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About Me

  1. 1. Abstract In our group we are collaborating in the research of the principles of the manifestation of ghost imprints in audio, image and video signals. We conducted an abundance of experiments with very similar outcomes. More or less the voices and images seem to pour out everywhere while the used technique does not seem to play the major role always. The main question for me from a more mundane point of view still is where in the chain of noise generation, signal conveying, transformation and reception is the place and the moment where the spirits break through to manipulate the signal
  2. 1. Abstract One of the best ITC related teachbooks I ever bought is "Nachrichten aus dem Jenseits" written by Herbert Josef Spirik and Horst Rudolf Loos. In fact this is the only book I ever knew that handles ITC from an engineer's point of view. Both authors are electronic engineers and the whole book is a startling practical work with lots of experiments and also some hypothesis about the nature of ITC. If I had to move to an island where I'd just be allowed to take one book with me, this would be my choice. A whole chapter (5.5) is dedicated to the works of Dr. Ing. Franz Seidl, a
  3. I had this idea long ago. Using a rubber tube coherer that makes some noise. Amplifying the noise and driving a loudspeaker with it. The coherer is mounted on the loudspeaker. Thus we get a closed loop. Today I realized this setup with a pair of active PC loudspeakers. The coherer is mounted on a cork that is glued to the cone of the loudspeaker. VID_20201212_130008.mp4 I could regulate the coherer bias with a potentiometer. Of course the circuit very easily gets kicked into self oscillation. The trick is to keep the bias so low that it is just before self oscillat
  4. 1. Abstract My first laser experiment was a failure. But now as I had dived into this area I wasn't willing to give it up too fast. In our group discussions we talked about laser interferometry. This well known technique is based on the overlay of two laser beams coming from the same source and running over different paths by use of a beam splitter. If both beams come together again they are creating an interference pattern. This phenomenon is due to the oscillating nature of light that shows a sinusoidal waveform. The cool thing about LI is that it is a very susceptible measuring te
  5. In the past I had some very good voice ITC results with plastic foil that I crumpled gently with my fingers. The generated audio signal sounds a little like crackling fire. As my mediality grew over the years I started to recognize speech patterns in lots of sound sources. Since I am a fan of wine gum to my utter amazement the crumpling of those plastic bags containing the gums had a sound like a clipped voice. After I discovered that those signals can be greatly improved by applying the Paulstretch function in Audacity I got very good results! Recently I talked to Michael Lee and he told
  6. I had two incidents where I was supposedly touched by ethereal beings or I was touching them. The first time was in May 2020. A spiritual friend told me if I agree I would go through the first part of an inauguration from a hereafter spirit group. I was perplexed but agreed and at the evening before the night of this incident my expectations and fears were going haywire. In the night I had wild lucid dreams and somehow was half asleep and half awaken. Then, after midnight in this metastable state of mind I clearly felt something touching my right hand and a calm female voice saying, "Don'
  7. I just did a quick check on the laser interferometer stream running as a long term experiment in our groups private area. I checked it because Keith retuned the signal post processing and I was about installing mr recorder on my tablet. Thus I just intended to try out if the stream recording works. In the first 30s the stream is vivid with mixed voices but not unusual in its characteristic apart from a very low frequency rhythm with approximately 1s repetition rate. Then suddenly at around position 35s the characteristic is shifting into a single voice that sounds like being scrambled
  8. Cosmologists say that they have uncovered hints of an intriguing twisting in the way that ancient light moves across the Universe, which could offer clues about the nature of dark energy — the mysterious force that seems to be pushing the cosmos to expand ever-faster. Researchers’ first guess — which remains the leading theory — was that dark energy is an intrinsic property of space, which would mean that the amount of dark energy per unit volume of space is fixed as a ‘cosmological constant’. But some cosmologists theorized that dark energy is made of something else entirely. They call
  9. This paper is not a technical one, well at least merely. In first line it is a documentation about my results with natural transcommunication (NTC) in moving water in creeks and it widens the scope of results I already showed by the water images I gained from the surface of a lake. But there is a second intention in this document that is not a technical one. I want to push a door open for the magic that is taking place every day before our very eyes we just don't see because of ignorance and blindness. My hope is that this document, that has more the character of a story or fairy tale than of
  10. Another very interesting way to obtain spirit images is the use of structure reflection in moving water. Again the moving water waves on the surface of the lake are the driving energy. The water is reflecting imgages from everything that surrounds the lake, mostly these are trees. In winter, the bare twigs and sticks of a tree are giving a perfect structure to be worked upon by the distorting forces of the water. When you take single pictures or even better a small movie you are disassembling later into single frames you will see weird structures coming up the more you zoom in on th
  11. 1. Basic principles of used technique This was the first experiment I did with NTC 2 years ago. I noticed that the light of the sun, reflected by the tiny waves on the surface of a lake gave some kind of "light pumping" process. I focused the digital camera in my smartphone on this sport of light that was permanently oscillating between bright light and darkness due to the motion of the waves. After taking a short movie of some seconds I disassembled the movie into single frames by using the app Grabi. Then I analyzed every frame. After a while I noticed that every time the light went fr
  12. Germanium diodes were a huge research field for me in the past. I tried numerous designs with single diode, arrays and feedback. In general the noise germanium diodes are producing is pink and rough in sound. Similar to the coherer sounds the germanium noise produces voices with a good SNR but bad intelligibility. However the voices are less croaky than with the coherer. "Aber sie lernten es" -> "However they learned it": Aber sie lernten es.mp3 "Onkel Erhan" -> "Uncle Erhan": Onkel Erhan.mp3 "Ich mache ihre Sache" -> "I am doing their thing": Ich mache ihre Sache.mp
  13. In this post I want to share my audio samples i made by use of coherers. See the experiments section for more details. A coherer is a small glass tube or a piece of transparent hose with electrodes at it's end in a distance of some millimeters. It is filled with conductive granular media. I used coherers with nickel, silver, iron, aluminum and graphite/carbon particles.The particles have lose electrical contacts. If a small current is routed through the coherer it starts to emitt strong pink noise. In the noise there are lots of spikes and cracks and strongly but poorly modulated spi
  14. I'm working on the third stage of the laser interferometer (LIM). It will be completely enclosed in an aluminum cast casing to protect it against radio interference and light contamination. It is going to have an adjustable modulation input and the a loop feature to feed back the interference noise into the modulation input in order to provide more entropy. Also a hardware noise gating will be implemented to reduce the need for huge post processing. It will be powered by a 12 VDC wall adapter and includes EMI filters against power hum.
  15. 1. Abstract From my experiences with the coherer I gained a new view on this fascinating component that only is a grain of metal filings in glass a tube with electrodes at its ends. When the coherer filings are iron or nickel they are suceptible to magnetic fields. A moving magnet would cause the filings to permanently realign with the lines of magnetic force. Thus the filings were moving too. Moving filings are working like very little electrical switches establishing connection and disconnections randomly. I hoped that this entropy would provide another source of noise for the spirits
  16. Nothing very special but my personally most impressive manifestation of spirit forces. I hadn't much since I am working with voices mainly. Since one year I am going through some inauguration that was predicted by a friend of mine who is inaugurated himself. He said it's a group of spiritual beings offering me to participate in their work. This seems to take place slowly. So last night ( the night of friday the 13th of november 2020) in my sleep i woke up by a rumbling sound as if a heavy metal part was "dancing" on a wooden surface. I switched on the light and looked around. Tje sou
  17. My early beginnings in ITC were accompanied by looking for ghost imprints in nature. I asked myself if ghost voices would be hiding in the noise of rustling leafes, wind going through the twigs of a tree or in the sound of a babbling creek. I looked for ghost images on the surface of water in a lake and it's wave that got agitated by wind, in frozen water puddles and cloufs. Indeed I found something already I will post here in a suitable section soon. As i did a walk last week after work in the park near my home I was standing in front of an remarkable giant chestnut tree clothed in his g
  18. I have a work in progress of a spirit serial terminal application. Originally I intended to make a spirit morse decoder but it came out that the signals reminded me of RS232 serial data. Thus i hooked it up to a terminal program and got a nice mess of characters. I decided to write an own terminal program that just lets through the letters of the alphabet and numbers. The rest is discarded. It's almost working now. The electronic employs a germanium diode noise source and a discriminator circuit that gives me freedom yo decide what parts of the signal i want to use. The impulse are settin
  19. Most ITC aficionados start with the gold old germanium diodes as noise sources for ITC sessions. The noise structure is more rough compared to silicon diode noise and the noise much louder than with the latter ones. The best diodes for ITC I ever tried were the old OA9. These are very rare now and probably obsolete. Years ago i stumbled upon an article about the work of Oleg Lossew. He was a russian radio technician and the first one who scrutinized semiconductor properties of certain materials like crystals and sulphite- and oxide layers. He was supposed to be the first one who encountered th
  20. Version 4.2


    Author: Andres Ramos (Varanormal research Team) This application is used to enable spirit image generation by use of random numbers and a certain transformation algorithm. The images are very faint and need a lot of interpretation. I recommend to use post processing with a suitable image editor. Actually this app still is not optimized and i need to try different transformation algorithms that might give better results in the future. However I think it can be useful to start with something in the realm of spirit imaging. INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the archive. The app is a HTML5/javascript app
  21. 1. Abstract This article is referring to my previous paper "12 - Time Domain Noise level Discrimination - an approach to enhance ITC voice modulation". In this paper I hypothesized that the bad voice quality was related to the spectrum of germanium generated noise and could be improved by using white noise. I wanted to prove this hypothesis and I revised my electronic circuits to employ white noise from a Zener diode to compare the spectral composition and the voice quality against my results with germanium noise. 2. Electronic schematic You see that com
  22. 1. Abstract During my years of research I frequently got information about the use of laser light in ITC. The application for lasers in ITC seem to differ widely. I read about the works of H. O. Koenig who used laser for audio transmission to be intercepted and modified by spirits. But there were also other experimenters who used laser illuminated crystals to improve their session results. My first idea was establishing a microphone based audio stream over a laser beam and recording it. A nice add-on would be to shoot the beam through different types of transparent media like rock cr
  23. InI thought about making a document template for ITC session protocols where you can enter when, where and what you where doing in an ITC session. I think there are some templates around in the community but I would like to take advantage from the fact that lots of skillful people are in this forum who could participate with their knowledge. I own a program named "PDF Maker". You can design pdf documents with it that can be filled out electronically and then saved as a fix(non editable) pdf. Or you just print it out and fill it out by hand. I would like to discuss what data is useful to be doc
  24. Audacity is a perfect tool for ITC. If you use it consequently like I am doing since years for ITC you don't want to miss it anymore. To get Audacity you first need to download it here. After installation you can make some basic setups I will show you now and that are optimized for ITC. I configured Audacity mainly along with its usage, thus everything I found out as best practice is empirically found. First go to Edit->Preferences: Another menue with lots of tabs is showing up. Here we can make all the basic settings we want to use in order to facilitate our work. I j
  25. 1. Abstract In most of the experiments in our group we employed electronic noise sources. Generally this was semiconductor noise from different types of diodes. We always used the amplitude of the noise e.g. the randomly up and down of the signal level in the time domain to feed our setups. In a vivid discussion we once talked about the frequencies in a noise signal. We wondered if a random signal could be represented by a randomly changing frequency and what would happen if we would FM demodulate such a random signal. I've done so many electronic designs in my life that, with every
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