a Microphone using Graphite Rods ripped from huge 3v Dry Cells, that was remarkably sensitive.
  9. Im going to get into trouble suggesting this...BUT, Im wondering if the gigantic minds here, are sort of shooting in all directions, therefore may never come to any sort of useful conclusion on Spirit Communications. Im wondering if we should set a goal, the one way that we feel is the best way to get to the goal of perfect spirit communication, and all work towards it. I understand that this may not be possible, as people like to work on their own theories, and do it quietly on their own...but what the hell, I like to stir the pot.
  10. To my not very trained ear, these voices are very loud, and clear, altho they almost sound as tho they are in reverse. Is this the case??
  11. Interesting ghost receiver that uses a opto-isolator How to Make a Ghost Detector Circuit | Homemade Circuit Projects (homemade-circuits.com)
  12. I am hoping that further work by Andres with Modulated high voltage will cause some sort of opening of a portal. his prior work with high voltage has been quite positive, so maybe amping it up a notch will be positive
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