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Spirit voice Chichester Cathedral.

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Hi all, This recording taken inside Chichester Cathedral in West Sussex. If you listen carefully you'll hear myself and my wife talking. Afterwards if you listen again carefully you'll hear what sounds like a child humming "The EVP"  I have increased the volume of the EVP to help make it more clear. On this occasion I was using my small tascam recorder tucked in my coat pocket. 

chichester child-region-587.mp3

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Paul, this one is really good too! Is this the same Cathderal? I'm wondering if it's the same child voice throughout the recordings. It's amazing you caught that so clearly inside a coat pocket. That's really great and definitely there. Have you been able to find any history on the Cathedral? Who spent the most time there, any tragedies, any children that lived there (maybe strange questions, but knowing history can help find clues of what and why spirits are consistently there)

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My EVP work is very different than my day to day... They are both a form of communication but some EVP work will catch residual (repeating events or impressions of events) or communication with spirit that choses to remain but can interact, see you, hear you, communicate with you now. With capturing EVPs, I'm looking to see what's in that space, if an impression or if able to interact, and then help those that want or need help. 

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