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  1. Hi all, OK, I ran a short session to test the unit out yesterday morning, had a few teething problems to start off with, such as I had a loud buzzing sound overpowering on the noise floor, but only after the session I moved the device up onto the shelf and it stopped, so I either had it too close to the PC or my extension plugs and sockets were under my pc desk lol, but anyway It worked to move it. But it's all I done to the raw sound file was a bit of noise removal to get rid of the hum. Anyway, I only recorded for approximate 4 mins with each person I wanted to try and reach and I had these few EVP's come through, don't know if you can hear any of them like I do, but here they are below, as this is all experimentation. For Andres--- I found a plug in my collection of plugs lol, that fitted the device perfect works, I tried it against the battery pack away from the pc and the power plug actually is a bit more quieter on the noise floor than with the battery pack??? Do you think the power plug will be ok to use with the device? For the first one, I am hearing "Got you Fernando?" I don't know of a Fernando, but that's what I hear, what do you all hear? Thanks Lance got you fernando.wav
  2. This experiment was more of a joke but I also wanted to see how randomly varying low frequency impulses would be shaped while going through a mechanical spring. This is part of my current work to investigate the transformation of sound by spirits. I found out that a spring adds reverb and a bandpass filtering to a signal going through it, much like the old reverb spirals for guitars back in the 70s. VID_20210808_1221391.mp4 As a source of impulses I used a self oscillating relay and connected a spring to the vibrating anchor. The other side of the spring was hooked into the mylar membrane of a cardboard tube. Depending on the amount of mechanical 'bias' tension the spring behaved very different. Also the mechanical tension it imposed on the relay made the whole arrangement very agile. With some tensions I got different standing waves in the spring I assume and I could make it emit strong or very low sound. After all the pk effect was minor compared to the roaring sound. In another recording I could isolate some voices at least perceivable without post processing but accompanied by strong sound. I don't think I could make an ITC device with satisfying results from this setup but at least it was interesting how sound can be shaped by only applying mechanical means. Bedanke.wav Dankeschön.wav Es geht.wav Hier ist nichts neues.wav
  3. Hi guys, These are two of just a few voices contacts that come through sometime last week, But I would love to get a second pair of ears on what is being said?? For the first one, I introduced myself as always to Mr Raudive and asks him to speak with me, I would normally say (Can you speak in English, for me to and understand your contact) but for this time I didn't? I am hearing something being said as "I'm talking in English" The raw audio playing as the gibberish was in Mr Raudive native language of Latvian. The second EVP, I ask Mr Dennis Garbor, what transmission station are you working out of Mr Garbor? I hear "I asked the Living" Please let me know what you think is being said on the both EVP's? Many thanks Lance i'm talking in English.wav
  4. Audacity is a perfect tool for ITC. If you use it consequently like I am doing since years for ITC you don't want to miss it anymore. To get Audacity you first need to download it here. After installation you can make some basic setups I will show you now and that are optimized for ITC. I configured Audacity mainly along with its usage, thus everything I found out as best practice is empirically found. First go to Edit->Preferences: Another menu with lots of tabs is showing up. Here we can make all the basic settings we want to use in order to facilitate our work. I just will talk about the tabs that are useful for us. Leave the rest of them in default settings. The first tab contains settings for the input/output devices. Since all my ITC devices are using the line input of my soundcard it is favorable to specify it for the recording device. In my eyes it makes sense to set mono recordings as default. Stereo tracks don't make sense in ITC. The rest can stay as it is. Next interesting tab is the recording tab. I valued it as useful to put a default track name "ITC Track" in the Custom Track Name field and enable the naming extension by time and date. Quality settings are important. Sometimes we need to do a lot post processing. Therefor it is favorable to set the sample rate up to 95KHz instead 48KHz and 32 bit Float to preserve enough reserve in accuracy. For the same reasons i selected the highest quality settings for the Sample Rate Converter as shown. For copyright reasons Audacity comes without an MP3 encoder. We will do all our exports in MP3 since we want to save disk space and bandwith. Installing an MP3 encoder is not much of a problem because you can usethe famous Lame encoder. It's free and you can get it here. After installation it should be visible in the Libraries tab. If not use the buttons for FFmpeg Library to show Audacity the installation paths. The Effects are not important for the start but later we will use the Nyquist extensions. Thus it makes sense to check the respective box already. Now restart Audacity. In the lower left corner you should see now the new Project sample rate of 96.000 Hz. For the audio position check hours, minute, seconds and milliseconds and for the selected areas "Start and Length of selection". This is useful if me measure duration and spacing later. In the upper left corner you should see now Line input as default. Now you are done. Audacity is now ready for ITC.
  5. I revived an old idea I had long ago. I observed that the manifestation of spirit voices can be facilitated by acoustical material that resembles voices as close as possible while not being voices itself. I learned to use natural ocurring sounds and found some being very close to voices. VID_20210802_1556181.mp4 In this video I took some ordinary packaging foil, glued it to the end of a cardboard tube and scratched with my finger, trying to mimick speech rhythm's. The results are fascinating. Hear this german audio clips I extracted from a recording I made prior to the video. Since all messages were in german I put the translation as the description here. "Black Box": Black box.wav "Not bad what you made": Das ist nicht schlecht.wav "Work must be finished": Arbeit muss fertig werden.wav "We're nested in the body": Wir sitzen im Körper.wav "Now I have contact within the body": Hab jetzt im Körper Kontakt.wav "Very easy, also when you do it alone":Ganz einfach auch für Alleingang.wavy "You made voices talk": Stimmen sprechen hast du gemacht.wav "World Bridge. Everything is safe": Weltbrücke alles sicher.wav
  6. Hi all, Here are some new voices that came through to me yesterday while making contact with the North Station, using again, one of Sonia Rinaldi's method for voice contacts, thanks for watching. take care, Lance
  7. Hi all, This is a video I made of some of the clearest voices that come through in the last few days, hope you enjoy! take care, Lance
  8. PART HISTORY OF INSTRUMENTAL TRANS-COMMUNICATION (ITC) https://victorzammit.com/images/macynewsmall.jpgMark Macy tells us how, in 1995, 16 dedicated ITC researchers met in England and formed the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication. He writes: "We began to experience unprecedented miracles in our research. Many of us received phone calls, usually from spirit friend Konstantin Raudive, and the Harsch-Fischbachs received astounding pictures and messages through their computer, all as a result of resonance among INIT members. It was clear that a new phase of ITC research on Earth had begun. Our ethereal friends told us that the greatest strides would be made by individuals from different countries who committed to work together in harmony with pure intentions." Read more.
  9. Hi all, Last year In 2020, I started experimenting with the EVPMaker software, my main contact that I reached out to were to Mr Raudive. So to proceed with the experiments I used Mr Raudive voice from the clip when He phoned Mark Macy from the other side. I then would run this through the software to turn it to gibberish. I would then proceed to ask questions and wait 30 seconds while playing the gibberish audio out loud, I never heard voices in real time. It was only when I would play the finished session back that I would casual listen to the recorded session and there were responses to my questions. This is just a few of the responses from Mr Raudive and others, I put the sessions contact into a short video compilation. Many thanks Lance. Short compilations of experiment.
  10. I found this interesting setup on the site of Nyle Steiner www.sparkbangbuzz.com. He described an evaporograph, a device that produces images from condensed water. I ask myself if this could be used for visual ITC. evaporograph
  11. This paper has a scientific focus and in it I'm trying to outline a model for voice ITC in the particular case of coherer reception. I dedicated this work to the whole Varanormal community and especially to Jeff. I wouldn't have made it without all of you. The Coherer Effect.pdf
  12. Hi eveybody! My question is: How to build this (original) TDC device used in The Scole Experiment (Detailed and meticulous instructions including all electronic components - especially the coils -, their parameters, dimensions and distances from each others, code numbers and availability in case they are for sale or parts of some antique crystal radios) ? Copy of the image representing this original model is uploaded below: https://content.invisioncic.com/n303486/monthly_2021_03/GR-Scole.png.2262076167037a796514da32c3fe66e1.png https://robinsphysicalphenomena.webs.com/thetdcdevice.htm Cheers, GISMO5367 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr Jeffers Hi I dont think there are any specific details of this device existing except the basic wiring diagram and pics that you have linked to. There have been reproductions of this device, and the people concerned would have made guesses as to how to build it in relation to spacing of the crystal to the coils, the inductance of each coil, etc. Pieces of germanium can be bought off ebay, and the coils can be wound or existing coils used. The germanium chip is under pressure via the screw, and this is an important point of its operation, I believe. The coil specifications may not be that critical. So its a case of using intuition to build it, so it has best chance of working for you, and therefore you become entangled with it, and it its operation. JEFF 16 hours ago https://content.invisioncic.com/n303486/monthly_2021_03/JTK.thumb.jpg.e761530d732957b54c2b14e7a16055b5.jpg GISMO5367 This image above has been copied from the Internet, and I am not sure how the original version of the TDC-device they used in the Scole Experiment lookes like? Maybe that image represents just the original version of the device? I don't have first-hand information and I have had difficulties reaching Robin Foy and other people in the Scole group who are involved. If we build a replica of The Germanium Receptor - according to my opinion - everything matters: Placement of the coils, their size, resistance, amplifier, conversion of the signal from analog to digital format (if this is possible) etc. My plan is to build a replica of the TDC device following the "instructions" as carefully and meticulously and I hope to find relevant, accurate and true information for that ( not suppositions). Modern technologies are also under construction, but as far as I know, those technologies help mainly in signal processing and filtering ( not improving the quality of the original signal). Please see: https://transkommunikation.ch/dateien/germanium_receptor_v2/ 10 minutes ago
  13. Yes, the more people, the more formative energy available to bring about an effect. As I said, as the device does not have electrical stimulus, so it would need more energetic input than a powered device would. Do you have some people that have mediumistic skills, who can regularly sit with the device - if you build it? I have read the material, and it does have quite a bit of detail in it. Do you have the diagrams mentioned in the pdf you included previously called "Instructionsfrom The Scole Group". I am referring to figures 2 and 3 mentioned on pages 120 and 124. Are there other diagrams from these texts that may be useful? Can you post these please? JEFF ----------------------------- Hi JEFF, (1) Related to your message (above) I have some answers: - At the moment I don't have suitable people to start the experiments with TDC receptor even if it is available, because I am working alone at the moment. But definitely I will build one (basic) version soon. If this device works with a small group of like minded people, possibly will continue experimenting with them longer time. - I copied for you all the diagrams presented in Grant and Jane Solomon's book including those you mentioned (Figure 2 on page 120 and figure 3 on page 124) <-> Please see the attached file . The basic information related to The Scole Experiment and methods they used in ITC/EVP is presented in the following documets: (1) The Scole Report: scientific evaluation of the results by scientists)(2) Grant & Jane Solomon's book "The Scole Experiment" (3) Robin Foy's books: Witnessing the Impossible (see my previous mails), Robin Foy's book: In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship (ISBN 1 85756 248) and the booklet: A Basic Guide to the development of Physical Psychic Phenomena- The New Spiritual Science Foundation / Educational Booklet No. 1 ; The New Spiritual Science Foundation Scole, Norfolk, England 1996. -> Most of these documents are available from Amazon.com and I think you can order them also through The Scole Experiment web site or contact Robin Foy himself. (2) Some time ago I purchased an old crystal radio from 1920s. A specific type of "receptor" is an essential part of this device (please see the attached image) This receptor resembles that which is used in The Scole TDC-device: There is a glass tube and a scerw attached to a pointed flexible metal wire. When rotating the screw you can shorten and extend the distance of the tip of the wire from the bottom of the glass tube where some greyish material ( possibly a metal chip) is located. In this construction there is also a ball joint so that you can change the direction of the screw and wire and in this way touch/contact different areas of the bottom (chip/metal etc.). My crystal radio arrived with old headphones (Beteco 2000 ohms). I had a short conversation recently with Salvatore Rizzo and asked his opinion about this "receptor" and it's connections to ITC. His answer was as follows: “….Regarding your question about the germanium receptor, I can also say that it really looks very similar to the one from the Scole experiment. I have also modeled it after the Scole experiment. With your detector in the crystal radio I see certain similarities. With the receptor of the Scole Experiment, and also with my Germanium Receptor V1.0, a tip of a screw is pressed on a Germanium plate. With your old radio receiver, radio waves are received by means of a detector. With the Germanium Receptors, I don’t know what type of waves are received. So, no real idea what kind of waves we are talking about here. But definitely not Hertzian radio waves. The Galena cat whisker detector and the Precision crystal detector work on a similar principle, but mainly these systems were used for radio reception. The Germanium Receptors use at least two coils and if you study this construction more closely, you don't really find a logic behind it. What I found out is that this is a very simple microphone principle. But in what way these systems interact with another " level " is not clear to me until today…” What is your opinion about this receptor and its suitability as a The Germanium receptor when modified ? It is not so heavily built than the Scole germanium receptor, but the the construction is quite similar ? DIAGRAMS-SOLOMON-SCOLEXP.pdf
  14. The Germanium Receptor used in The Scole Experiment ?
  15. 1. Abstract In our group we are collaborating in the research of the principles of the manifestation of ghost imprints in audio, image and video signals. We conducted an abundance of experiments with very similar outcomes. More or less the voices and images seem to pour out everywhere while the used technique does not seem to play the major role always. The main question for me from a more mundane point of view still is where in the chain of noise generation, signal conveying, transformation and reception is the place and the moment where the spirits break through to manipulate the signal leaving their imprints in it? Is this a localized phenomenon, is it bound to time? To anticipate the result of this experiment, I did not find the answer but I maybe can shed some light on a possible explanation. This work is based on my results with mylar foil crumpling. I found out that this process gives excellent results in form of a signal that consists mainly of impulses. For some reason the amplitude and density of the impulses are resembling the rhythm of human speech. The Audacity function "Paulstretch" is very effective in converting the spiky sound into intelligible speech. Still I don't know why. This needs to be the focus of a separate investigation. Based on my results the conclusion could be drawn to synthesize those spiky signals with some abstractions and to investigate the results for spirit imprints. I was pretty sure that this would work but things turned out to be very different. Some more experiments followed the first one and in the end I am trying to draw an conclusion in the form of two hypothesis. 2. Analysis and synthesis of base impulses. Mylar foil crumpling is realized by taking a piece of mylar and softly pressing it with your own fingers, bending and crumpling it slowly. Mylar has a stiffness that is in accordance to it's thickness and material properties. From an abstract point of view the foil is constituted of an 2-dimensional array of small surfaces with spring characteristic and nonlinear behavior. Because of their stiffness these subareas don't follow the deformation of the foil immediately, instead they are storing the deformation work as mechanical tension. At some point the an area is overloaded with mechanical power and suddenly "pop's out", releasing it's stored energy in the shape of an oscillation. I found out that this oscillation is merely centered around 4KHz. In Audacity I cut it out as a single event. Image 1: A single mylar impulse You can see it is a damped oscillation as you would it expect from my previous explanations. This is the first important finding that impulses, spirits are favorably working with, are in fact quick and strongly damped oscillations. The idea was obvious to take those impulses and to construct a synthesized "mylar" signal from it. My original goal was to find a way to generate this signal electronically to facilitate the mylar foil technique. So I copied this sample and inserted it randomly in an empty Audacity track multiple times. I did this by hand because at this time I had no means to do this automatically based on a random function. I took care that the impulses were unevenly spread across the track since this is typical for human speech. Image 2: Synthesized Signal I exported the synthesized signal as a wave file on a SD card that I inserted in a MP3-loudspeaker box that could play the audio clip in a loop endlessly. Image 3: Test setup with synthesized signal The MP3-box was positioned in a distance of 30cm to my ITC microphone. The resulting signal was recorded in Audacity. My expectation was that the impulses would be influenced by the spirits. After the test run I aligned the synthesized signal with the recording to see the differences. Image 4: Source and result signal aligned The first surprise was that the resulting signal looked very homogeneously. After magnifying one of the spikes I could see that the resulting signal just showed an additional small oscillation, likely produced by the loudspeaker of the box itself. Image 5: Magnified signals This result was far from spectacular and showed just normal physical system responses. My impression was acknowledged after applying Paulstretch to the result. There was not a single trace of a spirit voice in it! Resulting signal:Test run-1.wav Resulting signal after Paulstretch:1872400553_Testrun-Mylar-Paulstretched-1.wav I repeated the experiments under the same conditions and gained the same result once again, no voices. Well not absolutely since I got one very weak voice but it was totally out of sync with the impulses and I frequently get microphone voices during my experiments. I see it as a spiritual contamination. Spirit voice in test run 2:Test run-2 voice.wav I did the test a third time and again there were no spirit voices, absolutely none! It was not just that my expectations were not met, moreover it was a real contradiction to my previous results where I got voices in varying quality and strength but at least always! 3. Repeating the mylar experiment The experiment results confused me and thus I decided to repeat the standard mylar experiment with a piece of plastic foil. Image 6: Repeating the mylar experiment Fortunately the mylar was still working. After paulstretching I could isolate lot's of voices. "Andrés, liebe deinen Vater" (Andrés, love your dad): Andres liebe deinen Vater.wav "Ich glaub wir müssen ächzen" (I think we have to groan): Ich glaub wir m├╝ssen ├ñchzen.wav 4. From mylar to synthesized signals The next idea I had was to use the mylar signal and to make it more like the synthesized one. The main difference is that after the impulses additional signals appeared that grew when huge spikes or densities of spikes injected more energy into the signal and decayed if the spikes became lower or lesser. These additional modulations are a home of the spirit voices normally i assumed. I thought if I could strip them away then I would get a suitable distribution of impulses but without the spirit modulation I could use to repeat the experiment described in chapter 2. So I wrote a Nyquist script that could set all values below a selectable threshold level to zero, thus in theory only the spikes would remain. Essentially this was a gating process. Image 7: Gated signals The first track shows the original mylar signal. Track no. 2 shows the paulstretched content of mylar signal where I extracted the voices from. Track 3 is the gated signal. You can see that the low level modulation is almost gone. Track 4 shows the content of Track 3 paulstretched. Most amazingly even after removing the spirit modulation parts from the mylar signal, the paulstretched version of the gated signal still contained strong voices. The modulation was even better as with the original paulstretched mylar signal! Then i decided to remove even more spirit modulation from the signal since it was thinkable that the different amplitudes of the impulse train of the gated signal still contained spirit imprints. Thus I wrote a variant of the Nyquist script that did not only removed the low level modulation but moreover was setting all impulse amplitudes to the same level. This way no more amplitude information was present. Image 8: Gated and clipped signal The first track shows the original mylar signal. Track no. 2 is the gated and clipped signal with no more amplitude modulation. Track3 is Track 2 paulstreched. By aligning the paulstretched signals from the gated and the gated and clipped signals I could see very easily substantial equivalence. Image 9: Comparing gated and gated/clipped paulstretched signals The upper track shows the gated and paulstretched mylar signal. The second track the gated/clipped and paulstretched signal. You can see the characteristic of both signals is identically. We can see a slight deterioration the modulation of the clipped signals compared to the signal that was only gated. Please note that not further signal processing like filtering or denoising was done here. Mylar-1 (gated and paulstretched):Mylar-1.wav Mylar-2 (gated/clipped and paulstretched):Mylar-2.wav Obviously you can do a lot of harm to a signal with spirit imprints and their footprint still is visible. The lower level parts of the signal don't play a major role for the spirit content and neither does the amplitude of the impulses. The core element seems to be the distribution of impulses and their varying density. I decided to go my way back to the synthesized signal with the new knowledge I gained. If the secret of success is lying in the impulse metrics than it should be possible to mimic the mylar signal by placing artificial impulses according to the same scheme. So I got back again to my original synthesized impulse signal. I took the gated and clipped mylar signal as a blueprint and placed the oscillation impulses according to the density of the mylar signal. Image 10: Magnified compare of composed and mylar signal The upper track shows the composed signal and the lower one the gated and clipped mylar signal. My rule of thumb was to place as much artificial oscillation impulses after one another that they required roughly the same space as the impulses in the mylar signal. Image 11: Compare of mylar and composed signal Upper track is the composed signal. The lower track shows the gated and clipped mylar signal. Now I exported the freshly generated composed signal as an MP3 file and stored it on the SD card I then inserted into the MP3-box. Then I repeated the original experiment described in chapter 3. I recorded the sound from the MP3-box in Audacity and analyzed it. The result again was not according to my expectations. After paulstretching the signal I could clearly see and hear a speech rhythm but since in the original mylar signal (gated and clipped) a clear voice modulation was perceivable the sound of the paulstretched artificial track was just modulated noise without intelligible speech. Original mylar signal(gated an clipped):Mylar-2.wav Artificial signal (paulstreteched):Synthesized Paulstretched.wav Artificial signal without paulstretch:Synthesized Recorded.wav Also comparing with the unprocessed recorded signal shows clearly a rhythm but no voice elements. Now see the signals in graphical representation. Image 12: Graphical representation of mylar and artificial signal It's obvious that the characteristic of both signals is identically. Nevertheless the artificial signals does not contain speech. 5. Conclusions As I said the results I gained were not testifying my own expectations and confused me a lot. Despite this fact I dared to draw some conclusions from the experimental results. 5.1 The core of spirit modulation in impulse signals What the results are showing us very clearly is that in a signal that got "processed" by spirits, the root of their impact is not coded in the low level, more "analog" looking parts of the signal. After cutting them out the modulation stays strong. The assumption that the voices are hiding in the amplitude fluctuations of the impulses itself also proved as wrong. After clipping the impulses all to the same level the voices are still strong. Thus the very core or the root of the spirit impact is coded in the density pattern, in the distribution of impulses across the signal. 5.2 The role of entropy The second finding is even more disturbing. It means that replicating the density pattern of a mylar signal that proved to be excellent for spirit modulation gave me not the same results as the original mylar signal. The resulting signal is mimicking the same envelope as the spirit influenced signal but without voice modulation. It's just amplitude modulated noise, a form without content. This raises the question, why? Why can't spirits grab the same suitable density pattern and put their imprints into it if the signal was composed artificially? My hypothesis is as follows. There is a clear distinction between creation and repetition of a signal. What the spirits can do is influencing anything that is uncertain or let's say new born. A signal that is born out of a physical process that is based on entropy has zero predictability. This is where the spirits hook in. They can tackle something that comes freshly into the world and they grab it in the very moment of it's creation. A composed signal on the other hand has no entropy. Since it was already generated, composed or recorded the predictability of the signal is 100% and the entropy is zero! Seems that there is no way for the spirits to change something that is already "there" and just repeated. Repetition brings nothing new into the world, there is no additional information created. This hypothesis also gives an answer to the question where in the chain of signal creation, distribution, transmission and reception the spirit impact takes place, it is right in the moment of creation and not while the signal is traveling through the air as an audio wave from the loudspeaker to the microphone. I also would hypothesize that MAYBE the spirits have a chance to do their thing at every point in the creation-transmission-reception chain where the signal undergoes a physical change that alters it's information content like filtering, adding echo, conversion from analog to digital and vice versa. This hypothesis would also explain why spirit messages once recorded don't change afterwards. The content is not undergoing any information change. A last question remains to be answered that is not clear to me. Since science states a very good definition of entropy and information in an objective sense we as ITC researchers know that we can't separate the phenomenon from the experimenter. Thus the objective explanation of entropy in the sense of mainstream science may be questionable in our realm. The question is what really means predictability of a signal in ITC setups? Is predictability the objective description of a situation where no one in this universe, no man, no computer could by all means foresee the next upcoming value of an entropy signal? Or does it mean that the just the experimenter does not know? Is it something that is taking place when the experimenter is giving the process of creation out of his hands and rejects to control it? Would a random number generator that spits out deterministic noise with no entropy still produce ITC phenomena because the process of creation is out of control from the viewpoint of the experimenter? What really means predictability and entropy for our experiments? This is up to be discovered. Andres liebe deinen Vater.wav Ich glaub wir m├╝ssen ├ñchzen.wav Test run-1.wav Test run-2 voice.wav Test run-2.wav 1240831028_Testrun-3-Paulstretched.wav 1523320170_Testrun-3.wav 2088334816_Testrun-Mylar-Paulstretched.wav 1872400553_Testrun-Mylar-Paulstretched-1.wav 1639034973_Testrun-Mylar.wav Random Impulses-synth.mp3 Synthesized Paulstretched.wav Synthesized Recorded.wav
  16. Feuer kommt, das ist offiziell. Die Untergruppen hörst du noch heute. Und dich überzeugen. Und mit Zentrum, möcht es unsere Staffel. Und mit Zeit vorgelegt, mich zerbrecht. Wir hören nun allesamt. Schlechte töten nicht schlechte. Denkt bitte im kalten... Schlafen, verbrennen. Wann soll ich essen fassen? Tönende Helme. Hoff ihn, wir sind schon da. Hat er gewagt. Für die Maus 54 Ören. Und dann ham wir noch Piloten. Du brauchst ein anderes Umfeld. Malte ist krank. Wir sterben en gros. Hat Serum bewilligt. Ich sehe den Grund. Sulle, kommt er auf den Damm? Kommt uns zu helfen. Gute Nacht Erwin. Acht kommen runter. Hier kommt, die Zaue verglüht. Wir wollten Krieg. Fällt und jung und frei. Grundsupp kann dich hören. - Fire is coming, that's official. You'll hear the subgroups today. And convince yourself. And with central, it would like our squadron. And with time submitted, me breaks. We hear now all. Bad kill not bad. Please think in cold... Sleep, burn. When shall I eat? Sounding helmets. Hope him, we are already there. He dared. 54 öre for the chick. And then we have pilots. You need a different environment. Malte is sick. We're dying en masse. Has approved serum. I can see why. Sulle, is he coming to? Come to help us. Good night Erwin. Eight are coming down. Here comes the Zaue burning up. We wanted war. He dies and young and free. Grundsupp can hear you.
  17. What’s Here, What’s Now, What’s Popular…. The focus of this site is life after death and ITC (instrumental transcommunication), the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit. This homepage contains a somewhat organized index of nearly all of the articles posted on the site. Recent posts are listed in the right-hand frame (not accessible on some mobile devices), and links to some of the more popular and/or fascinating articles are highlighted below in boldface underline. At the end of some articles (those that are part of a series) you’ll find a list of links to other articles of that particular series. . ITC Gems https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/01-earlyluxcollage1.png?w=434&h=206 Glimpses of the spirit worlds (third level) through the TV of ITC researchers Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg (circa 1987). Reading this extensive series gives you (arguably) the best understanding possible of our multidimensional / spiritual nature and what happens to us after we die. The articles are chock full of wisdom delivered through the equipment of ITC researchers here on Earth… mostly from “The Seven” ethereals who introduced themselves to us (INIT… International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication) as “gatekeepers” between Earth and the spirit worlds. The information came through faxes, phones, radios, computers… from spiritual realms virtually unfiltered, offering the cleanest possible glimpse into the Beyond. (Gem #13 is a good place to start exploring this series of articles.) Note: I’m confident that the information in this collection of articles is highly reliable, as it came through INIT’s stable ITC system before the year 2000. 1 How we affect the spirit worlds 2 Reliable look in-beyond 3 Phone chat with an invisible friend 4 Murdered child is found and healed 5 How thoughts create reality 6 Strangeness of material reality 7 More about Planet Varid 8 Reincarnation from ethereal eyes 9 Convincing a skeptical public 10 How some people reincarnate 11 The end of reincarnation 12 Friedrich Juergenson makes contact 13 How the Luxembourg miracle began 14 How humans, spirits, and angels see God 15 The nature of spirit 16 Life on the other side 17 Avoiding dark forces in spirit work 18 How angel pictures are delivered to Earth 19 More afterlife descriptions 20 Timestream and othe spirit groups 21 Time and space in the astral realm 22 How things work in ITC 23 Power of thought 24 Reliable facts about the afterlife 25 Ethereal beings 1 26 Ethereal beings 2 27 Technical ITC 28 Transimages 29 More transimages 30 Technical ITC: Transvideo 31 Technical ITC conclusions 32 The second epoch 33 Parallel worlds and shadow worlds 34 Medicine and the human spirit 35 Atlantis (Science may be closing in) 36 Humans came from Eden 37 Secrets of life and afterlife 38 Perspective from Beyond 39 Inside story of the afterlife 40 More about the early Luxembourg experiments . Worlds Within Worlds Within Worlds https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/10energyflow0-1.png?w=303&h=307 Managing Life This series of articles tries to “tie it altogether”… politics, economics, society, science, history, spirituality, afterlife, parallel universes, the omniverse, angels, ghosts, demons, God…. The series will be posted on both websites. The articles posted on noblesavageworld will remain unchanged. They’ll always be the original version of each article. The articles posted here on macyafterlife will be polished and fine-tuned in the coming years. [Note: The information in this series of articles is based on (what I consider to be) a few basic truths, supported by ideas from science, religion, myth, solid physical evidence like megaliths and ancient carvings, and other sources.] 00 Introduction. 01 Our connection to the source. 02 Where the body meets the spirit. 03 Things to do in the afterlife. 04 Ancient human timeline. 05 Rise and fall of an epoch. 06 Growing up in the Second Epoch. 07 A little formula that pulls everything together. 08 The creation of heaven and hell. 09 Welcoming the life force. 10 Managing life (part 1). 11 Managing life (part 2). 12 How life-energy powers ITC. 13. Portals. 14. Fearless. 15. Science preps for a quantum leap. 16. Timeless principles of religion. 17. End time in perspective. 18. Peace and joy in a brutal world. 19. Spirit contacts and the public. 20. Good and evil in a nutshell. 21. Spirit and money. 22. It’s between you and God. 23. Light and dark levels of reality. 24. How life-energy works and feels. 25. Energy healing and spiritual healing. 26. ITC spirit collaborators. 27. What are dreams? 28. What are emotions? 29. What is wealth… abundance? 30. What is symbiosis? 31. What’s happiness (4 words)? 32. What are morals, ethics, and laws? 33. Why all the divisiveness? 34. Sex, Romance, Relationships. 35. Extraterrestrials and “The Project”. (tbd). . ITC Tips After a quarter-century of ITC research, I’m pulling together some of the main principles and basic considerations that might provide some ideas for people getting involved in ITC (and other spirit-related activities). 1: Keep It Clean 2: Spiritual Research or Paranormal Research? 3: Find a Predisposition for ITC 4: What Sort of Spirits To Expect – Three prerequisites for an ITC bridge – Pay attention to dreams – . Life on the other side (…the spirit realms) https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/02-julesverne3pix.jpg?w=640 Two lifetime pictures of Jules Verne (left) compared to a picture of him in his spirit body (right). Vivid descriptions of the afterlife from those who live there. (Note: most of the information in this collection of articles is derived from ITC contacts that I consider to be accurate and reliable.) Life on the mid-astral planes – Reliable look in-beyond – Fantastic arrivals into the worlds of spirit – Strangeness of material reality – More about Planet Varid – Reincarnation from ethereal eyes – Convincing a skeptical public – How some people reincarnate – The end of reincarnation – Life on the other side – More afterlife descriptions – Timestream and othe spirit groups – Transimages – More transimages – Transvideo – Perspective from Beyond – The afterlife of Jules Verne – The afterlife of Sir Richard Francis Burton – The afterlife of Arthur Moos – ITC or magic or God… what spiritual path is for me – Why the similarities to PJ Farmer’s Riverworld Books? – Illusion of time as experienced in-beyond – Native American spirit communities – Afterlife update 2018 – Special series on the subject: Maggy’s father crosses over… (the afterlife experiences of Albert Fischbach) … then reports from inside Timestream – … then meets an Ice Age man at the big, white house… – …and explores the spirit worlds with Richard Francis Burton…. https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/wanderer11c-small.png?w=348&h=261 The 7 heavens and 7 hells, according to Franchezzo. Dark Afterlife Adventures – summary of a classic, century-old book, Wanderer In the Spirit Land, by Franchezzo, with commentary. This series offers vivid descriptions of the dark or negative spirit realms around the Earth… a subject that is mostly avoided in the ITC contacts explored on this site. So, if you want to know about “hell,” this is a good place to start. (Note: The information in this series of articles isn’t substantiated by ITC contacts but it explores important afterlife subjects that our ITC contacts avoided, so readers might want to consider these articles to be more speculative than the ITC results described elsewhere on this site. Franchezzo’s information feels pretty credible to me, but readers should decide if it resonates with them.) …1 Lost in the dark (chapters 1-5). …2 Serving the Brotherhood (chapters 6-9). …3 Struggling out of darkness into light (chapters 10-14). …4 Preparing for rescue work (chapters 15-17). …5 Rescue mission to hell (chapters 18-21). …6 More hell (chapters 22-24). …7 Old generals never die (chapters 25-26). …8 Weary homecoming (chapter 27). …9 Free at last (chapters 28-31). ..10 Journey’s end at the threshold to heaven (Chapters 32-34). ..11 Review and analysis of the book. . The Coming Golden Age of ITC https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/03-edisoncommunicator.jpg?w=379&h=297 The Saturday Evening Post advertised a spirit communicator based on the work of Tom Edison around the end of the first World War, when seances and Ouija boards were all the rage. 1) How it could unfold… resonance 2) What can go wrong… human shortcomings 3) Preparing for it… reawakening 4) The next big breakthrough 5) ITC and the End Time 6) Dawn of a new science, courtesy of ITC Related articles: – An ITC group doesn’t have to be expensive – An ITC group today could accommodate many languages – A ‘we’re all doing the best we can‘ attitude – Three technologies that make the Golden Age of ITC possible – A new website for ITC groups – If this blog were part of an ITC group… . What ITC Groups Could Learn From Others Getting a better understanding of the other-worldly principles that apply to ITC groups by comparing them to more familiar, worldly groups. 1) Introduction 2) Prologue 3) Saturday Night Live (TV comedy revue) 4) The United Nations 5) Spy agencies. 6) Disney. 7) Religions 8) The Ancients… ancient intelligence… Edenites 4B years ago… ancient nukes… 9) The INIT experience… mission… personalities… management… funding… https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/04-robert-juliet-dalai.jpg?w=640 Robert Muller (UN Assistant Secretary-General), Juliet Hollister (Temple of Understanding founder), and the Dalai Lama. (photo courtesy of Alison van Dyk and Peter Ledermann) . Bridge Building https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/05-worlditcnethomepage-border.png?w=640 The public and private sites (links to the left) provide a template for developing a resonant group. This series explores some of the specific tools and techniques that an ITC group could use to sustain resonance or harmony, which is probably the most important component or quality of an ITC bridge. These articles are being developed in conjunction with my worlditcnet website template for ITC groups (both the public site and the private site). Between the two (this series and the worlditcnet sites), and with the help of readers of this site, I’m trying to determine what will really work to establish exceptional ITC portals between this world and competent spirit groups at the third level, or mid-astral realm. The series is called “resonance experiments,” and the actual experimenting unfolds in the comments section after each article. Blogs and chatrooms – 2. An afterlife map or model – 3. Three Prequisites for an ITC Bridge – 4. Clear Mission Statement – . The Human Story https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/06-egyptabydos-planes2.gif?w=300 This series tells the amazing story of our ancient heritage and paradise destiny, as explained to us by ethereal beings who’ve followed our world through innumerable eons, offering guidance and protection to humanity. From our extraterrestrial roots to our multidimensional future, these articles tell how we humans came to be the noble-savage creatures we are today. (Chapter 13 of this series seems to get special attention for some reason; it’s about Thoth, one of the superhumans of old Atlantis.) This series was polished up to become my ebook, The Noble-Savage Project. Not much in the book that’s not in the series, other than a more polished, cohesive story. 1 – From the Source of All-That-Is 2 – Physical Life and Spiritual Life 3 – An Ancient Timeline 4 – The Edenites and Their Descendants 5 – The Seven Ethereals 6 – The Afterlife Eden 7 – Afterlife of Jules Verne 8 – Afterlife of Arthur Moos 9 – Afterlife of Sir Richard F Burton 10 – Afterlife of Anne Guigné 11 – Afterlife Wrap-Up 12 – Atlantis and the First Epoch 13 – Thoth the Atlantean 14 – Modern Civilization Sprouted from Ancient Pyramids 15 – Hands that Caress and Strangle the World 16 – End of Story, End of Times Related articles: Our cataclysmic beginnings and their impact on modern living — Asteroids pummeled Earth for 2 billion years — Mysteries of Eden — Mysteries solved! — As disasters worsen, what’s preventable, what’s not?… — Our ancient human timeline (Worlds Within Worlds, part 4) — Unanswered questions and best guesses (first in a series of articles) — 1. How did life on Earth survive the ancient cataclysm? — 2. Lives destroyed, lives preserved during the fall of Eden — 3. How an ITC bridge really works — 4. Why ITC bridges closed down around the year 2000 — 5. Why INIT’s ITC bridge was to astral Eden, not astral Earth — 6. Why ‘the veil’ opens and closes — 7. Where the Edenites came from, before Eden — 8. Why Eden has three suns — 9. How parallel universes correlate with spirit realms — 10. Who gets future ITC bridges — 11. Do asteroids have spirit bodies — . Humanity as Seen Through Ethereal Eyes https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/07-etherealbeing.jpg?w=640 Nsitden, one of The Seven ethereals or superhumans who regulate the ITC bridge. Analysis of a 1996 ITC contact via telephone… what might be the most dramatic and important message ever received on our planet from beyond, more dramatic even than the “handwriting on the wall” incident in ancient Babylon, and of greater depth than the messages received through the Ark of the Covenant in Biblical times. It’s a message from “The Seven” ethereals, or “Rainbow People.” Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 . How did “The Seven” Ethereals Influence Human History? https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/08-7collage.png?w=640 The seven (from top left)… Chakras, Rishis, Matrikas, Archangels and Churches of Asia, and Hathors. Speculation on how the seven ethereal “gatekeepers” who managed the afterlife bridge for INIT (1995-2000) might well have been monitoring and guiding humanity’s development since ancient times. 1) Lots of 7s down through the ages 2) The 7 Hathors of Ancient Egypt 3) 7s of Judeo-Christianity: Archangels, lamps of fire, churches of Asia… 4) 7s of the Far East: Rishis, Matrikas, Divine Women, chakras… 5) The 7 Rays 6) 7 heavens – . Way of the Shaman https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/09-shamanscollage.png?w=640 These articles are about those individuals who have certain qualities that let them serve as a living bridge or conduit between the material and spiritual worlds… and have attracted a spirit team to get useful results in healing, spirit photography, and other pursuits. 1) Bridging Heaven and Earth 2) The Adventures of George Meek and Bill O’Neil 3) Northern Miracles 4) Into the Dark 5) Spiritual Coherence, Trauma, and Shamanism 6) The Shaman Carly . Faces in the Mist https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/10-mark7.jpg?w=230&h=266 Here I am (left) with my late dad (right)…. These articles take a close look at the strange Polaroid pictures I took over the years, capturing the clear faces of spirits superimposed over the faces of the human subjects. It involved a special technique and technology, as explained in the series. Chapter 2 has some especially good examples of the spirit faces. 1. Colorado Springs 2. New York 3. Amazement in the basement 4. Deafening silence 5. Visits from beyond 6. Afterword about fear . Crossed dimensions https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/11-aliens-dark1.png?w=640 A close study of Carly’s photos often reveals surprise visitors among us, invisible to the naked eye. A proposed worldwide network to give Planet Earth a spiritual spring-cleaning, consisting of three tiers of participants: 1) gifted, sensitive men and women like Carly who work in a very direct and personal way with spirit entities near the Earth in vibration, 2) meditators working alone or in teams to stream light into the network, and 3) a small inner team to coordinate things. (This “spring-cleaning-the-world” project became far more daunting than I’d expected… and is currently hold.) 1) The veil opens for Carly – 2) Let’s build an ITC bridge – 3) It’s a gift and a curse – 4) Serving on the front line of spirit work – 5) Spreading light – 6) Origins of darkness – 7) The three-tiered network – 8) Aliens among us – 9) Let’s meditate – 10) Is this the flu, or is a portal opening? . In Your Dreams https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/12-heavenhell-vankcathedral.jpg?w=373&h=280 Heaven and Hell as depicted on a mural in Vank Cathedral (Isfahan, Iran) This interesting collection of articles explores dreams… our nightly excursions into the spirit realms. While our conscious mind and physical body are asleep, our astral mind and body are off enjoying various adventures, a glimpse of which we often recall if we awaken right after the dream. As the conscious mind kicks in, the dream fades away into our astral (subconscious) memories. But if we can relax our mind back into a dream or “alpha” state without falling back asleep, many of the dream’s details will return. The true meaning of dreams – Why Hell is depicted down below – Life-swapping: The amazing story and prophecies of Paul Dienach – Time-hopping: The amazing story of Ken Webster – Packing light for the final journey – Sleep paralysis / night terrors – Last lucid moment before death – Are dreams more memorable as we age? – Dreams can determine coherence of an ITC contact field – . Politics and the Human Spirit https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/13-john-gast-american-progress-1872.jpg?w=640 These articles look at politics from the perspectives of leading thinkers from around the world… and beyond. We examine the world around us, the world inside us, and the worlds in-beyond of us… that is, the realms of spirit superimposed over our material world in other dimensions. (A larger collection of political articles can be found on my counterpart website, Noble Savage World.) Politics & the human spirit – Spirit of Society – The carnal line between noble and savage – Embrace the divine; it’s where we shine – Human spirituality and politics – Capital punishment & the human spirit – Inappropriate behavior or inappropriate world? – . What I Learned from ITC https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/14-geomeek1.jpg?w=640 George Meek, father of ITC… my mentor. Several articles on what ITC research taught me. 1 Being sensitive in a harsh world – 2 Controlling emotions – 3 Leaving the family of man – 4 How spirits navigate time and space – 5 Hardships heighten the human experience – 6 To establish a bridge – 7 The illusion of time – 8 Life on the mid-astral plane, or third level – What I learned from ITC about being human – Will I continue ITC research after I die? – . Science and the Human Spirit https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/15-marsquakerocks-nasa-small.jpg?w=291&h=199 A recent space.com article analyzed pictures of ruts and grooves behind some of the Mars rocks, suggesting the rocks had slid downhill recently, maybe as a result of a marsquake. (Credit: NASA/HiRISE image) Several articles about modern science and the challenges it faces in trying to reconcile spiritual reality through its neo-Newtonian worldview. (A larger collection of science articles can be found on my counterpart website, Noble Savage World.) Measuring maya — Foreign-accent syndrome — Science Will Soon Explore Beyond Duality — Asteroids pummeled Earth for 2 billion years — Exoplanets and the prospect we’re not alone! — Mysteries of Eden — Combat killing and the human spirit — Aurora theater tragedy — News in perspective — A life and afterlife debate — Pseudoscience and pseudo-reality — Learning from the ancients — Modern day epicycles — More modern epicycles: science and NDEs — Global warming and shifting poles — Hollow Earth theory — Our cataclysmic beginnings — . Into the Lighter Side (humor) 1 Undeniable proof of heaven – 2. Only the good get summoned – 3. Two Todds – 4. Tracing the family of man – 5. Provocative shorts – . Health and Well-Being https://macyafterlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/16-allfigures-exercise.jpg?w=349&h=420 Personal development… physical, emotional, and spiritual growth… including articles on: Meditation & Prayer: Heart meditation – Meditation; ticket to paradise – Prayer; another ticket – Tapping on Heaven’s door – Concentrate, Contemplate, Meditate (Sai Baba) – How to pray, and why – Two nice mantras – Physical Exercise: Some great exercises – Mantric exercises Spiritual Growth: Cleansing the cluttered mind – Embrace the divine; it’s where we shine – Go to the light – Healing and the human spirit – Love and good will… but what about trust? – The carnal line between noble and savage – An apology can lift the spirit – Releasing meddlesome spirits – Go with God, take your bike, don’t hit a bus, but if you do, go with God – Should humanity really know about the afterlife? – Nonspiritual people can find a spiritual path – What do you want to be when you die? – Dear, not fear: Sai Baba – Purpose of a lifetime – Reincarnation and the tree of life – Self-Awareness: Are you an extrovert or an introvert? – Know Heaven – Know thyself – Addiction & Mental Illness: Nonfunctioning alcoholism – From Darkness to Light with 10 Easy Words – Addiction – Mental illness: barriers lost – Sleep paralysis – Addiction and spiritual blinders Medicine Medicine and the human spirit – Understanding the heart – Last lucid moments before death – Other Subjects: What shapes children the most as they grow up? – Blowing away emotional blocks with breathwork – Troubled spirits: fight ’em and join ’em… or rise above – . My 45-Minute Video About ITC and the Afterlife I stopped giving seminars and presentations years ago because I wasn’t very good at public speaking. Then I realized I could put together everything I’ve learned about the afterlife into a nice powerpoint presentation that could be played at conferences. This one (above) is the most recent one, presented in Montreal in 2018, for IIIHS. . Nice Afterlife Songs (…youtube) Not Just In Your Dreams / The Other Side – See / Glory of the Host – . Afterlife Films Movies, TV shows, and reviews of movies about the afterlife. Nosso Lar (Our Home) – Chico Xavier – Calling Earth – The Afterlife Investigations – Life After Death Project – Twilight, Camille, and Coraline – TV shows about Luxembourg and German ITC (1980) – . Paranormal Video Clips from Europe – (…youtube) Eight amazing images delivered by spirit groups to the TV sets of ITC researchers in the 1980s… . News Summaries Periodic roundups of national and international news, put into perspective of our spiritual and noble-savage heritage. June 2018 (Uncle Sam’s Sharp Right Political Turn) December 2017 (Inappropriate behavior) June 2017 (More from our ancient past) December 2016 Part 1 (Transformation and treason) – Part 2 (Sliding toward a dark age behind big oil’s trump card) – Part 3 (You’re a mean one, Uncle Sam) – Part 4 (America in the grips of the Dark Triad) June 2016 December 2015 June 2015 Part 1 . . . (Part 2) . . . (Part 3) December 2014 June 2014 March 2014 December 2013 February 2012 . If you have trouble finding an article from this index, you might try the search window near the top of this page (or any other page on the site). Mark Macy itcmark@gmail.com
  18. Recently I saw a documentary about the british actress Judy Dench. What I did not know was that besides of being the boss of James Bond as "M" in many JB movies, Judy is doing a lot of private research about the nature, life and social behaviour of trees. She is collaborating with lots of scientists helping her to understand how trees are are growing, the social relationships they are building up with other trees, plants and fungus and how they communicate. In that documentary I saw how a biologists was using a contact microphone he pressed against the trunk of a tree and miraculously getting sound from it. Since it was summer you could hear water flowing through the inner rind, or to put it simple, you could hear the tree drinking. This fueled my imagination and I started to look for contact microphones. Very soon I found out that a simple guitar pickup is a contact mircophone and immediatly I ordered one at amazon. By use of some adapters I could easily hook it up to my digital voice recorder. Well equipped I drove outside to a huge forest 15 minutes by car away from my home. There were some trees with their rind partially removed. I assumed this was due to the destructive work of bark beetles. I did not have much expectations on catching sounds from a tree since in winter the trees are resting but I just wanted to give it a try. After some improper attempts to fix the pickup on the trunk I squeezed it into a fold in the bark and started my voice recorder. The first thing I observed was that I could hear some environmental sounds like chirping birds the microphone picked up but it was not that much. The next thing was I could hear sizzling sound which I supposed could have come from insects in the tree's trunk consuming his material. Crackling Sound.mp3 As I analyzed the recorded data at home in Audacity I discovered a lot more. The first tree I recorded gave me a very low rumbling sound. I thought this could be caused by my first unsuitable attempts to press the pickup against the trunk with my own hand. Basically the movement of my hand muscles and the streaming of my blood could have caused this effect. Anyway in this sound I found not intelligible speech but a speech like pattern. Very low speech pattern.mp3 After anaylzing the whole data I also discovered some fairly good spirit voices just be applying a little denoising. "Jetzt hält sie Wort.." -> "Now she keeps her word": Jetzt hält sie Wort.mp3 "Wir nehmen hier unsere Sachen" -> "We take our things here": Wir nehmen hier unsere Sachen.mp3 Another voice was hiding in a small "burst" of impulses that I related to the aforementioned work of insects. Due to my experiences with spirit impulses I knew that some hidden voices can be uncovered by applying the "Paulstretch" algorithm to the signal and so I did. "Will Rache!" -> "I want revenge!": Will Rache.mp3 To put this clear, I don't think the trees were speaking to me. Instead it's another proof that spirits may manifest their voices in every kind of sound material we offer them, no matter if this is noise, impulses, tones, vibrating air, electronic signals or whatever. Their potential of manifestation is hovering above every physical principle we have here on earth. Moreover I could see that my setup was working and I am curious for the spring time next year to go out again when the trees will wake up and start making sounds again.
  19. 1. Abstract From my experiences with the coherer I gained a new view on this fascinating component that only is a grain of metal filings in glass a tube with electrodes at its ends. When the coherer filings are iron or nickel they are suceptible to magnetic fields. A moving magnet would cause the filings to permanently realign with the lines of magnetic force. Thus the filings were moving too. Moving filings are working like very little electrical switches establishing connection and disconnections randomly. I hoped that this entropy would provide another source of noise for the spirits to work with. I expected the signal to be made of much spikes. 2. Mechanical assembly It was clear to me that this project would be more a challenge in mechanical issues instead in electronic. I chose to make a rigid but simple structure made by wood. The coherer is mounted on a wooden base and filled with handmade nickel filings. A rotating magnet is fixed on a boom that is glued to a disk with a slot in it. The disk is screwed to the shaft of a gear motor. By adjusting the screw in the slot I can adjust the distance of the magnet trajectory around the magnet. 3. Electronic circuit You see the electronic is boring simple. Just a potentiometer for the coherer bias and the coherer in series with an AF transformer to route the signal to an audio jack. 4. Tests with the coherer mill I ran some tests in advance to find out the optimum distance for the magnet and bias. It turned out that the settings were not that critical. The bias was adjusted to roughly 3V. The distance between coherer and magnet is around 3,5cm. MP4_20201119_164620VLOG.mp4 As expected the signal was pretty spiky with it's own rhythm caused by a non continuous realigning of the metal filings. Raw signal My standard procedure for post processing of signals with impulse characteristic is to apply the Paulstretch function in Audacity. It analyzes the signal and makes an educated guess to fill in the gaps while the signal is stretched. I always apply a stretch factor of 1.6 and resolution of 0.1s Paulstretched signal A little denoising of 9dB is rounding up the post processing. The signal quality is not very impressive. The voices are intelligible but still have the coherer typical croaking sound. However there are almost noise free. "Messung, bin dafür bereit" -》"Ready for measurement " Messung bin dafür bereit.mp3 "Mehrere werden komplett aus dem Land gehen" -》"Many will leave the country completely " Mehrere werden komplett aus dem Land gehen.mp3 "So viele werden sich bei dir bedanken" -》 "So many will be grateful for you" Es werden so viele sich bei dir bedanken.mp3 The principle of operation was proved. The spirit reactions seem to indicate that they were trying to adapt and make measurements as a base for that. They also told me they understood the function of the magnet. One message I got was "Slow down the motor". So I was considering to make another prototype with a hand crank that would give me the opportunity to turn the magnet as slow as I wanted. The result was the following device. MP4_20201119_165028VLOG.mp4 The results of this device were comparable to the previous one. The impulses were fewer but with a little more natural speech rhythm. However after applying Paulstretch the differences between both devices were negligible. I could extract lots of samples as well. "Muss Andres zu dir" -》 "I need to join Andres" Muss Andres zu dir.mp3 "Schleudersitze zieSchleudersitze ziehen nicht.mp3hen nicht" -》 "Ejector seats don't pull" "Fernseher heikel ist" -》"Television is critical" Fernseher heikel ist.mp3 One very personal message I received referring to my dad who deceased some weeks ago. I got a message from spirits calling themselves "fathers" and they offered him to take him with them in higher realms. There were indications the leaving of the earthly realm was troublesome for him. Vater.MP4.70ac1e799bfe7df94923647e00de834d.MP4 In the video above you can see and hear simultaneously the message. 5. Conclusions The results are interesting in respect of the fact that the rather slow and jumping alignments of the nickel filings are causing not the same noise as pink or white noise in my other experiments. They're less agile thus providing a limited entropy with less degrees of freedom. Maybe this is causing less noise that is not used for voice manifestations and thus a better signal to noise ratio. The possibility to improve the signal quality is depending on finding better algorithms for recovering speech from impulse signals. This is still a not satisfying situation. Hört mich Andres.mp3
  20. If you're doing direct voice ITC, you'll probably be wanting denoise the signals your capturing. The goal of denoising is to remove noise from a voice signal, or equivalently enhance the non-noise, or speech that may be embedded in a hardware noise source. Of all of the methods for denoising a signal, spectral subtraction is the oldest, and most well-known. As the term, spectral, would imply, it involves converting a time-based audio stream into a frequency-based (spectral) vector using the Fourier transform. First we assume, that the desired signal that we are trying to restore, X, is corrupted by an additive noise source, N, such that the resultant, observed signal is Y, Y(t)=X(t)+N(t). Since N is random and unknowable ahead of time, we can't subtract it from the observed signal, Y. However, in frequency space, we can approximately subtract the noise, given knowledge of the noise's average frequency/power spectrum, X(f) =|Y(f)|-|N(f)|. Simply put, compute the frequency spectrum of the observed signal and subtract it by a constant amount in each frequency (equal to the estimated noise at that frequency), then return this result to time-space. When a value of X(f) ends up below zero, it is simply set to zero. One challenge is knowing the noise's frequency spectrum. This can be estimated by taking the frequency spectrum of a part of the observed signal that is known to only contain noise, and no voice. This of course is not trivial, given the hypothesis, that spirit speech permeates almost continuously in the noise. One simplification is to use a hardware noise source that is white, aka, all of the frequencies, on average are the same. This allows us to avoid computing the difficult noise frequency term. There are many papers on spectral subtraction in the scientific literature, to help you understand the method better. The one caveat, is that the method is usually not applied to cases where the noise overwhelms the weak signal. When that happens, the resultant denoised signal usually sounds like discordant musical tones. Discordance is partially due to the tones are linearly spaced (like a Fourier transform) and not exponentially spaced (like the notes on a musical scale). Figure 1 have spectrograms demonstrating spectral subtraction, where I added the same magnitude of white noise as the speech signal (a real physical voice). The left picture is the original clean speech. The middle picture has added white noise. The right picture is the attempted denoising. Notice, only the lower harmonics are still visible in the reconstruction. The higher frequency formants are missing - this is a perennial problem with direct voice.
  21. Version 4.2


    Author: Andres Ramos (Varanormal research Team) This application is used to enable spirit image generation by use of random numbers and a certain transformation algorithm. The images are very faint and need a lot of interpretation. I recommend to use post processing with a suitable image editor. Actually this app still is not optimized and i need to try different transformation algorithms that might give better results in the future. However I think it can be useful to start with something in the realm of spirit imaging. INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the archive. The app is a HTML5/javascript application. Open index.html in Chrome or Firefox. It contains also a manual for using the app. This application was a try to enable spirit image manifestation by use of calculated random numbers and feedback algorithms with the image content rendered in the shape of a spiral to the canvas. There are lots of parameters to play around with and a manual is included. The app is written in HTML5 and javascript. Thus it runs in most browsers and operating systems. For some reasons it doesn't run on smartphones so far. The app currently is not very satisfying in my eyes since the spirit faces are very faint. Some post processing with a good image editor could be useful. However the image often show lots of hidden structures that are not faces but something different. At least you can give it a try and maybe have some fun while playing around with the parameters https://content.invisioncic.com/n303486/monthly_2020_10/image.thumb.png.b5dbb974fbe2fe2db5555a96abb475eb.png https://content.invisioncic.com/n303486/monthly_2020_10/IMG_20201024_203942.jpg.ed29247e482157db1aef874e84b1fc94.jpg Suggested Settings by Keith Clark below: https://content.invisioncic.com/n303486/monthly_2020_10/image.thumb.png.b187f8d03dfd16db58abffefd3393ee8.png Samples of Faces when used with the FREE Software OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio) in combination with exposure, contrast, and blur filters: https://content.invisioncic.com/n303486/monthly_2020_10/image.thumb.png.bcbae1d10e97c3223ab1529e245ff5b6.png https://content.invisioncic.com/n303486/monthly_2020_10/image.thumb.png.ffa0bce78c6143d4641b62ff6f09b7bc.png https://content.invisioncic.com/n303486/monthly_2020_10/image.thumb.png.64d17845711161a74c2f34b5dd33e7c2.png TUTORIALS ON USING "SPIRALITC" In Combination With OBS will be provided by Keith Clark when time allows.
  22. Just downloaded and tested the phono paper app from the playstore (see free software section). Just took a snapshot from the hotel room we're currently in. This is the sound PP made out of the image. 20.10.25 18.15.wav And this is what I extracted from it with Lexi's Audio editor. It sounds like "Follow the gypsy" PP-Follow the gypsy.mp3
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