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  1. Hi Lance, thanks for your feedback, and great story about your tumble dryer! I saw Geller live on stage, late 1970's. Stopped our watches! But it was Hauck that really experimented with and formalized the PK procedure, and introduced PK parties, which anyone can conduct. In my notes, Keith was intrigued by this phrase: "When the mind goes into the future, it observes and temporarily collapses the wave function to a possible event. These data are seen within the brain with the same clarity as a memory, using the same external sensing. Data is filed on the individual's world line and may affect his or her future actions"
  2. I had a speaker's forum at one time. One of my events was a Spoon Bending Party, aka Psychokinesis (PK) Party. Before the party, I gave a presentation, drawing on note from researchers in the field, mostly Jack Houck. Attached are my notes. You might find it interesting, as ITC draws upon similar mechanisms and theories. Houck6(1).pdf
  3. Fernando, some of us submitted photos by email before instructions changed. Are you going to upload those photos now to the forum?
  4. As requested in instructions for this project, I am posting a new topic to let the team know that I submitted my first images by email to Fernando. Steve Glanz
  5. Got it, thanks! Will test uploads be viewed in real time by all participants, or is this just for designers to collect data and publish later? Have there been any uploads yet?
  6. It looks like Perlin Noise is supposed to be the first project. Who is the team lead on this project, and where are the instructions? For what it's worth, I found this customizable Perlin noise generator online: http://www.kitfox.com/projects/perlinNoiseMaker/index.html Steve
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