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  1. Learn To Use EVPMaker in LIVE Mode: 10-15-2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9CFQfoMiqU TRANSCRIPT ATTACHED Learn To Use EVPMaker in LIVE Mode This week we give a brief overview of routing audio on Windows computers and then demonstrate how to use EVPMaker in LIVE mode! Join us weekly as we explore Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) - where Technology and Spirituality meet. Learn how to successfully experiment and share your knowledge and experiences with others. Varanormal is an online collaboration of experimenters and researchers from around the world. We have the pleasure of providing the world’s largest collection of live paranormal streams - available free for your experiments. Come register and join the forum now, its FREE: https://varanormal.com Streaming LIVE to Facebook & YouTube SOFTWARE FROM THIS VIDEO: EVPMaker: https://www.varanormal.com/files/file... NCH Tone Generator: https://www.nch.com.au/tonegen/index.... Virtual Audio Cable: https://vac.muzychenko.net/en/ Varanormal Friday LiveStream 10-15-21.docx
  2. This is the heart of the debate. Is a fetus a baby? At what stage? How do we define life? When does life begin? Socrates taught that the beginning of knowledge is the admission that we are ignorant. Asking a question is innocent. Answering the question before there is enough evidence to back it up is less innocent. And imposing that answer on others is oppressive. This is how religion evolves. A great teacher asks a question. The student turns it into a answer. The students' student converts it into a dogma. Successive generations turn the dogma into a law punishable by death. Resistance and warfare follow. The founder of the religion is long gone, having no control over the corruption that followed. Your experience with Videncia was obviously very moving, and inspired you to begin your journey with ITC. I admire your passion and talent, and I hope you continue to maintain objectivity and an open mind. Given the limits of our knowledge, we might be able to approximate the veracity of psychic information in various ways. On the topic of abortion, for example, we could 1) peruse the published literature for "channelings" about when life begins, the consequences of abortion, etc. This might include ITC, though I suspect the topic does not come up very often in ITC; 2) create a survey of psychics and mediums to look for consensus, or not. The Remote Viewing community tends to be more "scientific" in its approach, so we could borrow some of their protocols for the survey. This is tricky, because its too easy to attract the answers you want to hear, so the survey would have to be carefully designed. Even if these methods came up with a definitive answer, I would be surprised if it had any effect on policy. Psychic detectives are used less and less in the courtroom, and their testimony is rarely regarded as decisive. More consensus has been built around the broad outlines of the afterlife based on work pioneered by Raymond Moody, and replicated by other methods. But that took years and years of cultural re-conditioning. So we plod along with ITC, hoping that a perfected technology will open the door to the unfiltered truth!
  3. There is a complex interweaving of personal, social and karmic forces surrounding conception and birth. So the moral and ethical choices surrounding abortion cannot be oversimplified. Is an incoming soul aware of these forces? Do they have an inside track on creation that we don't? Can a soul decide to willingly withdraw its links to the fetus if it sees the life of mother, society and itself would be better served that way? And how would that play out in terms of a "hurting mistake?" Do we even know when these astral links are made, what they look like, and how they function? The scientific and philosophical questions about when life "begins" is missing an important contributor, and that is ITC! At present, our technology is rudimentary, but agreeing with Fernando, the ideal is that it reveals in an objective way what happens on subtle planes, and how souls integrate with physical bodies at birth and beyond. Reliance on psychics and mediums is fraught with problems, as the worldview of the psychic/medium often colors what they see. That's not to say there aren't methods to check a psychic's accuracy rating; just that this a problematical reliance that a successful implementation of ITC can theoretically resolve. Fernando's 3 stage adjudication of abortion choice is brilliant. Unfortunately, implementing such a nuanced process is unlikely in today's polarized world. Historically, the religious right has blurred any such nuance. In some middle eastern cultures, women are forced to remain barefoot and pregnant, and punished for asserting their rights to play any other role in life. This was somewhat true in Western cultures as well, until the human rights movements took hold, bringing in abortion rights as a natural adjunct. Even now, before the Texas ban was temporarily overturned by a higher court, we saw the reversion to dangerous back alley abortions. To be sure, the influx of religious right conservatism into the US Supreme Court is only exacerbating the polarization. I wish it were not so, and that creative ideas like Fernando's 3-stage process could be considered.
  4. I don't understand how abortion rights are a misunderstanding of the nature of freedom. I can understand how rebelling against Covid guidelines is a such a misunderstanding, because collective survival trumps individual freedom in that case. But the analogy does not apply to abortion, because the evidence for harm to self, baby soul or society has not been established. On the contrary, the denial of choice for a woman is a human rights violation that men never have to face. Historically, it has been used to keep women under control and disempowered, and to expand tribal populations for political advantage. The religious right has not aligned with pro-life just to oppose the left. They passionately embrace it under the pretense of "sanctity of life" without proof, in order to dominate women and enforce their world view on others. It is the left that opposes this, not just for the sake of opposition, but to counter the threat.
  5. The assertion that abortion is a "hurting mistake" has not been proven. The only evidence presented in this thread are anecdotal reports of channelers observing souls struggling to be born, astral black marks on abortion providers, and soul linkages at certain stages of fetal development. We don't know if these reports are accurate or the result of bias. Other psychics see a whole different picture. On the physical plane, abortion is often chosen as a way to reduce suffering, not induce it. On the spirit plane, love is the rule, and forgiveness for those who believe they have sinned, even if they haven't. If "hurting" is the standard for accountability, we're all in trouble. Much of the food we eat is derived from the killing of plants and animals, who suffer when they are destroyed. The very cells of our bodies are in a constant state of apoptosis - when those cells die, they suffer. But if they don't die, we die! By this standard, we would all be so burdened by "hurting mistakes" that our souls would be in a constant state of darkness, with no hope of redemption. That's not how the Universe is designed. Humans judging and punishing other humans for abortion does more harm than good. The welfare of the mother and her physical and social context are often ignored to the point of abuse. The victory of the left for human rights, civil rights, and women's rights, was not a mistake. Fernando's three layer system is one of the best I've seen to discern the propriety of abortions on a case-by-case basis, but its underlying moral judgment and belief about when "life" begins need to be balanced.
  6. "Very good points here Steve! [though I'm not Andres, LOL" Fernando, you got to be Andres for a day
  7. "The medicine of the future will be music and sound." - Edgar Cayce 10th Annual Globe Sound Healing Conference Online FREE - Nov 10-14 https://www.globesoundhealingconference.com/
  8. Thanks for posting Cayce quotes, Karyn. I discovered Edgar Cayce 50 years ago. At that time, the "Black Book" of excerpts from his psychic readings was in progress. Every week, the organization (Association for Research and Enlightenment - ARE) would mail out new pages of quotes to add to the Black Book. Cayce was my inspiration during those years, and remains a great teacher. I was in my late teens at the time. I joined a "Search for God" study group, which was a project Cayce channeled, where small groups would gather to go through a book of weekly spiritual "disciplines" and group conversation. Participants were at the cutting edge of what became the New Age movement, and we had so much to share. At 19, I spent a summer at ARE headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I worked as a waiter at the Marshall's hotel connected to the organization, where there were daily and weekly events with amazing speakers, and a very cool library of metaphysical books, including Cayce's original readings in binders! I learned astrology that summer and many other things that got me interested in karma, reincarnation, and a way of life. I joined Study Group #1 that summer, lead by Gladys Davis Turner, who was the person that put Cayce into a trance for the entirety of his career, and transcribed readings. She was an older woman, but we bonded and I will never forget the gentleness of her soul. Her son, Thomas Jefferson Davis, would attend meetings at times. On one occasion, he had just returned from Monticello, and reported on his deja vu. When Gladys was pregnant with TJ, Cayce gave her a reading. He told her that the incoming soul was the reincarnation of both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander the Great. After meeting TJ, I believed it! The resemblance to these two historical figures was striking, and his energy was interesting, to say the least! So please do continue to quote from Cayce, and I'll try to do the same, along with more interesting stories.
  9. My understanding is that we create our own reality. On the other side, we attract a reality that resonates with our soul, so the environment is subjective, custom-tailored, and somewhat relativistic. At the same time, there are some commonalities, like the life review, and the experiencing of how we affected others on earth through empathic magnification. So to your question, Alberto, about how abortion providers might experience the afterlife, it will be on a case-by-case basis. There is no punishment or judgment, unless the soul believes in judgment, and then they engage in self-judgment for their own learning and evolution. As a thought experiment, consider the case of a mother whose life would have been horrible had she gone through with delivery. She would be grateful for the abortion, and the provider will feel her gratitude in the afterlife. On the other hand, he might have to experience the pain of the unborn child on the other side, and the mixed emotions of his social circles. I'm curious about how the film maker treats this subject.
  10. Alberto, thanks for the link to that movie! There are anecdotes in the near-death experience literature about NDE'ers meeting adult siblings on the other side. These were souls who were aborted, but continued to live out their existence on the other side. If true, this is a creative solution to the problem of aborted souls, though I imagine evolving on the other side is not quite the same as on this side. There seems to be less of a "punishment" mentality in the spirit world than we hold here in the physical world. Another example of this point - a book by Jon Klimo examining messages from the souls of suicide victims. They are immediately "forgiven" and in some cases, accepted for their decisions. They deal with it in a loving atmosphere. I'm not saying we should be totally relativistic, without exploring moral questions on this side. But we should respect that the creative forces may have a bigger and more benevolent view of morality than we do.
  11. Andres, thanks for your considered and creative proposal! I hope Alberto weighs in, as this is his topic. I would just add a few points here. There is no consensus about when life begins, even in spiritist circles. And even if we had exact and nuanced knowledge of the various stages of "life" leading to physical birth, ethical dilemmas would remain. But we do have exact knowledge about the life of the mother, of which she is the first-person expert. By this logic, one would defer to the known vs. the unknown, allowing the mother to decide (pro-choice). On the other hand, if there is a reasonable doubt about when life begins, one could argue that abortion has at least some probability of being murder (pro-life). Given these uncertainties, your 3-step process makes sense. On the question of abortion, I tend to defer to the female voice. Women complain, and rightly so, that men are making decisions for them, and I agree. Women have a range of opinions about abortion, but they have a greater degree of sovereignty in this matter because of their direct, biological connection to the fetus and their own bodies & circumstances. Politically here in the US, the pro-choice crowd tends to be aligned with the left, and the pro-life crowd with the right. Abortion rights were an outcome of the of the human rights movement. The right has deteriorated into the party of Trump, totally lacking in ethics. So for those on the left who are pro-life, it is an unfortunate association. In the US, the right favors the death penalty, the wealthy at the expense of the poor, religious extremism that suppresses gender equality, murder by warfare, vaccine hesitancy that has resulted in countless deaths, and does not blink at the suffering of refugees and asylum seekers. I don't know how the politics plays out in other countries. I suspect that in some South America countries that lean Catholic, pro-life culture might dominate for religio-cultural reasons. (Not to generalize here, as I believe Andres is motivated more by reason than faith.)
  12. Andres and Gismo, thanks for your comments. Andres, I plan to read your later Varanormal papers in the near future, and will comment on them as well. I like your idea of creating forms to help institute structure into ITC research on this forum, and beyond. Your ITC Transcript attachment is a good start. It would take some effort to create forms, and then attract experimenters to use them, but I think it's a good long term goal. I wonder if it has already been tried within the ITC community. We could search online. There are certainly forms and formats in the general scientific community that could be replicated. I agree with you that the process of getting studies into mainline academic journals is daunting, and will require a layered approach. First, lay persons on a forum like this could proofread a paper for typos and other small errors, as well as internal peer review and discussion. Then, we could hire an academic copy editor to convert it to professional format. Freelancers are easy to find on Upwork, and not very expensive. Or, we could utilize internal talent for this task. (I'm not an experienced academic writer myself.) Next, submit the paper to a pre-print publisher (ie. arXiv) such as can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_academic_publishers_by_preprint_policy where there is a low bar of acceptance, or no bar at all. Then, submit to reprint services like Academia.edu (though they might even accept a paper first published on Varanormal). And finally, submit to a mainline publisher if confidence is high. Needless to say, ITC studies, in part or full, can always be shared among other ITC websites, journals and social media. Besides original research, there is a need for meta-studies, where data from multiple papers and informal observations are consolidated. Gismo, thanks for your points about digital publishing, sound files, and the conflicting opinions of referees. You are right that there is a uniquely subjective side to ITC that must be taken into consideration, so putting structure into the reporting can compensate for an apparent lack of "objectivity." But there are also well-defined protocols in parapsychology for handling these subjective issues and expressing them in written studies.
  13. The following is from a correspondence between myself and Michael Lee. Some people in this forum have posted theories that are similar to Stochastic Resonance, but nobody has addressed it directly. ************************************************************************************************************** Steve Glanz wrote: SR has been a popular theory in ITC for a while. Dithering and SR are related, but not exactly the same. This paper tries to make them equivalent, but the comments make distinctions and are worth reading for the references. I think SR would be a fruitful avenue for you to explore with ITC signal processing. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/12278756_Stochastic_resonance_as_dithering Some references on stochastic reference and EVP, this one from a paper by Senkowski: http://itcvoices.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Instrumental-Transcommunication-Senkowski-Full.pdf Another stochastic reference from this Dutch researcher. I quote some translated passages: http://www.evp-experiments.nl/pages/voorwoord.htm "Since 2005 I have been able to significantly improve my EVP research by applying a new recording method I developed: the Digital Noise Generating (DNG), based on stochastic resonance. In short, this digital microphone recording method means that by random noise resonance in the form of sliding sounds, after amplification and noise reduction, these sound signals resonating with the background noise increase in amplitude and in the process are transformed into intelligible voices." It seems that these visible and digitally recordable paranormal phenomena show the same (quantum physical) basic principle as my DNG method, namely the so-called stochastic resonance of elementary particles, whereby both audible and visible paranormal phenomena can be registered in the wave movements of these particles." Henry Stapp's theory is compatible with both stochastic resonance (in the form of Quantum Zeno effect) and survival: http://www-physics.lbl.gov/~stapp/Compatibility.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_Zeno_effect Quote from Tom Butler (email correspondence) on Stochastic Resonance: "The outward effect of PK is just that, an effect. The influence from unconscious-conscious self is the cause. We know in EVP, which is a PK effect, that stochastic amplification is at least sometimes part of the process. In that, a small signal is amplified as a soliton-like wave. We see those in the ocean now and then. If stochastic amplification is able to amplify a small PK signal for EVP, I think a similar effect occurs in the brain to convert a small signal to something like inverse PK. Scientists seldom say a neuron fired to produce vision. They say a region of the brain lighted up. A large array of firing neurons produces the environment for stochastic amplification. The neurons may not actually have to produce sight, just the energetic environment to permit a small signal to be sufficiently present as a PK influence. It is in the nonphysical perceptual processes that sight is developed and conveyed to conscious self. I am doing a little hand waving when it comes to PK but one must begin somewhere. PK is clearly an influence. EVP stochastic amplification is just a process. The actual etheric-physical interface is the information represented by the PK influence as it interacts with the information represented by the broad spectrum signal required for amplification."
  14. Good advice! When you use ITC devices at these hot spots, let us know how you fare. Keep records and please share!
  15. Andres, great job with this paper, which I just got around to reading! I have not yet perused Varanormal for further discussion on this, other than comments here. You probably continue this discussion in the Coherer paper, which I will read next. I have a few initial reactions. First, have you thought about publishing this paper, other than on Varanormal? One place that has a lot of paranormal papers is Academia.Edu. It’s for reproducing papers that have already been published. I suppose you could count Varanormal as the source publication. However, I would recommend the document be copy edited, as there are some typos. Your findings are mostly replications of what other ITC researchers have found, approaching it with novel methods, which adds to its veracity. For example, the changing of messages on re-listening, the operator effect, the irrelevance of different pink noise sources, and enhancement by looping. Alexandre MacRae famously unhooked his radio setup and got the same results, so his radio electronics were not that important. Spirits PKed the microphone directly. However, your electronic genius is definitely at play, as your setups are very sophisticated and make a big difference. You have some original findings, like the deterministic and pseudo-random noise successes, improvements with hardware and sound processing, and the use of signal processing AI (with Michael’s help). I’m not sure if your reverse speech findings are original, but your theories about it are stimulating. What intrigued me most was your naivete about the field of reverse speech, which gave you a certain unbiased objectivity in the discovery of reverse speech messages. Other ITC experimenters have detected messages in reverse speech, but it’s not limited to ITC. It is found in regular human speech as well. It was reported in music tracks in the 1970’s, and David John Oates generalized it to all forms of human speech starting in 1987. Your one theory (of many) about time and consciousness probably comes close to an explanation. I believe Tom Butler has some thoughts about this phenomenon as well. I’m glad you credit Tom and his website AtransC for its contribution, especially for providing a forum for structured approaches to understanding ITC. AtransC is still active, but not heavily trafficked, and is being gradually archived as Tom moves into retirement. So I think Varanormal is now the happening place! You say that there are no social media sites devoted to serious ITC. That’s not true. They are not all “ghost” groups. Do a search on Facebook and you will see. (Thanks to Karyn for turning me onto this). Your views on the limitations of science are spot on. Scientism is the bane of all scientific fields, not just ITC. In parapsychology, it was quickly discovered the that normal methods of scientific method were inadequate, and unique models were developed. We should do the same with ITC. Your suggestions regarding future directions of ITC, especially on how to rebuild community, are excellent! I hope readers take note. Your categorizations and interpretations of the content of messages is important. I wish more people would do this. I cringe when a spirit reports that “failure counts” as it brings up my fear of karmic suffering on the other side. But my favorite, a consequence of my inner adolescent, is “Andres has flatulence.”
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