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I noticed that even though this paper was submitted in April, 2020, there are no comments. Other papers by Andres about the Coherer effect have attracted comments, and there are discussions about the effect scattered throughout Varanormal. So I thought I'd make the first comment about this paper. 

First, Andres, congratulations on an original experiment! It would be nice if you could summarize it briefly for us. Have you done any further experiments with the water coherer that you invented? (Hmm, I guess I should read):


Your quantum tunneling theory relies on the notion that thought pairs particles to antiparticles in mutual annihilation, releasing a photon that creates a cascading avalanche, giving opportunity for a thought signal to penetrate the resulting noise. You further muse that this photon creation may occur due to the effect of a higher dimension on the 3rd dimension. (Have you read "Flatland" by Edwin Abbott, 1884?). The mechanism of this effect needs to be elaborated, along with an examination of Steiner's "thoughts are equivalent to electrons" comment. I wonder if any experiments have been done by physicists that demonstrate the annihilation - photon effect due to thought, with proper detectors. 

(With regard to dimensionality, the 2D theory of reality is quite trendy right now. https://www.sciencealert.com/here-s-what-scientists-mean-when-they-say-the-universe-might-be-a-hologram , https://www.sciencealert.com/a-physicist-has-calculated-that-life-really-could-exist-in-a-2d-universe )

I'm impressed that you were able to hone in on the spectrograph to find an ITC message! I need to read your paper where you document additional ITC results from the coherer effect. 

I know you have moved onto other experiments. But if you have any update on the coherer effect, please let us know. 

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From the paper:

"A scientist always sees himself in the role of a neutral observer - to keep himself out of
the experimental context. We ITC researchers know that it is not possible, since we are deeply
entangled with the phenomenon we scrutinize. Thus we should involve ourselves deliberately. If
we have completed a setup and it is working, it should be mandatory to train ourselves in
checking out how much we can influence the phenomenon by ourselves. In the end everything
is about our personal spiritual evolution. We should never forget this."

I see this as an important and necessary, but interim phase of technological development. At some point, we need to minimize the operator effect either by shielding against it, or by enfolding it so completely within our devices that they become proxies for the part of the human mind responsible for ITC reception & transmission. When that threshold is reached, and messages become as clear and seamless as telephone calls (etc.), the technology will be universally applicable and will transform humanity. 

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Thank you for your comments Steve! I am still thinking you should be part of a peer review board to be founded in Varanormal since your arguments are well and deliberated.

My interpretation of the Coherer effect is a hypothesis and thus the lowest scientific approach you can make with a paper. Besides the arguments you told there is this extremely short timeslot for induced quantum tunneling of 10^-15s that makes me unsure if the coherer effect really works this way.

Nevertheless the ideo you mentioned about scrutinizing the generation of paired particles by thought would be a cornerstone of a robust theory tying together spirituality and physics. However this certainly can't be done with our laymen equipment. We must wait for some research center to pick up that ball.

Regarding the water coherer, I think the entry point of pk is the same as with coherers containing granular media, namely the creation of paired particles. But the impact is different since water is not made of non conducting particles suddenly becoming electrically merged by induced tunneling. In water electrolysis plays a role and I assume that the generation of gas bubbles is controlled by induced tunneling up to a certain degree.

Basically I have ongoing research in this area like the coherers made of carbon powder immersed in water or oil where I started to experiment with more than 2 electrodes. In my imagination I was creating an artificial brain made of carbon powder in oil with a mesh of electrodes ending in different locations in the carbon goo. The right wiring could cause multiple coherer connection induced by quantum tunneling in the carbon firing like neurons and generating more complex electrical patterns at some electrodes. But this is all SciFi or even Fantasy now.

What you say about the operator effect seems very logical. However I currently have no idea how to shield a circuit against pk energy.

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I found Abbott's novel as pdf. Thanks for the hint. Haven't read yet the article you linked about the holographic universe but I read the book "The holographic universe" from Michael Talbot. It also covers the holographic structure of the brain and human thoughts.

Actually I need at least four brains, one for doing research and three to read this abundance of information.

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I wondered why theoretical and scientific articles do not have as many audiences and readers as one might expect. Most laymen including myself and many other  members on the forum are not very familiar with the secrets of theoretical physics and new cosmological theories   - although the information these theories provide - might be very important and useful thinking our future and world view. It is important to notice, that our globe is in acute crisis at the moment thinking for example corona virus pandemia, climate change, habitat pollution and extinction of plant and animal species . Many people on the forum are certainly waiting contact from other dimensions or find ways to make such a connection possible so that more wise, compassionate and  intelligent entities would take the reins - or at least be willing to co-operate with us on practical level. I have also noticed, that we don't have indefinite time to evolve as spiritual beings in the midst of the present difficulties of the physical world. Finding a workable and practical method for interdimensional communication is certainly enough for the average person - whether the instrument used for this is his/her own mind or some aid brought by advanced technology .🤐


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Yes. On the one hand we see that help is coming in spiritual ways but ONLY if you are propelling yourself towards it and it is always something very personal. You can't derive the salvation of the world directly from your own spiritual progress. Spoiling this planet certainly would not put an end to our spiritual evolution but would make it harder I guess. From that point of view we certainly don't have all the time in the world to change our civilization. The problem is, I think we can't make this world a place worth living if we are trying to enforce a better living by laws and prohibition. People actually must want to live in a different world and there must be a reasonable amount of those willing to change. Currently we are living on the edge of the knife or as many enlightened people say the future is still unwritten, everything is possible.

Personally I am very trustful in this perspective because we work a lot on this goal and even dedicated our lives to it. If we fail then because mankind as a whole refrained from making the right decisions but personally even then we wouldn't have failed.


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