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Calling Earth - Dan Drasin -documentary communicating via EVP with deceased

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CALLING EARTH - DAN DRASIN'S FABULOUS DOCUMENTARY Worth featuring again!! One viewer wrote about the video:
"I'm left largely speechless - so deeply, quietly moved... I love the major part played here by science, paving the way for so many more among us to at least consider such things. Many would accept no other route into the topic so this is a huge blessing ... Thank you! for your beautiful, excellent, quality work".

Calling Earth from Daniel Drasin on Vimeo.

WATCH "Calling Earth" NOW

CALLING EARTH (2018 Version - 95 minutes): A documentary about communication with the deceased through modern electronic technology.

(NOTE: This is in fact the latest version -- please ignore the 2014 upload date, which was for an earlier version originally posted on this page.)

Produced, Directed and Edited by Dan Drasin.
Associate Producer, Tim Coleman
Music Courtesy of Mitchell Covington, James Crocker, Harold Moses,and John Rowcroft

FOREWORD • Because the conscious survival of physical death makes no sense in terms of our materialistic (essentially 19th-century) scientific paradigm, Western science is only now beginning to play catch-up in this arena. So please don't take this documentary as the final word. In another decade or two we may well look back on this type of research as primitive, but for now it's a start. Just try it on for size and see what you think, keeping in mind that a documentary film can only scratch the surface of any subject. We hope you enjoy it.

Camera: Dan Drasin and Tim Coleman • Special thanks to Leslie Kean and Jolyn O'Hare • Editorial Services: Tim Coleman and Boris Zubov • Interim Narration by Dan Drasin • Dedicated to the memory of Jane Kimbrough • © 2015 by Daniel Drasin • Produced for free, educational viewing only. Unlicensed materials are included under applicable Fair Use provisions.

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I am pleased to inform you I have the link to the movie inserted below the graphic.  You may simply click on the link and it will take you to the desired host - vimeo.

Do I need to do anything to make the link obvious to the careful reader.   Blessings Karyn

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