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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. 1. Abstract In our group we are collaborating in the research of the principles of the manifestation of ghost imprints in audio, image and video signals. We conducted an abundance of experiments with very similar outcomes. More or less the voices and images seem to pour out everywhere while the used technique does not seem to play the major role always. The main question for me from a more mundane point of view still is where in the chain of noise generation, signal conveying, transformation and reception is the place and the moment where the spirits break through to manipulate the signal
  2. Feuer kommt, das ist offiziell. Die Untergruppen hörst du noch heute. Und dich überzeugen. Und mit Zentrum, möcht es unsere Staffel. Und mit Zeit vorgelegt, mich zerbrecht. Wir hören nun allesamt. Schlechte töten nicht schlechte. Denkt bitte im kalten... Schlafen, verbrennen. Wann soll ich essen fassen? Tönende Helme. Hoff ihn, wir sind schon da. Hat er gewagt. Für die Maus 54 Ören. Und dann ham wir noch Piloten. Du brauchst ein anderes Umfeld. Malte ist krank. Wir sterben en gros. Hat Serum bewilligt. Ich sehe den Grund. Sulle, kommt er auf den Damm? Kommt uns zu helfen. Gute Nacht Erwin. Ach
  3. What’s Here, What’s Now, What’s Popular…. The focus of this site is life after death and ITC (instrumental transcommunication), the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit. This homepage contains a somewhat organized index of nearly all of the articles posted on the site. Recent posts are listed in the right-hand frame (not accessible on some mobile devices), and links to some of the more popular and/or fascinating articles are highlighted below in boldface underline. At the end of some articles (those that are part of a series) you’ll find a list of links to
  4. Recently I saw a documentary about the british actress Judy Dench. What I did not know was that besides of being the boss of James Bond as "M" in many JB movies, Judy is doing a lot of private research about the nature, life and social behaviour of trees. She is collaborating with lots of scientists helping her to understand how trees are are growing, the social relationships they are building up with other trees, plants and fungus and how they communicate. In that documentary I saw how a biologists was using a contact microphone he pressed against the trunk of a tree and miraculously getting
  5. 1. Abstract From my experiences with the coherer I gained a new view on this fascinating component that only is a grain of metal filings in glass a tube with electrodes at its ends. When the coherer filings are iron or nickel they are suceptible to magnetic fields. A moving magnet would cause the filings to permanently realign with the lines of magnetic force. Thus the filings were moving too. Moving filings are working like very little electrical switches establishing connection and disconnections randomly. I hoped that this entropy would provide another source of noise for the spirits
  6. If you're doing direct voice ITC, you'll probably be wanting denoise the signals your capturing. The goal of denoising is to remove noise from a voice signal, or equivalently enhance the non-noise, or speech that may be embedded in a hardware noise source. Of all of the methods for denoising a signal, spectral subtraction is the oldest, and most well-known. As the term, spectral, would imply, it involves converting a time-based audio stream into a frequency-based (spectral) vector using the Fourier transform. First we assume, that the desired signal that we are trying to restore, X,
  7. Version 4.2


    Author: Andres Ramos (Varanormal research Team) This application is used to enable spirit image generation by use of random numbers and a certain transformation algorithm. The images are very faint and need a lot of interpretation. I recommend to use post processing with a suitable image editor. Actually this app still is not optimized and i need to try different transformation algorithms that might give better results in the future. However I think it can be useful to start with something in the realm of spirit imaging. INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the archive. The app is a HTML5/javascript app
  8. Just downloaded and tested the phono paper app from the playstore (see free software section). Just took a snapshot from the hotel room we're currently in. This is the sound PP made out of the image. 20.10.25 18.15.wav And this is what I extracted from it with Lexi's Audio editor. It sounds like "Follow the gypsy" PP-Follow the gypsy.mp3
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