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Experiments with the InClip microphone

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The InClip microphone is one of my latest designs and is described here. In this thread I want to post my experimental results which are very promising in my eyes. If anyone wants to participate on this research please contact me. The "InClip" isn't hard to replicate. I can make more of the easily.

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Today around noon I mad a quick session with the InClip microphone. I adjusted the threshold of the microphone so that it was contionously triggering the output on and off.

This is the raw recording:

Then I overall-post processed the signal with the "Teenager" voice effect, 250 Hz high pass and 15% auto spectral substraction in NCH Wavepad. The result is quite intriguing. There are more or less permanent spirit utterances in varying quality.

Post processed recording:

One thing I tried was to provide an acoustical background by myself. I formed random phonems with my mouth like I was speaking Klingon on some other artificial language. My voice volume was low and mixed with the background noise from the street before my house. At one point I said "God is great and his spirit is everywhere" in german and indeed this can be heard even the voice effect makes me sound like a kid. But 2 seconds later a voice appeared saying "Nichts was er nicht geschaffen hat" -> "Nothing  he didn't created" and I definitely haven't said this.


Here some of the clips I extracted together with my interpretation.

Clip-1: "Das Fenster ist gestört" - >"The window is blocked"

Clip-2: "Jetzt Erka verbieten Kontakt" -> "Now the Erka are denying contact"

Clip-3: "Ich wart" -> "I am waiting"

Clip-4: "Swejen hört mit" -> "Swejen is listening"

Clip-5: "Wo ist denn meine Gitta?" -> "Where is Gitta?"

Clip-6: "Vor neun es gelingt" -> "Before 09:00 it will be a success"

Clip-7: "Let's get out...stop thinking"

Clip-8: "Als Veränderung kommen die Planeten" -> "The planets will cause a change"


My impression is that the InClip generates often distorted signals, which is logical if you follow the working principle. On the other hand the pk modulation is excellent and the voices are very strong.


New ideas

The audio with the voice saying "Nothing  he didn't created" gave me two ideas.

First we all should try to provide an acoustical  background in our sessions by shaping random phonems with our mouth. We much too often try to exclude ourselves from the ITC reception process. We should instead deliberately bring us in! In the end it is about the spirit in us and not about machines or apparatus.

The manifestation of voices seems to fostered by low noise and low rubbish talking voices. I want to make a new setup where I can pick up my random phonemes directly in a clear recording at my mouth and then across some distance with the InClip microphone. One signal should be recorded on the keft and the other on the right track of a stereo signal. If a voice manifestation takes plave we directly could analyze it.


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I guess today I made an ITC session with the InClip that brought results I could value as a breakthrough. Nevertheless I won't claim this because we never know if we gain success from a technological leap or just from special conditions we don't know. And maybe the breakthrough is not the technology but rather the development of our own self.

I made a simple experiment as I did it before, following my strictly phenomenological view on ITC by just finding out what works and what not without wasting my time on hypthesizing fancy models for the ITC process that very likely will just be wrong.

I placed the InClip near the window in my office room at home. The window was tilted and thus open to about 10%. I recorded the backgrund noise from the street comprising cars passing by, very low voice fragments (not intelligible), slamming car doors, braking motorcycles, steps on the sidewalk a.s.o. The cutout indows was set to approximately "1" on the scale. That means it was triggering to already low volumes and gave a nice chopping effect.

I post processed the recording as I always do by adding reverb and denoising by spectral substraction. I did this over the whole recording in one piece. The result is worth listening to. For me this is not just a sequence of some spirit voice breakthroughs, it's more like a portal has opened and a continous stream of voices (although mostly not intelligible) comes in. There is almost nothing mundane anymore in this signal.

Complete recording (post processed)


Here are some of the most interesting exports from this recording.

"I love you" :  

"Abyss" :

"Open Fire" :


The most amazing utterance was thos excerpt. It is a german speaking voice, very clear, with an austrian accent saying

"Diese Klarheit - bin jetzt auch ein bisschen verwundert!" -> "This clarity - I am a bit amazed"


One important thing I observed is that the spirit voice manifestation seems to go over multiple steps. The foundation, so to speak, is made during the recording and depends on the device. However the post processing methods are adding other steps of pk modulation coming up and it seems to me (still not clear) as if these further steps may completely overwrite the first one. Also the used ITC method seems to have an impact on additional pk imprints during post processing. However this is more a vague feeling actually.

Nevertheless I see the InClip not as a device anymore giving me one or the othe good results. It seems to boost the already very good spirit voices from microphones even more by some reason. It provides (at least sometimes) long sequences of almost pure hereafter voice streams. From that point of view the InClip is rather a portal instead of just an ITC device.

Finally I have to say that the background noise from the street in front of my appartment gives excellent results for some reason I don't know. Maybe it's because the sound is "realtime" but I will continue to experiment with other backgrounds also.








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One clip I obtained from a quick session today. I do not understand clearly what the voice says but the characteristic is so impressive. It has a deep reverbing sound even I did not apply any post processing or reverb myself. It sounds like it comes directly from heaven.

A possible interpretation could be "Alles war schön!" -> "Everything was beautiful!"

I must admit I feel so grateful and pleased that the content of the messages I get become more and more friendly and loveful 😍

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A message to anyone who waits to get an InClip. Today I finalized the layout for professional PCBs (Printed circuit boards) for the electronic. The boards will be delivered in some weeks. Then I can start to populate the boards. In the meantime I hope to find a cheap and ruggedized casing.



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An update for all members wanting an InClip. We are moving forward regarding the production. Maybe this appears unnecessary complicated to you but since more and more members want different devices I need to find a more general solution, otherwise I would drown in work.

So I am building up a cooperation with a VA member in Canada who has electronic and mechanical skills. He will assemble, test and sell my devices in Canada and the US. Since most of you members are located in the US, devices could be manufactured and shipped faster and cheaper while I would do the same in the European area. 

Setting up reliable structures and networking with people who are willing to throw in their enthusiasm and skills is not done over night. So please be patient. Once these manufacturing cooperations work it will be for the benefit of all of you.

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Great news Andres, yes it is very easy to become overwhelmed, and you have such a supportive, caring, sharing nature.  I hope that this arrangement may take some of the burden away from you, so that you may also continue to your own work of developing communication "into the next room." Thank you also to our VA member in Canada who has stepped up to help out.  Please know that we appreciate that you are supporting Andres and wish to thank you very much for your commitment.

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