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Dear friends:

Based on my psychophonic experiences, which are not many, and as far as I have been able to document myself on the subject, I have started working on writing a novel, whose plot is related to the ITC.

I think that one of the ways that communication with "entities" from another dimension could attract the interest of society, could be to try reading a book written in simple language and easily understood by people. Thus, perhaps it will improve the understanding of the great work that is being done by both parties, our researchers and their technicians, to make that transcommunication easier and more beneficial.

In that sense, I request your collaboration so that you can provide me with information currently available about the following questions that the protagonist of the novel would like to ask the entities he contacts in "the next world".

Please, do not hesitate to fill with your replies the empty spaces that I left among the questions.

Thank you very much.


What place are you in?


Are you energy?


Do you have any kind of body?


Are you happy there?


Are the previous family ties maintained?


Can you have your own new family?


Is the property working and does it exist?


Do you retain the identity you possessed in the previous life?


Can you go up on an existential level?


Is there a maximum deadline for this?


Is permission available to repeat the experience on Earth again?


Is there a God? Have you seen, heard or felt him?


Have you communicated with relatives or friends who have also died?



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Thank you very much, Andres. I know you are always very busy and today is Saturday!!😀. Take a break or I'll feel guilty. 

For that reason, it is much more valuable to me that you can spend some time answering those questions that intrigue me so much. I have already written 11 chapters (92 pages) of my novel and it is difficult for me and it would seem immoral to invent some answers without a documented basis. I have read stuff but I would like to get information from much more knowledgeable and enlightened people than myself.  Of course I will consult the document you have indicated to me.

I encourage other Varanormal users to lend me their help. I don't have a special urgency to publish the novel, but, if in the end I do, I trust that it will have some credibility, although I am very aware that the vast majority of people are not interested in the slightest that communication with the deceased is talked about. I can't understand it and I'm glad I'm not the only one, even if they don't pay much attention to us.

A big hug, dear Andres.

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Hello Cabrerizo,

If I may recommend a very good source of information that covers, I believe, much of what you're inquiring about as well. I'd recommend the research by Mark Macy and his INIT team, in Luxembourg, Germany for approx 5 yrs in the mid 1990's. They worked with other renowned researchers as well; receiving ongoing communication from "Timestream"; a highly regarded spirit team. 

Mark's web site filled with a plethora of info, is "worlditc.org". I believe you'll be pleased with what you find there as well. 


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Cabrerizo, Sheila Lowe, who coordinates our Zammit Zoom groups on Forensic, Automatic writing and mediumship, has written several books similar to what yours sounds to be like.


Our Zoom groups are free, and Christine or I update the weekly calendar with the details. I am sure, but I would need to check that it is on the second Thursday of the month.  I am sure if she was approached she would assist you.  There  are quite a few resources to help.


I would think she would be happy to share with you. Here are some of the topics  https://www.amazon.com.au/s?k=sheila+lowe+books&crid=INO3PL259ND7&sprefix=Sheila+Lowe%2Caps%2C272&ref=nb_sb_ss_pltr-ranker-20mins_3_11 

As Kevin says, a fantastic body of work by Marc Macey is readily available. I have been slowly bringing his work with his permission over to varanormal, and if you look for his section in the Forum, you will find much to assist you. I was blessed to be in a seance when Konstantin Raudive came through.


Another source is the Leslie Flint Educational Trust. Leslie was a direct voice medium. I know he has had some of those questions come through in response to sitters' questions. We also have some of his works on the Forum under the Leslie Flint section. I entirely agree with you. Although it is a work of fiction, if we want to advance knowledge, it should be validated knowledge - not only for our reputation but also as a respectable "tool of learning".  

Finally, Riley Hegearty (there is a zoom talk on here) has deeply researched this area and has written some excellent books on mediums, particularly physical mediumship. I realise that all of the above relates to physical mediumship, which will give you a base to understand communication outputs through ITC.


Anabella Cardoso also has books on ITC - run a search here, and you will find her. Also, Randall Keller has written a book called "Voices from Forever ", which is about his journey through the paranormal by way of EVP.  


You may also gain some answers by listening to the Big Circle, which this link can access. This group do EVPs.   http://welcometoeternity.com/2022/10/19/thursday-october-20th-big-circle-recording-session-reminder/


Finally, there is a film called Calling Earth by Dan Drasin, accessible from here. https://www.varanormal.com/forums/topic/558-calling-earth-dan-drasin-documentary-communicating-via-evp-with-deceased/#comment-1885


















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Finally, I have published on Amazon the novel about ITC "A next world", which in Spanish I have titled as "El mundo siguiente".

Below, I include the corresponding links:



I would like to thank the guidance of some members of Varanormal.com and, in particular, to Andres Ramos for his kind critical comments about the English-language edition.

I hope you enjoy reading it, and send me your sincere opinion. Thank you very much.



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