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Community Projects


  1. Project 1: The TDC Device- Edison and The Scole Experiments

    In Project 1 we take a look at historical evidence, references, and reproductions of The TDC (trans-dimensional communication) device.

  2. Project 2: Basic Audio ITC Research

    In Project 2 we go back to the simple basics of audio ITC with the goal to scrutinize pk modulation in very simple test setups (mainly with microphones) to focus on finding the working principles of psycho-kinetic modulation.

  3. Project 3: PDF form for ITC session logs

    In Project 3 I want to develop a standardized form in PDF format to log ITC session data. This will be an active form, that means you can fill in data as text or choose options from a drop-down box. After filling in all data it can be printed as finalized PDF.

    There is also the option to send the form to a dedicated email address by clicking a button. This would be an option for submitting the data for listener panel evaluation and archiving.


  4. Project 4: Testing and improving the LINGER device

    The LINGER is adevice gaining very agile noise with a fairly good pk modulation from LED light shining on a phototransistor. The pk modulation is amplified by electronic means. The acronym "LINGER" stands for







    I made a prototype for me and another device and gave it to one member of the community to test.

    The goal of this project is to post results gained from the LINGER, discuss them and trying to find improvements that can flow back into the design

  5. Project 5: VARANROMAL Sound Chopper

    This forum is dedicated to the VARANORMAL Sound Chopper community project. Share your results gained from this application here and discuss them with us.

    The app is available here: https://editor.p5js.org/nackenfoehn/full/0wsfGheEs

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